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150+ Pub Crawl Names (Funny, Creative, Popular & Local)

A pub crawl is an adventure that transforms an ordinary night out into an epic quest for fun and camaraderie. The first order of business when planning this merry jaunt is coming up with a clever name for your group or crawl. A distinctive and memorable pub crawl team name not only sets the tone for the evening, but enhances team spirit as you hop from bar to bar.

Selecting the perfect name for your pub crawl team is a reflection of your group’s personality and sense of humor. From witty puns to pop culture references, there’s a myriad of directions you can take. So gather your beer-swilling friends, stir up your collective creativity, and let’s talk inventive team names that will ensure your pub crawl is talked about long after the last pint has been poured.

Funny Bar Crawl Names

When you’re setting up for a night of jovial tavern-trotting, the right team name can set the tone for the evening. Unleash your humor with a funny bar crawl name that gets laughs and high-fives as you navigate from one venue to the next.

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  • Tipsy Titans: For a group that’s mighty in spirit(s) and enthusiasm.
  • Ale Avengers: Superheroes of the pub scene, you save the night one pint at a time.
  • Sip Happens: Accepting the twists and turns of a bar crawl with a shrug and a sip.
  • Pint Pals: Celebrate camaraderie and craft beers with your trusty pals.
  • Cheers Champions: Becoming legends with every toast and cheer.
  • The Giggly Guzzlers: Finding joy and laughter in every sip, making every pub a stage for merriment.
  • Hops Scotchers: Adventurers in the world of ales and lagers, hopping from bar to bar with the agility of a scotcher.
  • Brew HaHas: Turning each pub visit into a comedy show, where the beer flows as freely as the laughs.
  • The Mirthful Mermaids: Bringing a splash of joy and enchantment to the pub crawl.
  • Staggering Geniuses: Masters of intellect and wit, outsmarting hangovers and bar trivia alike.
  • Pub Jesters: The life of the party, turning each bar into a court of jests and joy.
  • The Pickled Companions: Celebrating the bonds of friendship with a shared love for hops and humorous escapades.
  • Guffaw Guild: A brotherhood and sisterhood of laughter, ensuring no drink is taken without a side of hilarity.
  • Sauced Squadron: A team on a mission, navigating the night with precision, humor, and a touch of sauce.
  • Lager Laughs: Where every pint tells a joke and every gulp is followed by guffaws.
  • The Quirky Quaffers: Embracing the odd, the unusual, and the downright quirky in every drink and dive.
  • Boozy Buffoons: Clumsy, comedic, and completely unabashed, you bring a delightful disorder to the drinking scene.
  • Frothy Funnymen: Mixing froth with fun, the jesters of the ale, turning pubs into stages for your antics.
  • Slur Wordsmiths: With each drink, your words get more garbled, but your wit sharpens.
  • The Ale Tales: Every pub a chapter, every drink a story.
  • Bar Hopping Bozos: Bumbling from bar to bar.

The perfect funny pub crawl team name should capture the spirit of your group’s fun-loving nature and love for a good laugh (and a good drink). So, make sure it reflects your team’s personality.

Names That Reflect Local Culture

When choosing a name for your pub crawl team, consider paying homage to the local culture and landmarks of the area you’ll be hopping. Here are some ideas for names that reflect local culture from various regions, perfect for a themed pub crawl.

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United Kingdom

  • The Beefeater Brigade
  • Double-Decker Drinkers
  • The Jolly Punter Pubbers
  • The Mind-the-Gap Gang
  • Last Orders Lushes
  • The Royal Rovers
  • The Big Ben Boozers
  • The Loch Ness Lagers
  • The Queen’s Quaffers
  • Bearcrawl Brigade
  • The Full English Brewfast


  • The Tea Party Tippers
  • The Freedom Trail Blazers
  • The Sam Adams Sippers
  • Beacon Hill Boozers
  • Fenway Frat Pack
  • The Boston Baked Boozers
  • The Paul Revere Riders

New York

  • The Big Apple Brewers
  • Statue of Libations
  • The Manhattan Mugs
  • The Times Square Tumblers
  • The Broadway Buzzers
  • The Empire Sips Back
  • The Central Park Sippers

Las Vegas

  • The Sin City Swillers
  • The Neon Nightcrawlers
  • The Lucky Libation League
  • The Casino Crawl Crew
  • The Strip Sippers
  • The Mirage Meisters
  • The Bellagio Beer Bandits

These names not only give a nod to the locale you’re touring, but add an extra layer of pride to your pub crawl experience.

Combining Words Creatively

When crafting a pub crawl team name, the synergy between words is crucial. Think of it as a cocktail – each word should complement the others, creating a memorable and catchy name.

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Catchy Pub Crawl Team Names

  • Booze Bunch
  • Pub Prowlers
  • Party Posse
  • Ale Adventurers
  • Sip Squad
  • Guzzle Gang
  • Brew Brothers
  • Hoppy Heroes
  • Crawl Commanders
  • Merry Mashers
  • Tavern Trekkers
  • Bar Babes
  • Froth Fanatics
  • Stout Striders
  • Lager Lads
  • Draught Divas
  • Pint Pals
  • Suds Seekers

By combining playful adjectives with pub-related nouns, you can create a team name with a catchy ring to it.

Thematic Bar Crawl Names

When planning a themed bar crawl, your team name can add an extra layer of fun and may even set the tone for your adventure. Consider choosing a name that aligns with a specific type of drink or the general ambiance you aim to create during the crawl. Here are some inspired pub crawl team names that focus on popular themes such as whisky, beer, lagers, and the swashbuckling Captain Morgan.

Whiskey-Themed Crawls

  • Whiskey Wizards

  • The Magic Malts
  • Charmed Chalices
  • Potions & Drams
  • The Bourbon Sorcerers

Beer-Themed Crawls

  • Beer Brigade

  • The Hops Heroes
  • Yeast Beasts
  • Bubbly Battalion
  • The Ale Armada

Lager-Themed Crawls

  • Lager Lovers

  • The Lager Legion
  • Crisp & Cool Crew
  • The Pilsner Posse
  • Golden Grains Gang

Rum-Themed Crawls

  • Captain Morgan’s
  • Mutineers
  • The Rum Raiders
  • The Scurvy Crew
  • The Groggy Gangplank Gang
  • The Privateer Party

Popular Pub Crawl Team Names

When it comes to bar crawl names, some team names have become go-tos. These names cater to various tastes and themes, from the cheerfully tipsy to the proudly hops-savvy.

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  • The Tipsy Tribe: A name that suggests a close-knit group ready for an adventure.
  • Brew Crew: Perfect for those with an appreciation for the craft.
  • Tipsy Turtles: Slow and steady wins the race, or maybe just enjoys the crawl more.
  • Boozy Bandits: Conjures the image of a mischievous, fun-loving group.
  • Whiskey Warriors: For the earnest aficionados of finer spirits.
  • Lager Legends: A team that will be remembered for their love of a cold beer.
  • Booze Bandits: A playful name for those who are ‘stealing’ the night away.
  • Pub Pirates: Scouring the urban seas, one pub at a time.
  • Sake Samurai: A unique choice for those with a taste for Japanese brews.
  • Gin Giants: Towering above the rest in terms of their gin game.
  • Drunk and Disorderly: A bit cheeky, certainly not here for a quiet night.
  • Cocktail Commandos: Moving strategically from bar to bar.
  • Drunken Dreamers: For the daydreamers who love a pinch of night-time revelry.
  • Beer Brawlers: Combining a love of hops with a competitive edge.
  • Cider Crew: Celebrating the sweeter sips of the pub-crawl spectrum.
  • Malt Marauders: On a quest for the richest malts the night has to offer.
  • Drunk Ducks: Waddling from pub to pub with high spirits.
  • Crafty Crew: A group who knows their IPAs from their stouts.
  • Spirited Squad: For teams with boundless energy…and alcohol tolerance.
  • Wine Warriors: Savoring the grape as they go.

Why Craft a Unique Pub Crawl Name?

Crafting a unique pub crawl name can not only reflect your team’s personality and make your night more memorable, it can amplify your event’s visibility. A memorable name can rally the team together, create buzz, and become a beacon for your collective pub crawl escapades.

Significance of Team Identity

When you name your team, you’re giving it a unique identity. It’s a label that encapsulates your team’s spirit and camaraderie, setting you apart from other groups. Names like “Lit City Lushes” or “Tipsy Trailblazers” can hint at a fun-loving, adventurous crew set on making their mark along the pub crawl circuit.

  • The Ale Trailblazers
  • Brews Brothers
  • Crawl Crusaders
  • Sip Syndicate
  • Pint Pioneers
  • The Bar Bound Brotherhood

Impact on Team Morale

A name works like a charm to bolster team spirit. When you choose something like “Spirited Sprinters” or “Guzzle Gang”, it injects a sense of enthusiasm and a feel-good factor amongst your mates, uplifting the vibe of the entire pub crawl adventure. It’s about being a part of something bigger and the excitement of sharing an unforgettable experience.

  • The Chug Alchemists
  • Merry Mermaids
  • Bubbly Buccaneers
  • Gin Gladiators
  • The Frothy Fellowship
  • The Brew Crew

Branding for Pub Crawl Events

A catchy name turns your pub crawl into a brand, making it memorable for participants and onlookers alike. It’s an opportunity to showcase creativity and leave a lasting impression. A trademark-worthy name, free from copyright issues, can transition from a nom de plume to a brand identity. Think “Hopscotch Heroes” or “Lager Legends”.

  • Hop Hustlers
  • Suds Squadron
  • Malt Mavericks
  • Ale Adventurers
  • Craft Crusade Commanders
  • The Stumbling Savants

Social Media and Marketing

In the era of hashtags and online presence, an eye-catching pub crawl team name can be a marketing boon. Names that are quirky and hashtag-ready, like #DraughtDynasty or #BuzzedBrigade, make for shareable content that can trend on social media – essential for publicizing your pub crawl and attracting sponsors.

  • #CiderCyborgs
  • #BarHoppingHeroes
  • #PilsnerPilgrims
  • #WoozyWanderers
  • #TavernTitans
  • #SocialSpirits

Crawling Through the Names

In the grand scheme of your pub crawl, your team name is the banner under which you rally, a symbol of your collective spirit and the adventures you’re about to embark on. Whether you’re the “Ale Adventurers,” charting a course through the city’s best breweries, or the “Sip Syndicate,” blending into the night with stealth and grace, your name sets the stage for the stories you’ll tell.

Embark on your journey with a name that binds you, guides you, and ensures that every pub, pint, and path taken is a punctuation mark in your grand adventure.

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