100+ St. Patrick’s Day Party Names (Fun & Irish-Themed Names)

St. Patrick’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate Irish heritage with a burst of green, a touch of leprechaun magic, and a whole lot of festivity. On March 17th, as the world pays homage to the Emerald Isle’s patron saint, party planners and merry-makers alike search for that perfect name to capture the essence of their St. Paddy’s Day revelry. The right name sets the tone for your gathering, whether it’s a laid-back get-together or an all-out bash.

Choosing a name that resonates with the spirit of Irish culture can make your celebration stand out. It’s all about finding that blend of playful, traditional, and creative that best suits the vibe you’re hoping to create. As you embark on this festive journey, remember that every great party starts with a great name.

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Party Names

When you’re planning your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the party name is the first taste of the fun to come, so you’ll want it catchy, festive, and infused with the spirit of the Emerald Isle. Here are some St. Patrick’s themed party names to get your creative juices flowing and help you land on the perfect moniker for your Gaelic get-together.

Classic & Lighthearted:

  • Shamrock Shindig
  • Lucky Charms Gala
  • Green Glee Fest
  • Celtic Charm Celebration
  • Saint Paddy’s Shindig
  • Celtic Charm Carnival
  • Irish Festivity Fête
  • Green Get-Together

With a Twist of Fun:

  • Leprechaun’s Lair Luncheon
  • Gold at the End of the Rainbow Gala
  • Hops & Clovers Hop
  • Irish Jig Jubilee
  • Pot O’ Gold Party
  • Clover Commotion
  • Dublin Dance-Off

Elegant & Sophisticated:

  • Emerald Elegance
  • Gaelic Glam Gathering
  • St. Paddy’s Soiree
  • Green-Tie Affair
  • Shamrock Soirée
  • Irish Eyes Gala
  • Emerald Extravaganza
  • Rainbow Connection Reception

Creative & Playful:

  • Dublin Your Fun
  • Blarney Bash
  • Four-Leaf Frolic
  • Irish Eyes are Smiling Soiree
  • Craic and Ale Extravaganza
  • Paddy’s Party Palace
  • Hibernian Hooley
  • Hibernian Hootenanny


  • Rainbow Reunion
  • Little Leprechauns’ Fest
  • Wee Ones’ Paddy Parade
  • Celtic Kids’ Carnival
  • Shamrock Family Fête

For the Love of Food & Drink:

  • Cabbage & Corn Cookout
  • Irish Feast and Fest
  • Beers & Cheers Bash
  • Sláinte Banquet
  • Pots of Gold Potluck
  • Lucky Charm Luncheon
  • Paddy’s Potluck

Far from an exhaustive list, these are just a few St. Patrick’s themed party name ideas to help you create a party name as memorable as your event will hopefully be.

Irish-Themed Party Names

Choosing the perfect Irish-themed party name is crucial for setting the tone of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. These names should evoke the spirit and culture of Ireland, giving your guests a taste of Irish charm and luck as soon as they hear the event name spoken. Here’s a list of Irish party names that capture the essence of the Emerald Isle:

  • Shamrock Soirée
  • Emerald Isle Escapade
  • Fiddles and Folks
  • Leprechaun’s Lounge
  • Celtic Craic Fest
  • Pots O’ Fun Party
  • Gaelic Gala
  • Blarney Bash
  • Emerald Ambiance
  • Jig and Reel Revel
  • Dublin Your Fun
  • Irish Jamboree
  • The Clover Shindig
  • Claddagh Festivity
  • Irish Eyes Gathering
  • Ceili Celebration
  • Beyond the Rainbow Reception
  • Harp and Harmony
  • Mythical Gaelic Gathering
  • Green Gala Affair
  • Paddy’s Day Parade Party
  • Celtic Knot Commotion
  • Irish Fest Festival
  • Spirited Shamrock Fest
  • Banshee’s Ballad Night
  • Lucky Leprechaun Leap
  • Folktales and Pint Tales
  • Brogue and Barrel
  • Shillelagh Shindig
  • Wee Folk Welcoming

St. Patrick’s Day Treat Names

When planning your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, choosing the perfect names for your party treats adds a touch of charm and whimsy guests will appreciate. Whether it’s a play on traditional Irish fare or a more imaginative creation, these food and drink names will enhance the festive atmosphere.

St. Patrick’s Food Names

Here’s your food spread, featuring Irish classics and green-themed goodies:

  • Emerald Isle Stew – A hearty nod to traditional Irish stew
  • Leprechaun’s Corned Beef Delight – A fun twist on classic corned beef and cabbage
  • Soda Bread Bounties – For that beloved Irish soda bread
  • Shamrockin’ Skewers – For any food served on a stick, made with green veggies or fruits
  • Blarney Bites – A catchy name for mini appetizers or finger foods
  • Celtic Corned Sliders – Small, flavorful corned beef sandwiches for easy snacking
  • Pot o’ Gold Pie Pieces – For those delicious slices of pie, whether sweet or savory
  • Rainbow Wraps – Colorful veggie wraps celebrating the hues of the rainbow
  • Cloverleaf Quiche Cuts – Petite quiche perfect for a morning gathering
  • Gaelic Greens Salad – A fresh salad featuring lots of green ingredients
  • Fiddler’s Fish & Chips – A party-friendly take on this British Isle favorite
  • Four-Leaf Clover Rolls – Dinner rolls shaped like a lucky four-leaf clover

St. Patrick’s Drink Names

Raise a glass with creatively named beverages that keep spirits high and conversations flowing.

  • Leprechaun’s Libation – A general name for any Irish whiskey-based cocktail
  • (Sly) Shamrock Shakes – Refreshing minty shakes (the sly ones might be boozy)
  • Emerald Elixirs – A name suited for any vibrant green-hued cocktails
  • Pot o’ Gold Brews – For that selection of Irish beers or any golden ale
  • Celtic Charm Cocktails – For drinks that charm with both taste and presentation
  • Shamrocker Shots – Fun and festive shots that guests will love
  • Lucky Liquor Lineup – A selection of Irish spirits for tasting
  • Rainbow Ribbons – Multi-layered drinks symbolizing the colors of the rainbow
  • Blarney Stone Sips – Small, strong drinks to energize the crowd
  • Green River Mixes – Any party punch or mixed drink with a green hue
  • Dubliner’s Draft – A special name for the stout or porter you’re serving
  • Mystic Mint Mojitos – A minty fresh cocktail with a green twist

St. Patrick’s Day Game Names

Choosing the right name for your St. Patrick’s Day party games can set the tone for fun and celebration. Whether you’re planning activities for kids, adults, or a mix of both, here are some catchy and themed game names to make your party unforgettable.

Music and Dance

Your St. Patrick’s Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without some Irish music and dancing. Here’s a list to get your guests on their feet:

  • The Shamrock Shimmy – Get ready to shake like a shamrock!
  • Leprechaun’s Jig Contest – Who can mimic the magical moves of a leprechaun best?
  • Pot o’ Gold Groove – Irish dancing with a golden twist.
  • Emerald Isle Idol – A twist on karaoke, featuring Irish ballads and pub songs.
  • Gaelic Gallop Marathon – A dance-off that tests your endurance and Irish spirit.

Games and Contests

Engage your guests with these lively games and contests that are perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day get-together:

  • Luck o’ the Irish Scavenger Hunt – Search for hidden treasures around your party space.
  • Blarney Stone Beer Tasting – A taste-test extravaganza of the finest Irish brews.
  • Whiskey in the Jar Challenge – Fancy a game of taste-testing different whiskeys?
  • Four-Leaf Clover Hunt – A race to find the clover with the most leaves.
  • Celtic Trivia Clash – Test your knowledge on all things Irish, from history to pop culture.

Crafts and DIY Activities

For a more laid-back party activity, consider these crafty and DIY game names that allow your guests to embrace their creative side:

  • Emerald Isle Slime Station – Create and customize your own green, glittery slime.
  • Lucky Charms Bracelet Making – Craft your own good-luck charm with beads and trinkets.
  • Pot o’ Creativity Craft Corner – A selection of craft supplies to make keepsake party favors.
  • Rainbow Runner DIY Race – A crafting competition where the fastest and most creative win.
  • Shamrock Art Showdown – Who can create the best shamrock using an assortment of materials?

Party Hearty (Irish Style) on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is more than just a day on the calendar – it’s a heartfelt celebration of Irish culture, friendship, and the joy of coming together. Whether you lean towards the elegance of an “Irish Eyes Gala” or the playful spirit of a “Blarney Bash,” the essence of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the creation of unforgettable memories. So, don your greenest attire, raise a glass of something festive, and make this St. Patrick’s Day a reflection of the best parts of life. Sláinte!

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