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500+ Valentine’s Day Party Names (Creative, Unique, Funny Ideas)

Selecting the perfect name for your Valentine’s Day party is a quintessential part of the celebration, setting the mood and theme.

An engaging and memorable name captures the essence of love and the joy meant to be shared on this special day.

Whether you’re leaning towards sweet and classic, or fun and quirky, the right name will have your guests excited and intrigued from the moment they receive their invitations.

With love as the central theme for Valentine’s Day, the goal is to find a party name that resonates with the feelings of affection and camaraderie.

Party names can embody romance and passion or even playfulness and charm, depending on the atmosphere you aim to create.

Reflecting the spirit of the occasion through your choice will ensure that your Valentine’s Day party is an event to remember.

Romantic Valentine’s Themes and Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Valentine’s Day party sets the stage for an evening where love takes the spotlight.

Whether you’re aiming for a night filled with whimsical charm or classic romance, these themes and names promise to create a festive and enchanting atmosphere tailored for celebrating love.

Fairytale and Fantasy V-Day Party Names

Let your guests step into a world where storybook love comes to life with names that evoke the magic and wonder of fairytales:

  • Enchanted Elegance Gala
  • Moonstruck Melody Masquerade
  • Whimsical Wonderland Affair
  • Ethereal Enchantment Evening
  • Dreamweaver’s Delight Party
  • Starry Sanctuary Soirée
  • Celestial Citadel Celebration
  • Enigmatic Eden Escape
  • Luminous Lagoon Festivity
  • Radiant Refuge Rendezvous

Classically Romantic V-Day Party Names

For those drawn to timeless tales of romance, these names blend traditional charm and heartfelt passion, creating a backdrop for a memorable night:

  • Sweetheart Soiree
  • Night of Love Gathering
  • Amour Affair
  • Heartstrings Happening
  • Roses & Romance Rave
  • Love in the Air Encounter
  • Passion Play Party
  • Rhapsody in Romance
  • Sublime Symphony of Hearts
  • Harmonious Hideaway Banquet

Modern and Trendy Valentine’s Party Names

In the spirit of celebrating love, modern Valentine’s party names capture the essence of contemporary romance and friendship.

Whether you’re hosting a gala for couples or a mixer for hopeful singles, the perfect name sets the tone for a night of enchantment and allure.

Remember, the name of your event can be the first invitation to a memorable rendezvous.

Names With Cinematic Inspiration

You don’t have to be a silver-screen connoisseur to appreciate a good film-inspired soiree.

Drawing from romantic comedies and classic love stories, these party names are sure to get your guests in the mood for a night where love is the guest of honor:

  • Twilight Terrace Romance
  • Velvet Vignette Premiere
  • Cinematic Love Labyrinth
  • Meet-Cute Masquerade
  • Silver Screen Rendezvous
  • Blockbuster Affair
  • Epic Romance Reel
  • Star-Crossed Celebration
  • Hollywood Hearts Gala

Social Media Savvy Titles

If you want your Valentine’s event to trend, choose a name with a hashtag in mind.

Perfect for the social media enthusiast, these titles are not only catchy but also #Shareable:

  • #VelvetVibes Valentine
  • #GlitteringGala Gather
  • #LoveLabyrinth Quest
  • #CelestialCourtyard CouplesNight
  • #AlluredByLove Bash
  • #EnchantmentEvening
  • #RendezvousAtTwilight
  • #CouplesConclave OnTheCloud
  • #RomComRendezvous

Catchy Names for Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day parties are the perfect opportunity to channel the spirit of love and camaraderie.

Whether you’re aiming for a playful atmosphere or a sophisticated soirée, the name of your event sets the tone for what’s to come.

As you plan your celebration, consider using a name that’s both memorable and fitting for this day dedicated to love.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Valentine’s Day party names to spark your creativity and get your guests excited.

  • Cupid’s Gala
  • Love Potion Lounge
  • Forever Yours Fest
  • Hearts Aflutter Affair
  • Sweetheart Soirée
  • Amour Evening
  • Roses & Romance Revel
  • Enchanted Embrace Event
  • Cherished Charms Celebration
  • Matchmaker’s Ball
  • Passionate Promenade
  • Vintage Valentine Voyage
  • Flaming Hearts Festival
  • Twilight Tenderness Gathering
  • Adoration Assembly
  • Stargazer Sentiments Summit
  • Serenade of Sweethearts
  • Affectionate Ambiance Assembly
  • Cupid’s Carnival
  • Ardor and Lace Occasion
  • Heartthrob Hubbub
  • Radiant Rose Rendezvous
  • Velvet Kisses Venue
  • Enamor Escape
  • Whimsy & Wishes Wingding

Choose a name that resonates with the essence of your party and watch as it begins to take on a personality of its own.

Whether understated or over-the-top, these valentine event titles are designed to capture the essence of the occasion and leave a lasting impression.

Cute Names for Valentine’s Party

Choosing the perfect name for your Valentine’s Day party sets the tone for an evening of fun and romance.

Whether you’re hosting a cozy get-together or a grand celebration, a cute name can add a touch of charm and whimsy to your event.

Here’s an array of endearing names designed to spark love and laughter among your guests on this special day of affection.

  • Heartstrings Happening
  • Moonstruck Moments
  • Butterfly Ballet
  • Strawberry Dreams
  • Love in the Air
  • Cupid’s Cocktails
  • Roses & Romance
  • Pucker Up Party
  • Sizzlin’ Love
  • Rendezvous Radiance
  • Blossom Bash
  • Velvet Vibes
  • Hearts and Roses
  • Firelight Fandango
  • Amour Affair
  • Chocolate-Covered Lovers
  • Parisian Passion
  • Starry-Eyed Soirée
  • Enchanted Echo
  • Whimsical Whispers
  • Heaven on Heart
  • Cuddling by Candlelight
  • Endless Embrace Gala
  • Cherished Chapters
  • Twilight Tryst
  • Cupid’s Confectionery
  • Sweetheart Soiree
  • Love Bites and Low Tides
  • Swoon-Worthy Soiree
  • Sugar Kisses Social
  • Flirty Fling Fete
  • Sparkling Connection
  • All the Heart Eyes
  • Amour Alliance

Funny Valentine Party Names

Choosing a name for your Valentine’s Day party can set the stage for an evening of lighthearted fun and laughter.

If you’re aiming to host a gathering that’s both heartwarming and hilarious, consider a name that’ll get your guests chuckling the moment they receive your invite.

Remember, a clever pun or a playful phrase can make your party memorable before it even starts.

Pun-Intended and Playful Valentine Party Names

  1. Cupid’s Comedy Club
  2. Love Potion Laugh-In
  3. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue Bash
  4. My Funny Valentine Fête
  5. Giggles & Roses Gala
  6. Hearts & Hahas
  7. Sweethearts and Wisecracks
  8. Chuckles & Cupids
  9. Amour and Amusement Affair
  10. Swoon and Spoon Soiree

Single and Sassy Valentine Party Names

  1. Single Mingle Shindig
  2. Love Stinks, Let’s Drink
  3. No Date, Great Fate Party
  4. Anti-Cupid Commotion
  5. Independent Hearts Hoopla
  6. Solo but Sizzling Celebration
  7. Un-Valentine’s Day Vibes
  8. Flying Solo Fiesta
  9. Single and Ready to Flamingle
  10. Me, Myself & I Gala

Chocolate-Centric Humor Valentine Party Names

  1. Chocoholics Anonymous
  2. Sweet on Sweets Soirée
  3. Chocolate Overdose Bash
  4. Cocoa Loco Fest
  5. Truffle Shuffle Shindig
  6. Death by Chocolate Delight
  7. Brownie Points Party
  8. Candy Crush Carnival
  9. Sugar Rush Rendezvous
  10. Desserted Island Disco

Witty and Whimsical Valentine Party Names

  1. Romeo & Juliet’s Regrets
  2. Heartbreak Hotel Happening
  3. Tinder Tales Tell-All
  4. Flirty Fiesta
  5. Wooing and Boozing Bash
  6. Swipe Right Soiree
  7. Love at First Bite Banquet
  8. Matchmaker Mayhem
  9. Casanova’s Comedy Hour
  10. Be My Galentine Gathering

Movie and Pop Culture Themed Valentine Party Names

  1. Rom-Com Rendezvous
  2. The Notebook Nonsense Night
  3. ’50 First Dates’ Do-Over
  4. ‘Love Actually’ Laughs
  5. ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Slumber Party
  6. Popcorn and PDA Party
  7. Hollywood Heartthrobs Hangout
  8. Chick Flick Chuckles
  9. Valentine’s Day Villains’ Ball
  10. ‘Titanic’ Trivia Night

Lighthearted and Cheesy Valentine Party Names

  1. Cupid’s Cheese Fest
  2. Hearts & Crafts Humor
  3. ‘Be Mine’ Buffoonery
  4. Puppy Love Playtime
  5. Romance or Not Rave
  6. The Love Boat Bonanza
  7. Hugs & Shrugs Shindig
  8. Mushy Movie Marathon
  9. Schmaltzy Soiree
  10. Bae Watch Bash

Anti-Valentine’s and Sarcastic Valentine Party Names

  1. Cupid’s Misfire Mixer
  2. Bitter Ball
  3. Love Bites Bash
  4. No Love Lost Lounge
  5. Valentine’s Day Detox
  6. Singles Awareness Party
  7. Broken Hearts Club
  8. Sour Grapes Gala
  9. Love Schmove Fest
  10. Not-So-Sweethearts Social

These names add a whimsical and humorous twist to your Valentine’s Day party, making it inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, whether they’re in the spirit of romance, embracing single life, or just looking for a good laugh.

Each name offers a different approach to the day of love, from playful puns to light-hearted celebrations of singlehood.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and joy, in whatever form it takes!

Slightly Naughty Valentine’s Day Party Names for Adults

When it comes to hosting a Valentine’s Day party for adults, adding a naughty twist can certainly spice things up.

Here’s a list of suggestive, yet tasteful, party names for a grown-up audience.

Remember to keep the audience and setting in mind to ensure everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the fun.

  • Cupid’s Misfire Mixer
  • Sassy Sweethearts & Snickers Gala
  • Risque Romance Rendezvous
  • Amorous Antics Affair
  • Flirty Fiasco Festival
  • Saucy Soiree Sweeps
  • Playful Paramour Party
  • Cheeky Cherub’s Choice
  • Naughty Nymphs’ Night Out
  • Winks & Giggles Gathering
  • Tickled Pink Tête-à-tête
  • Bold Cupid’s Bash
  • Wooing Whoopee Whoopla
  • Pucker Up Palooza
  • Vixen’s Velvety Venture
  • Blushing Banquet Bash
  • Peck & Chuckle Celebration
  • Love Scamp’s Shindig
  • Frisky Frolic Fiesta
  • Hearts & Darts Disco
  • Cupid’s Mischievous Night
  • Red Hot Romance Rendezvous
  • Lovers’ Naughty Escape
  • 50 Shades of Valentine’s
  • Sultry Sweethearts Soirée
  • Flirtatious Frolic Fest
  • Valentine’s Vixens and Romeos
  • Enchanted Evening of Eros
  • Seductive Shadows Gala
  • After Dark Amour Party
  • Love Potion Lounge
  • Temptation Twilight
  • Desire & Decadence
  • Cupid’s Secret Chamber
  • Forbidden Fruit Festival
  • Naughty Hearts Night
  • Passionate Paradise Party
  • Lustful Lovefest
  • Indulgent Intimacies
  • Whispers of Romance

These names aim to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day with a playful and slightly naughty twist, perfect for adult audiences looking to celebrate love and romance in a more daring manner.

Remember to set the tone in a fun and consensual way, ensuring that all attendees are comfortable and the theme remains in good taste.

Unique Valentine’s Day Party Names

In the quest to create an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees, you’ll want to select a Valentine’s Day party name that resonates with the essence of your event.

Consider names that are not only romantic but also carry a hint of mystique and creativity.

Alluring and Whimsical Names

Dive into a realm where every detail is imbued with magic, and names like “Whimsical Whispers” or “Swirlwind Waltz” set the stage for an evening of charm:

  • Enchanted Echo Soirée
  • Ethereal Embrace Gathering
  • Whimsical Whispers Get-Together
  • Swirlwind Waltz Ball
  • Glittering Gala of Love
  • Celestial Courtyard Rendezvous
  • Luminous Love Letters Lounge

Love and Nature-Inspired Names

Nature’s splendor often parallels the depth of emotion in love, crafting an ideal backdrop for your event.

Names such as “Love Lagoon” evoke a sense of peaceful romance:

  • Serendipitous Soiree by the Love Lagoon
  • Under the Stars Affair
  • Moonlit Melodies Meetup
  • Star-Studded Valentine’s Event
  • Starry Skies Celebration
  • Rendezvous at the Love Lagoon

Valentine Dinner Theme Names

When planning a special Valentine’s Day dinner for just the two of you, the name of your event is the cherry on top of a carefully planned evening.

It sets the tone for the night and can make even a quiet dinner at home feel like a grand romantic gesture.

Choosing the right moniker for your intimate affair is all about capturing the essence of your bond and the celebration of love.

Here’s a diverse range of names to help you pinpoint that perfect title for your enchanting evening.

  • Enamored Evening
  • Cupid’s Cuisine
  • Twilight Tableau
  • Harmony Supper
  • Moonlit Meal
  • Amour’s Feast
  • Euphoric Eats
  • Whispers & Wine
  • Velvet Banquet
  • Lovebirds’ Bistro
  • Passion Plate
  • Rendezvous Repast
  • Affectionate Affair
  • Serenade Supper
  • Twilight Tastes
  • Charmed Courses
  • Sweetheart’s Spread
  • Savor the Love

These names are designed to evoke a sense of togetherness and celebration, making your dinner not just a meal, but a memorable experience.

Choose one that feels right for the atmosphere you want to create and the affection you share.

With a name selected, all that’s left is to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company on this very special occasion.

Event Names for Valentine’s Day

Choosing the perfect name for your Valentine’s Day event sets the tone and expectation for the occasion.

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering, a lively dance, or a themed party, the name you select should evoke the spirit of love and celebration that’s synonymous with February 14th.

Below, you’ll find an extensive list of event names that capture the essence of romance and companionship, tailored for various Valentine’s Day festivities.

Valentine Dance Names

  • Cupid’s Cotillion
  • Red Rose Rumba
  • Twilight Tango Affair
  • Amour Waltz Evening
  • Velvet Valentine Waltz
  • Charmed Cha-Cha Celebration
  • Swoon Swing Social
  • Heartbeat Hustle
  • Enchanted Evening Waltz
  • Romance Rendezvous Ballroom
  • Love Struck Salsa Night
  • Passion Polka Gala
  • Sweetheart’s Soiree of Swing
  • Ballad Ballroom Bash
  • Valentine Vogue Dance
  • Affectionate Foxtrot Festivity
  • Midnight Merengue Mingle
  • Adoration Assembly
  • Cheek-to-Cheek Charleston
  • Rhapsody of Romance
  • Starry Slow Dance Summit
  • Bewitched Boogie Banquet
  • Melody of Hearts Gala
  • Pulse Waltz Parade
  • Eternal Embrace Event

Even More Valentine’s Day Party Names

When you’re planning your Valentine’s Day celebration, the party name sets the tone for the entire event.

It’s the first impression your guests will receive, and it frames their expectations.

Your chosen theme should capture the essence of romance and festivity, while appealing to the diverse tastes of couples, friends, and family members.

Thematic Elements

Before settling on a party name, consider the thematic elements that encapsulate the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Reflect on terms like “romantic,” “love,” and “amour” to find the perfect match for your celebration theme.

  • Cupid’s Courtyard
  • Love Luncheon
  • Romantic Rager
  • Sizzlin’ Love Soirée
  • Disco Date Night
  • Chocolate-Covered Lovers
  • Star-Crossed Soiree
  • Rendezvous Radiance
  • Opulent Oasis
  • Whirlwind Waltz

Identifying the Persona

Think about who you’re inviting. Are your guests couples looking for an intimate gathering, or is it a mixed group of friends and family seeking a joyful extravaganza?

Your party name should resonate with the persona of your anticipated audience.

  • All the Heart Eyes Bash
  • Strawberry Dreams Mixer
  • Enchanted Echo Gala
  • Velvet Vibes Get-Together
  • Luminous Love Fest
  • Moonstruck Moments Meeting
  • Amethyst Allure Affair
  • Blossom Bash
  • Firelight Fandango
  • Mint to Be Celebration

Importance of Creativity

An unforgettable, catchy party name requires creativity. It’s all about crafting a title that’s unique and memorable.

A creative name can be the determining factor that transforms your Valentine’s Day party from a standard gathering to a standout event.

  • Vanilla Vows Valentines
  • Pucker Up Party
  • Radiant Roses Revelry
  • Artichoked Up Adventure
  • Ethereal Embrace Event
  • Swoon-Worthy Soiree
  • Paint the Town Valentine’s Red
  • Butterfly Ballet
  • Fated Mates Meetup
  • Whimsical Whispers Workshop

Best Names for a Valentine’s Day Party

Whether you’re aiming for romance, fun, or a combination of both, the right name for your Valentine’s Day party can set the perfect tone.

Here’s a list of the best party names that cater to different themes and vibes for Valentine’s Day:

Romantic and Elegant Valentine Party Names

  1. Enchanted Heart Gala
  2. Rendezvous of Romance
  3. Cupid’s Elegance Affair
  4. Love’s Serenade Soirée
  5. Amour’s Twilight
  6. Valentine’s Velvet Ball
  7. Romance under the Stars
  8. Hearts in Harmony
  9. Cherished Love Celebration
  10. Eros Evening

Fun and Lighthearted Valentine Party Names

  1. Cupid’s Comedy Night
  2. Be My Valentine Bash
  3. Sweethearts’ Fiesta
  4. Love Potion Party
  5. Valentine’s Frolic Fest
  6. Hearts and Laughs
  7. Fluttering Hearts Festival
  8. Love Struck Gathering
  9. Blissful Hearts Hop
  10. Roses and Rosé Revelry

Chic and Trendy Valentine Party Names

  1. Valentine’s Vogue Party
  2. Cupid’s Chic Celebration
  3. Love in the Limelight
  4. Hearts and High Fashion
  5. Glam Love Gala
  6. Stylish Sweethearts Soiree
  7. Modern Romance Mixer
  8. Trendsetters’ Valentine Bash
  9. Vogue Valentine’s Vibes
  10. Red Carpet Romance

Cozy and Intimate Valentine Party Names

  1. Sweethearts’ Snuggle Fest
  2. Cuddle & Cupid Night
  3. Love Nest Get-Together
  4. Warm Hearts Gathering
  5. Cozy Cupids’ Night In
  6. Intimate Affections
  7. Love by the Fireplace
  8. Couples’ Cozy Corner
  9. Snug Love Celebration
  10. Heartwarming Embrace Party

Adventurous and Unique Valentine Party Names

  1. Cupid’s Wild Quest
  2. Adventurous Affection
  3. Love’s Safari Escape
  4. Mystery Match Party
  5. Romantic Riddle Rally
  6. Passionate Pursuit Party
  7. Thrill of Love Adventure
  8. Love Quest Expedition
  9. Valentine’s Adventure Zone
  10. Explorers of Love

Singles and Anti-Valentine’s Party Names

  1. Singles Mingle Night
  2. Anti-Valentine’s Bash
  3. Love-Free Lounge
  4. No Strings Soiree
  5. Flying Solo Fête
  6. Independent Hearts Party
  7. Breakup Bash
  8. Non-Couples Night Out
  9. Self-Love Celebration
  10. Freedom Fest

Themed and Creative Valentine Party Names

  1. Vintage Valentine Affair
  2. 50s Love Diner Dance
  3. Gatsby Love Gala
  4. Valentine’s Masquerade Ball
  5. Chocolate Lovers’ Banquet
  6. Retro Romance Rewind
  7. Cupid’s Carnival
  8. Hollywood Romance Night
  9. Decades of Love Disco
  10. Valentine’s Mystery Theater

Each of these names offers a different perspective on celebrating Valentine’s Day, from heartwarming and intimate to bold and adventurous.

The key is to choose a name that aligns with the theme and atmosphere you envision for your celebration.

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