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150+ Friends Valentine’s Day Names (Galentine’s, Malentine’s, and Palentine’s)

Celebrating love in all its forms has evolved from the romantic spheres to include the bonds we share with our friends.

Valentine’s Day, traditionally a day for couples, has expanded to acknowledge the platonic love between friends, recognizing the significance they hold in our lives.

These alternative celebrations reflect the changing dynamics of modern relationships, where the value of friendship is as celebrated as romantic ties.

Galentine’s Day, touted popularly by Leslie Knope from the television show “Parks and Rec,” takes place on February 13th.

This day is dedicated to “ladies celebrating ladies,” as Amy Poehler’s character would put it, and is an opportunity for women to honor their female friendships with a day of fun, love, and appreciation for the women who make life brighter.

Palentine’s Day and Malentine’s Day have also emerged, creating space for inclusive, gender-neutral celebrations on February 13th.

These modern takes on Valentine’s Day open up the doors for all friends, regardless of gender, to express their fondness and appreciation for one another.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, these holidays emphasize the idea that love is not confined to a romantic partner but is abundant in the friendships that enrich our daily lives.

Valentines Gatherings with Friends Names

Celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships anymore.

You have the freedom to show appreciation for your close friends through fun and loving celebrations.

Whether you’re happily single or just want to honor the platonic relationships in your life, there are several alternative Valentine’s Day celebrations that cater to friendship.

Galentine’s Day

Typically celebrated on February 13th, Galentine’s Day is all about ladies cherishing their female friendships.

  • Friends’ Feast Day
  • Gal Pals’ Day
  • Ladies Loving Ladies Day

Malentine’s Day

Although less commonly referred to, Malentine’s Day offers a similar concept for gentlemanly bonding.

  • Bros’ Bonding Day
  • Men’s Appreciation Day
  • Gents Gathering Day

Palentine’s Day

For a gender-neutral celebration, Palentine’s Day encompasses all forms of friendship, regardless of gender.

  • Buddies’ Bash
  • Amigos’ Affair
  • Mates’ Merriment Day
  • Comrades’ Celebration
  • Kinship Kudos Day
  • Pals’ Party Day
  • Fellowship Fest

Embrace these days to spread the love across all your valued friendships without the constraints of conventional Valentine’s Day norms.

Galentine’s Day Party Names

Galentine’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates the joy of female friendships.

On February 13th, a day before Valentine’s Day, women come together to honor their bonds with a fabulous party.

When you’re throwing a Galentine’s Day bash, choosing a catchy and fitting name for your event is key. It sets the tone and gives your guests a hint of the fun that’s in store.

Look at this list for inspiration, and select a name that resonates with your party’s vibe:

  • Besties Bash
  • Gal Pals Gala
  • Ladies Love Fest
  • Charming Chicas Celebration
  • Sassy Sisters Soiree
  • Babes and Bubbly
  • Friendship Fête
  • Chicks & Chocolate
  • Femme Fling
  • Roses and Rosé
  • Lovely Ladies Luncheon
  • Waffles & Wishes
  • Hearts & Heels
  • Gals’ Glam Gathering
  • Cupid’s Companions Cocktails
  • Sweet Sistahood Social
  • Fierce Femme Fandango
  • HerStory Happening
  • EmpowHERment Evening
  • Unbreakable Bonds Brunch
  • Venus Vibes
  • Chic Chicks & Cheer
  • Sisterhood Shindig
  • Queen of Hearts Affair
  • Blooms & Besties
  • Sparkles & Spirits
  • Wine, Women & Wonder
  • Lady Love Luau
  • Belles & Whistles
  • Galentines Glitz & Glam
  • Treasured Friendships Tea Party
  • Amigas Affair
  • Legendary Ladies Night
  • Mermaids & Mimosas
  • Feminine Fusions Fiesta

Malentine’s Day Party Names

When February rolls around, who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with your closest guy friends?

Dubbed “Malentine’s Day,” this is a fantastic opportunity to honor the camaraderie and brotherhood that you share.

Think of it as the perfect way to enjoy some guy time, partake in your favorite activities, and perhaps even indulge in some Valentine’s Day traditions with a manly twist.

Below is a list of Malentine’s Day party names that will set the tone for an epic get-together with your mates.

  • Bros & Bows
  • Brotherhood Brunch
  • Guys’ Night Gathering
  • The Wingman Affair
  • Bromance Bash
  • Steaks & Stouts Soirée
  • Pints & Poker Party
  • Hoops & Hops Hangout
  • Gents’ Gala of Games
  • Maverick Meetup
  • Stag & Swagger Social
  • A League of Gentlemen
  • Men’s Day Merriment
  • The Banter Bunch
  • Dapper Dudes’ Dinner
  • Pal Palooza
  • Ale & Athletics Assembly
  • Mates & Merlot Mixer
  • High Fives & Handshakes
  • Legends & Lager Lounge
  • Comrades & Cigars Celebration
  • Champions’ Chillfest
  • Fellowship Feast
  • Kings of the Court Club
  • Macho Movie Marathon

Gather your crew, pick a name, and celebrate Malentine’s Day in style that reflects the spirit and bond of your friendship.

Whether you’re planning a laid-back evening or a full-scale event, these suggestions are sure to kickstart an unforgettable occasion.

Palentine’s Day Party Names

Palentine’s Day is about celebrating the remarkable bond you share with your mixed-gender friend group.

It’s the perfect opportunity to host an inclusive party that ensures nobody feels left out on Valentine’s Day, regardless of their relationship status.

As you start to plan your pal-friendly bash, picking a catchy name is key to setting the tone.

Here’s a varied list of names to inspire the vibe for your all-inclusive day of love and friendship.

  • Mingling Hearts Gathering
  • All the Love Soiree
  • Unity Love Fest
  • Amigos of Affection Fiesta
  • Platonic Love Lounge
  • Friends & Cupid Conclave
  • Affectionate Allies Affair
  • Joyful Hearts Jamboree
  • Budding Bonds Ball
  • Companionship Carnival
  • Chums & Charm Celebration
  • Love Without Limits Party
  • Mixed Bliss Mixer
  • Together & Thriving Throng
  • Unison Hearts Union
  • Universal Love Gala
  • Adoration Assembly
  • Mates & Amour Meetup
  • Comrades & Cupids
  • Harmony of Hearts Happening
  • Fondness and Friendships Fȇte
  • Collective Crush Commotion
  • Companions & Serenades Shindig
  • Warmth and Whimsy Waltz
  • Cherished Pals Promenade

Each name in this list captures the essence of a day geared towards love in all its forms, inviting your friends to a gathering where the magic of meaningful connections is at the heart of the celebration.

Funny Friends Valentine’s Day Names

AGalentine’s Day gathering or any Valentine’s Day celebration with friends is a perfect opportunity for fun and laughter.

Here’s a list of whimsical and humorous names for such events:

Galentine’s Day Specials

  1. Pal-entine’s Day Party
  2. Gals, Giggles, & Roses Gala
  3. Sisters Before Misters Soirée
  4. Waffles & Wishes Brunch (a nod to Leslie Knope’s favorite food)
  5. Chicks & Chocolate Chill
  6. No Boys, Just Brunch Bash
  7. Ladies Loving Life Lounge
  8. Gal Pals & Cupid’s Fails
  9. Giggling Goddesses Gathering
  10. Fries Before Guys Fest

Funny Valentine’s Day Themes

  1. Single & Fabulous Fiesta
  2. Love Stinks Let’s Drink
  3. Cupid’s Mischief Mixer
  4. Matchmaker’s Mayhem Meetup
  5. Flirting with Fun Fête
  6. Hearts & Hilarity Hangout
  7. Anti-Cupid Commotion
  8. Soulmate Schmoulmate Shindig
  9. DIY Date Night
  10. The Loveless Laugh Fest

Food-Themed Gatherings

  1. Pie & Pity Party
  2. Pizza My Heart Party
  3. Ice Cream & Innuendos
  4. Burgers, Beers & Broken Hearts
  5. Cookies & Cackles Night
  6. ‘Brie’ My Valentine Cheese Fest
  7. Tacos & Tequila Tangle
  8. Donuts & Dilemmas Brunch
  9. Single & Sushi Soiree
  10. Cakes & Crushes Coffee Hour

Movie & Pop Culture Inspired

  1. ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Roast
  2. Sleepless in Singlesville’ Screening
  3. ‘Notting Hill’ Nonsense Night
  4. ‘Gone with the Wine’ Gathering
  5. ‘Love Actually’ Laughter Party
  6. ’10 Things I Hate About You’ Hangout
  7. ‘Bridget Jones’ Jollies
  8. ‘The Notebook’ Naysayers Night
  9. ’50 First Fails’ Fiesta
  10. ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Singles’ Soirée

Punny and Playful

  1. Cupid’s Misfire Mixer
  2. Single Bells Bash
  3. Love Potion #Nope Party
  4. Mingle or Stay Single Shindig
  5. ‘Heartbreaker’ Hoopla
  6. ‘Swipe Left’ Soiree
  7. ‘Love Byte’ LAN Party
  8. ‘Stupid Cupid’ Stomp
  9. ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ Hootenanny
  10. ‘No Date, Great Fate’ Gala

These funny and light-hearted party names are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gathering among friends.

They celebrate the joys of friendship and the fun of being single or just enjoying the company of your best pals, regardless of one’s relationship status.


In celebrating the unique bonds of friendship, Valentine’s Day has expanded beyond romantic love to include special observances like Galentine’s, Malentine’s, and Palentine’s Day.

These inclusive celebrations reflect the diverse nature of modern relationships, ensuring everyone has a day to honor the meaningful connections they share with friends.

Here’s a concise summary of the friend-focused variations of Valentine’s Day:

  • Galentine’s Day: A day traditionally for women to celebrate their female friendships on February 13th.
  • Malentine’s Day: A less commonly used term, but it can serve as an equivalent for men to celebrate their male friendships.
  • Palentine’s Day: A gender-neutral option, encompassing all friends regardless of gender, often celebrated in conjunction with or as an alternative to Valentine’s Day.

These festivities provide an opportunity to express appreciation for the platonic love in your life, emphasizing that all forms of love are valuable and worth celebrating.

Whether you’re planning a get-together, sending a thoughtful message, or simply letting your friends know you care, these special days are about honoring the people who stand by you through thick and thin.

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