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105+ Enchanting Names Meaning “Dark” or “Black” (Female, Male, Unisex & Surnames)

Choosing a name with a deep, mysterious meaning can be an exquisite journey. If you’re drawn to the allure of the night or the enigmatic beauty of darkness, names that mean dark or black offer a unique charm. These names, ranging from French elegance to ancient Greek mythology, carry with them a sense of strength, mystery, and a touch of the unknown.

Whether you’re naming a character in your next novel, searching for a baby name that stands out, or just curious about the darker side of nomenclature, these names associated with darkness are sure to draw you in.

names that mean dark

Diving into names that mean dark opens up a world of rich, enigmatic choices. Such names carry an aura of mystery and depth, making them standout options for anyone looking to bestow a unique moniker.

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Dark Male Names

For those searching for a male name that resonates with strength, mystery, and the allure of the unknown, look no further. Dark male names derive from various languages and cultures, each carrying its own story and association with darkness or the mysterious.

  • Ciaran: Derived from the Irish word “ciar,” meaning “dark” or “black-haired.”
  • Colburn: An English name meaning “cold brook” or “dark brook,” suggesting a shadowy, cool stream.
  • Damon: A Greek-origin name encapsulating the idea of taming darkness.
  • Dante: Italian in origin, suggesting endurance and the shadowy realms.
  • Dargan: An Irish name meaning “dark-haired.”
  • Donovan: Gaelic, meaning “dark” or “brown-haired chieftain,” emphasizing a darker attribute.
  • Douglas: Scottish, from a Gaelic name meaning “dark stream,” symbolizing depth and flow.
  • Draco: Greek for ‘dragon’, conjuring images of fire and night.
  • Duncan: Scottish and Gaelic, meaning “dark warrior” or “brown warrior,” emphasizing strength and darkness.
  • Edgar: Fortunate and powerful, with ties to English mystery.
  • Erebus: From Greek mythology, the name of the deity representing darkness, the deep shadow between Earth and Hades.
  • Gethin: Welsh, meaning “dark” or “swarthy,” directly tied to a darker visage.
  • Keith: Scottish roots point to the forest, a place of shadows and depth.
  • Kerwin: An Irish name meaning “little dark one” or “dark-haired.”
  • Kieran: ‘Little dark one’ from Ireland, epitomizing darkness in a charming way.
  • Lorcan: An Irish name meaning “little fierce one,” often associated with the fierceness of darkness or the night.
  • Murdoch: A Scottish name meaning “protector of the sea,” where the sea can symbolize the vast, dark depths.
  • Orion: A Greek name meaning ‘son of fire,’ evoking the dark expanses of the universe.
  • Raven: An English name directly connected to the dark messenger of lore.
  • Tynan: Irish, meaning “dark” or “dusty,” associated with shadowy imagery.
  • Zephyr: Although meaning ‘west wind,’ its Greek origins tie it to dusky hues and shadows.

Exploring these dark mysterious names for males opens up narratives of power, intrigue, and the enchanting veil of night.

Dark Female Names

Feminine names with meanings tied to darkness or night offer a blend of beauty, mystery, and strength. These names span cultures and time, providing a wide range of options.

  • Aisha: An Arabic name meaning life, yet associated with the enigmatic night.
  • Amaya: Japanese for ‘night rain,’ capturing the essence of transient beauty and darkness.
  • Brangwen: Welsh name meaning “dark and pure,” associated with goodness.
  • Cassandra: A beacon in Greek mythology, shining a light on all that is hidden.
  • Ciara: An Irish name meaning “dark-haired.”
  • Demetria: Tied to the Greek ‘earth mother,’ hinting at the fertile, dark soil of creation.
  • Kali: In Hindu mythology, Kali is the goddess of death, time, and doomsday, often associated with darkness.
  • Kalma: In Finnish mythology, Kalma is the goddess of death and decay, directly associated with the darker aspects of life.
  • Kiera: Meaning “dark-haired” or “dark,” a variant of Ciara with a soft, mysterious edge.
  • Lilith: A Hebrew name that delves into the night, ghost stories, and untold tales.
  • Maura: Irish, signifying “dark” or “dark-skinned”
  • Melanie: Greek, meaning “black” or “dark,” directly tied to darkness through color.
  • Morana: A Slavic homage to darkness and the enigmatic end that is death.
  • Morrigan: From Irish mythology, associated with war and fate, often linked to the darker aspects of sovereignty and protection.
  • Nyx: Directly named after the Greek goddess of night, embodying darkness itself.
  • Ophelia: Though it means “help” in Greek, it’s often associated with darkness due to its literary association with tragedy and depth in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”
  • Quintessa: A name that implies essence or being, often used to denote something mysterious or the essence of darkness in a poetic sense.
  • Sable: English, referring to a black fur, symbolizing darkness and luxury.
  • Sauda: Arabic for “dark” and “melancholy,” embodying a deep, enriching darkness.
  • Selena: Greek, related to the moon, suggesting the soft, reflective darkness of night.
  • Sloan: Irish, meaning “raider,” can imply the stealth and shadow required in the dark of night for raiding.
  • Sybil: Meaning “prophetess” in Greek, often associated with those who can see into the dark depths of the future.
  • Tamsin: A variant of Thomasina, meaning “twin,” but often associated with twilight due to its soft and shadowy phonetics.
  • Tempest: English name meaning “violent storm,” evoking the chaotic beauty of dark skies and tumultuous weather.
  • Vespera: Latin for “evening,” suggesting the onset of darkness and the beauty found in the twilight hours.

Choosing a female name imbued with darkness invites an exploration of depth, resilience, and allure.

Dark Unisex Names

Amongst names that mean dark, unisex options stand out for their versatility and universal charm. These names cross cultural boundaries, embodying the essence of night and mystery without being tethered to any specific gender identity.

  • Adrian: Latin for ‘dark one,’ offering a broad appeal.
  • Blake: An English name that hints at dark tones or even ‘blackness.’
  • Cameron: Scottish origins convey the meaning ‘crooked nose,’ but its modern interpretation leans towards shadowy nuances.
  • Corbin: Meaning “raven,” directly associated with the dark color of the bird and its mystical connotations.
  • Darcy: While traditionally Irish, it’s increasingly popular as a unisex option signifying the “dark one.”
  • Devon: An English name referring to a “deep valley dweller,” indirectly suggesting darkness through the depth and shadow of valleys.
  • Jordan: Deriving from Hebrew, meaning ‘descend,’ it indirectly encapsulates the descent into darkness.
  • Kendall: English for ‘valley of the River Kent,’ it signifies depth and shadowed valleys.
  • Kerry: Irish, meaning “dark-haired” or “dark,” directly ties to the theme of darkness.
  • Marlowe: English, meaning “driftwood,” often associated with the shadowy, mysterious aspects of water and darkness.
  • Sullivan: Gaelic, meaning “dark-eyed,” indicating a feature often associated with depth and mystery.

Opting for a dark unisex name offers a modern take on an age-old fascination with all that is mysterious and profound.

Dark Last Names

Last names that mean dark not only carry heritage and history, but offer a distinctive identity linked to the enigmatic allure of darkness. Here’s a selection that echoes with the echoes of dusk and shadow.

  • Blackwood: Directly invoking the dense, dark woods.
  • Cavanaugh: Gaelic in origin, hinting at a ‘companion of darkness.’
  • Duff: Gaelic for ‘dark’ or ‘black,’ succinct and powerful.
  • Moriarty: Irish for ‘navigator of the sea,’ steering through the dark waters.
  • Nightingale: English for the bird that sings in the night, a symbol of beauty in darkness.
  • Sullivan: Meaning ‘dark-eyed,’ it’s Irish in roots and rich in mysterious allure.
  • Thorn: While primarily suggesting a prickly plant, it evokes images of shadowed, moonlit gardens.

names that mean black

Black, embodying both elegance and mystery, has inspired a wealth of monikers. Here are some names with direction translations of (or ties to) the color black.

names that mean black

Male Names That Mean Black

For those seeking a name that resonates with strength, depth, and an element of the enigmatic, these names synonymous with “black” should appeal.

  • Ciar: Irish, translating to “black” or “dark-haired.”
  • Krishna: In Sanskrit, it means “black” or “dark,” famously borne by the Hindu deity.
  • Kuro: Japanese for “black.”
  • Melan: Derived from the Greek “melas,” meaning “black.”
  • Nero: Italian, famously borne by the Roman Emperor, means “black.”

Female Names That Mean Black

Black-themed names for girls bridge the gap between beauty and the enigmatic aura of the night. These names are perfect for those with a fascination for all things beautifully dark.

  • Charna: Of Slavic origin, meaning “black” or “dark.”
  • Melania/Melanie: Greek, translating to “black” or “dark.”
  • Kali: Sanskrit for “black,” also the name of the Hindu goddess.
  • Lela: A Kishwahili name meaning “black beauty.”
  • Nera: Italian, means “black.”
  • Sable: English, associated with a sleek, black fur.

Unisex Names That Mean Black

Many names with meanings tied to the color black carry universal appeal. Below are names that fit perfectly for anyone, encapsulating the essence of darkness and depth in a unique blend.

  • Blake: An English name meaning “black” or “dark-haired.”
  • Raven: English, a symbol of both the bird known for its black plumage and the depth of night.
  • Kerry: Irish, derivative of “Ciar,” suggesting “dark-haired” or “black.”

Last Names That Mean Black

Last names carrying the essence of black have histories and stories woven into their very syllables. These surnames

  • Black: A straightforward English surname, directly denoting the color black.
  • Blackburn: An English surname meaning “black stream.”
  • Blackwood: English, indicative of dark, dense forests.
  • Chernov: Derived from “cherny,” which means “black” in Russian.
  • Ciarraighe – Irish, originating from “ciar,” signifying “dark” and used to denote tribes known for their dark features.
  • Duff – Gaelic, meaning “black” or “dark.”
  • Fekete: Hungarian for “black.”
  • Kara: In Turkish, “kara” means “black,” commonly used both as a given name and a surname.
  • Nero: While more famous as the name of a Roman Emperor, “Nero” as a surname in Italian also means “black.”
  • Niger – Latin, directly translating to “black,” often used in historical texts.
  • Prieto: A Spanish surname meaning “dark” or “black,” especially referring to hair color.
  • Schwarz: German for “black,” a common surname in German-speaking countries.

Each of these names, be it first or last, carries the beauty, strength, and depth associated with the color black.

names that mean night

When the sun sets, the world is cloaked in a mysterious darkness that has inspired countless stories, poems, and names. If you’re drawn to the quiet beauty and mystery of the night, why not consider a name that embodies this time of enchantment? Names that mean “night” capture the essence of the dark sky, lit only by the moon and stars, offering a sense of wonder and serenity.

names that mean night

Male Names That Mean Night

  • Indivar: Sanskrit, meaning “blue lotus,” which blooms at night, symbolizing beauty emerging from darkness.
  • Nishant: Sanskrit for “end of the night,” indicating the approach of dawn but deeply rooted in the concept of night.
  • Nox: Latin for “night,” straightforward and encompassing the essence of nighttime.
  • Orion: Based on the constellation, linked with the night sky.
  • Rajnish: Sanskrit for “lord of the night.”
  • Samir: Arabic for “companion in evening talk,” reflecting the intimate moments of night.

Female Names That Mean Night

  • Hecate: Greek goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, and the night.
  • Hesper: From “Hesperus,” the evening star in Greek mythology.
  • Laila/Leila: With Arabic roots, this name translates directly to “night beauty,” embodying the allure of the evening.
  • Layla: Variant spelling of Laila/Leila, maintaining the meaning of “night.”
  • Nisha: A sweet name from Hindi meaning “night,” perfect for someone who is calm and reflective.
  • Rajani: Meaning “night” in Sanskrit, this name has an enigmatic appeal.
  • Samar: An Arabic name that translates to “evening conversations,” capturing the intimate moments shared under the night sky.
  • Selene/Selena: Another nod to Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon, ideal for someone who holds the mysterious charm of the night.
  • Yvaine: A unique choice, taken from modern literature, meaning “evening star.”
  • Zorya: In Slavic mythology, the Zorya are two guardian goddesses related to the morning and evening stars, guarding over the night.

Unisex Names That Mean Night

  • Nyx: Hailing from Greek mythology, Nyx stands for the night personified, offering a powerful and mystical option.

Choosing a name associated with the night opens up a realm of beauty, mystery, and uniqueness. It’s a perfect fit for someone who is introspective, mysterious, and profoundly connected to the world when it’s bathed in moonlight and stars.

Cultural Dark Names

Rich in history and meaning, names tied to the darkness, the color black, and the night span a diverse range of languages and traditions, from the poetic and profound to the mythological and mystical. Here we celebrate the global tapestry of names that connect us to the darker, yet equally beautiful, aspects of nature and human imagination.

dark names cultural

Latin-Influenced Names

Embracing the romance languages’ depth, these names are imbued with the mystique of the night and the profound hue of black.

  • Dante (Italian): Derived from Italian, with ties to the famed poet.
  • Nero (Italian): A name that directly translates to “black,” rich in history and power.
  • Nox (Latin): Symbolizing the enveloping grandeur of night in ancient Roman mythology.
  • Prieto: Spanish for “dark” or “black,” used as a surname.

English Names

From the natural world to the color spectrum, English names capture the essence of darkness and the nocturnal.

  • Black: A common last name and direct reference to the color.
  • Blake: A name that dances between “black” and “light,” offering a nuanced take on darkness.
    Raven: Conjuring the dark plumage and mystical presence of the raven, a bird of lore and legend.
  • Sable: Reflecting the luxurious depth of black fur, synonymous with elegance and mystery.

Arabic and Hebrew Names

These names, poetic and profound, capture the tranquil beauty and reflective qualities of the night.

  • Kali: Sanskrit for “black,” nods to the power and the profound mystery of darkness.
  • Layla/Leila: From the Arabic for “night,” it evokes the serene and mysterious aspects of the evening.
  • Samir: Arabic for “companion in evening talk,” it highlights the intimacy of night.

Greek and Mythological Names

Rooted in mythology, these names are a testament to the enduring fascination with celestial bodies and the enveloping cloak of night.

  • Nyx: Personifying the night in Greek mythology, Nyx stands as a figure of awe and mystery.
  • Orion: A hunter set amongst the stars, Orion’s name is forever linked to the grandeur of the night sky.
  • Selene/Selena: Goddess of the moon, Selene illuminates the beauty and complexity of the night.

Whatever their origin, each of these names is imbued with its own story and cultural background, offering a glimpse into the universal human fascination with these themes, reflecting the diverse ways in which societies have sought to articulate the profound and poetic aspects of darkness.

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