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250+ Names for Christmas Babies (Cute, Unique, More for Baby Boys and Girls)

Are you expecting a little one around the festive season and looking for the perfect name to celebrate their arrival?

Christmas-inspired baby names are an excellent way to embrace the magic and joy of the season.

These names not only have beautiful meanings, but they also carry the warmth and spirit of the holiday season.

With a variety of Christmas-themed names to choose from, you can find the perfect moniker for your little bundle of joy.

Whether you prefer names derived from Christmas carols, holiday legends, or simply inspired by the season, there is a baby name for everyone who wants to infuse a touch of Christmas into their child’s name.

We present a list of Christmas-related baby names for boys and girls, complete with a brief explanation of their relevance to the season.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa, settle in, and explore these enchanting names perfect for your Christmas baby!

Best Names for Christmas Baby Girls and Boys

If you’re just looking for the best of the best, then look no further.

Below are our top 5 names for Christmas baby girls and baby boys.

  • Joseph: A classic name with biblical ties to the Christmas story, representing humility and devotion.
  • Holly: An evergreen plant symbolizing everlasting life and happiness, perfect for a Christmas baby girl.
  • Nicholas: A name that embodies the spirit of generosity and kindness, inspired by Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus.
  • Natalie: A name with Latin origins meaning ‘born on Christmas Day,’ suitable for girls born during the holiday season.

Keep reading for even more good names for your Christmas baby.

Christmas Baby Girl Names

If you’re expecting a baby girl around the festive season, you may want to give her a name that embodies the holiday spirit.

Here’s a list of Christmas-inspired girl names, each accompanied by a brief explanation of its connection to the season:

  1. Abigail: A sweet biblical name perfect for a Christmas baby girl. Derived from the Hebrew name Avigail, Abigail means “my father’s joy.”
  2. Eira: This charming name means “very snowy” – a fitting choice for a girl born during the winter months.
  3. Gloria: Often heard in carols and Christmas hymns, Gloria comes from the Latin word for “glory.”
  4. Ivy: Associated with Christmas greenery, Ivy represents fidelity and eternity.
  5. Natalie: Derived from the Latin phrase “natalis diei,” Natalie means “birthday of the Lord,” making it an ideal name for girls born around Christmas.
  6. Noëlle: The French word for Christmas, Noëlle signifies the festive season.
  7. Holly: A traditional symbol of Christmas, Holly represents the protective power of the holly tree.
  8. Eve: Alluding to Christmas Eve, this name is simple yet elegant.
  9. Stella: Meaning “star” in Latin, Stella evokes the image of the Star of Bethlehem.
  10. Josephine: A feminine version of Joseph, honoring the father of Jesus.
  11. Mary: Inspired by the mother of Jesus, Mary is a classic and timeless name.
  12. Lucia: Signifying light, Lucia is celebrated during the Swedish festival of St. Lucia, which takes place close to Christmas.
  13. Angela: Related to angels, who are often associated with the Christmas story, Angela is a lovely choice for the holiday season.
  14. Carol: Another word for Christmas songs, Carol represents the joy and music of the season.

Now that you’ve seen these enchanting Christmas names for girls, you might find the perfect choice for your little festive miracle

Christmas Baby Boy Names

Christmas is the perfect time to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world.

If you’re looking for unique and festive Christmas names for boys, you’ve come to the right place.

The following list of names is inspired by the holiday season and carries the warmth and magic of Christmas.

  1. Nicholas: Named after Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children and the inspiration behind Santa Claus, this name has a strong association with the Christmas season.
  2. Joseph: A classic name that honors one of the important figures of the Nativity story, Joseph, the father of Jesus.
  3. Christian: A meaningful choice for those who celebrate Christmas, this name means “follower of Christ.”
  4. Theodore: Means “gift of God,” perfect for a baby born during the time of giving and celebration.
  5. Noel: Derived from the Old French word for “Christmas,” Noel is a beautiful option for a festive baby boy name.
  6. Gabriel: In the story of the Nativity, Gabriel is the name of the angel who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary.
  7. Felix: Means “happy” or “fortunate,” reflecting the joy and excitement of the holiday season.
  8. Emmanuel: A biblical name meaning “God is with us,” Emmanuel is a poignant reminder of the true reason for the season.
  9. Cole: A play on words, Cole sounds like ‘coal,’ a traditional stocking stuffer for those on Santa’s naughty list.
  10. Jack: Drawing inspiration from the winter character, Jack Frost, this name brings a touch of magic to the holidays.

These names capture the essence of Christmas, making them wonderful choices for a baby boy born during this magical season.

Choose a name that resonates with the joy, warmth, and celebration of Christmas for your little one.

Names That Mean Christmas

When choosing a name for your Christmas baby, you might want to consider names that directly relate to the season and its symbolism.

We’ve got a variety of names that carry the spirit of Christmas. Here’s a list of merry monikers perfect for your festive arrival.

  1. Yule: Derived from the Old English word ‘geol’, Yule signifies the midwinter festival. It’s a unique and brief name perfect for a Christmas baby.
  2. Noel (or Noelle for girls): To truly embrace the Christmas spirit, consider this name derived from the French word “noël”, which means “Christmas.” It’s a timeless and elegant choice for boys and girls alike.
  3. Natalie (or Nathan for boys): With roots in the Latin word “natale”, meaning “birth”, these names are perfect for celebrating the birth of your little one during the Christmas season.
  4. Joy: A simple, yet meaningful name that embodies the happiness and warmth associated with the festive season.
  5. Eve: Originating from the Hebrew word “Chawwah”, which means “to breathe” or “to live”, Eve represents the anticipation and excitement before Christmas Day.
  6. Christian: A name that signifies a follower of Christ, making it an appropriate and heartfelt choice for Christmas babies.
  7. Holly: A popular Christmas decoration, Holly symbolizes hope and renewal, essential qualities for a fresh start in life.
  8. Claus: Inspired by the well-known figure Santa Claus, this name carries the magic and joy of Christmas gift-giving.

  9. Angel: Heaven-sent and embodying the spirit of compassion and love, Angel is a name that reflects the essence of the holiday.
  10. Nicholas: Stemming from Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, this name encompasses the joy and generosity associated with Christmas.

By embracing these names that embody the spirit of Christmas, you’re already spreading cheer and positivity to your little one’s life journey.

Christmas Names of Religious and Cultural Significance

As you welcome your little one during the festive season, you might be looking for a name that holds religious or cultural significance.

Below we’ve gathered some meaningful names that can connect your baby with the spirit of Christmas, their faith, or their heritage.

Historical Origins of Christmas Names

It’s essential to understand where some of these names originate.

Aiming to use a name rooted in Christmas history can help your child feel connected to the season.

Here’s a list of names with historical origins:

  1. Jesus – The name of the central figure of Christianity and the reason behind the Christmas celebration.
  2. Joseph – Father of Jesus in the Nativity story
  3. Mary (or Meri) – Mother of Jesus in the Nativity story
  4. Nicholas – Inspired by Saint Nicholas, known for his generosity and the basis for Santa Claus
  5. Lucia (or Lucy) – Refers to St. Lucia, patron saint of the Festival of Lights in Sweden

Biblical Influences

If you’re seeking names that have a strong connection to the biblical Christmas story, here’s a selection inspired by the people and events in the Bible:

  1. Gabriel – The angel who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary
  2. Eve – Symbolizes the night before the birth of Jesus (Christmas Eve) and also the name of the first woman in the Bible
  3. Emmanuel – A name meaning “God with us,” referring to the prophecy of Jesus’ birth
  4. Shepherd – Honoring the shepherds who visited Jesus after his birth

Saints and Christmas Figures

Celebrate the season by considering names that embody the spirit of kindness, joy, and light attributed to various saints and Christmas figures:

  1. Christopher – Patron saint of travelers, popular during the holiday season
  2. Christian – Symbolizes the celebration of the birth of Christ
  3. Josephine – Feminine variant of Joseph, Jesus’ father in the nativity story
  4. Natalie (or Noelle) – Derived from the Latin term natale domini, meaning “birth of the Lord”

Global Traditions

Christmas traditions from around the world offer a rich source of inspiration for names.

Here’s a list of names based on global traditions:

  1. Nico – A shortened version of Nicholas, inspired by Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Dutch) whose modern-day representation is Santa Claus
  2. Angèle (French) – Feminine version of Angel, often associated with the angelic host in Christian tradition
  3. Ángel (Spanish) – Means angel in Spanish, representing the angels in the nativity story
  4. Eirlys (Welsh) – Means “snowdrop” in Welsh, reflecting a winter-themed name

Consider these meaningful names for your Christmas baby, whether you’re looking to honor a saint, capture the essence of biblical stories, or embrace your cultural heritage during this magical time of year.

Nature and Winter Themed Names

As you prepare to welcome your little one during the festive holiday season, you might be searching for names that capture the essence of nature and winter.

Here are some nature and winter-themed names that can add a touch of magic to your Christmas baby’s identity.

  • Holly: Derived from the evergreen holly plant, known for its bright red berries during the Christmas season.
  • Ivy: A classic name representing the evergreen climbing plant, often associated with the holiday season.
  • Snow: A simple, delicate name reflecting the beauty of winter’s first snowfall.
  • Clara: A lovely name meaning “clear” and “bright,” reminiscent of the glow of fresh snow. A notable character named Clara is featured in the popular Christmas ballet “The Nutcracker.”
  • Neva: A unique name meaning “snow” in Spanish, perfect for your winter-born baby.
  • Yule: This name symbolizes the ancient celebration of the winter solstice and the festive season.
  • Robin: A charming name inspired by the European robin, a friendly bird often associated with Christmas and winter imagery.
  • White: A bold and distinctive name that brings to mind the pristine beauty of a snowy winter landscape.
  • Jack Frost: A playful name inspired by the mythical personification of frost and cold winter weather.

These nature and winter-themed names offer a delightful connection to the enchanting season in which your precious baby will be born.

Each name carries a special significance related to the holiday season or the beauty of winter, making them fitting choices for your little one.

Merry and Joyful Names

As the holiday season approaches and you’re expecting a bundle of joy, you might be considering giving your little one a name that embodies the festive spirit.

We’ve got names that are perfect for Christmas babies, with meanings related to joy and happiness, as well as those that simply sound cheerful.

Names Meaning Joy and Happiness

These names have a literal connection to happiness, perfect for your joyful new arrival:

  1. Felix: A Latin origin name meaning “happy, fortunate”.
  2. Blythe: Meaning “carefree, happy” with Old English roots.
  3. Noel/Noelle: Derived from the Latin word “natalis” meaning birth, traditionally associated with the Christmas holiday.
  4. Joy/Joyce: A classic choice, Joy means “happiness”, and Joyce is a related name that carries the same sentiment.
  5. Jovie: This unique name, inspired by the character in the movie Elf, means “happy, jovial” in Latin.

Names That Sound Cheerful

These names might not have a direct meaning associated with happiness, but they still evoke a cheerful, festive vibe:

  1. Holly: With its association to the holly plant, this name brings images of festive wreaths and Christmas decorations.
  2. Carol: A beautiful choice representing the traditional Christmas carols sung during the holiday season.
  3. Merry: A variant of Mary, but also evoking wishes of a “Merry Christmas”.
  4. Clara: The name of the protagonist in the holiday classic “The Nutcracker”, this name has a sweet and festive charm.
  5. Stella: Meaning “star”, this name is reminiscent of the guiding star of Bethlehem.
  6. Belle: A French origin name meaning “beautiful”, giving off a festive aura with connections to the word “jingle bells.”
  7. Lucy: Derived from “lux,” meaning “light,” it represents the twinkling lights that brighten up the holiday season.
  8. Cindy: A nod to Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” this name embodies innocence and holiday spirit.
  9. Tasha: A variation of Natasha, a Russian name that means “born on Christmas day.”
  10. Meri: A Finnish name that translates to “sea of bitterness,” yet still evokes a Merry Christmas feeling.
  11. Eva: A variation of Eve, representing Christmas Eve when the world anticipates the holiday cheer.
  12. Juniper: A botanical name associated with evergreen trees, bringing to mind the popular Christmas tree tradition.
  13. Nico: Derived from the Greek name Nikolaos, it has connections to Saint Nicholas, the inspiration behind Santa Claus.

Your new arrival is sure to brighten the holiday season with many of these names perfect for a merry and joyful Christmas baby.

Unique and Modern Christmas Names

Looking for an extraordinary name for your little one that celebrates the magic of the holiday season?

We’ve compiled a list of unique and modern Christmas names inspired by winter, popular elements of the festive season, and more.

The following names will provide a fresh twist on traditional names and help your baby stand out as a true Christmas miracle.

  1. Winter – Embrace the season of joy and coziness with this cool name that evokes thoughts of snow and holiday cheer.
  2. December – This month signifies both the holiday season and the end of the year, symbolizing new beginnings for your baby.
  3. Seraphina – Alluding to seraphim, the highest order of angels, this beautiful name adds a touch of heavenly charm.
  4. Neve – Derived from the Latin word “nivis” for snow, this name perfectly encapsulates the enchanting white winter landscape.
  5. Eira– This Welsh name meaning “snow” also brings in a magical wintery appeal for your little girl.
  6. Crimson – Associated with warmth, love, and Christmas colors, this bold name adds a vibrant touch to your baby’s identity.
  7. Pax – This unisex name means “peace” in Latin, an ideal sentiment for the holiday season and beyond.
  8. Berry – Inspired by the festive red berries that often adorn holiday decorations, this name brings a sweet touch to your baby’s personality.
  9. Cole – A variation of Nicholas, this modern name pays tribute to the legendary figure of Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus.
  10. Briella – This charming name is a combination of “Brielle” (referring to God) and “Ella” (meaning all), evoking a sense of spiritual grace and beauty.

These names offer a contemporary spin while still capturing the essence of the Christmas season.

Choose one of these unique and modern Christmas names to make your baby’s birth extra special and memorable.

Final Thoughts

As you finalize your choice for a Christmas baby name, it’s important to consider the personal significance and the celebratory nature of the season.

Keep in mind that a name should resonate with the heart and soul of your family and be a lasting reminder of the joy surrounding your little one’s birth.

Here’s a brief recap of some of the best festive baby names:

  • Joseph: A classic name with biblical ties to the Christmas story, representing humility and devotion.
  • Holly: An evergreen plant symbolizing everlasting life and happiness, perfect for a Christmas baby girl.
  • Nicholas: A name that embodies the spirit of generosity and kindness, inspired by Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus.
  • Natalie: A name with Latin origins meaning ‘born on Christmas Day,’ suitable for girls born during the holiday season.

Remember that the final decision is yours, and the name you choose should inspire love, joy, and connection with your child.

As you celebrate this new life, embrace the idea that a beautifully chosen name can be a cherished gift that lasts a lifetime.

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