Jolie Name Meaning: Origin and Significance

Jolie Name Origin and Meaning

If you’re considering the name Jolie for your child, you might be curious about its origin and meaning. In this section, we’ll explore the French roots of the name, its meaning in English, and what it conveys in terms of gender and femininity.

French Origin

Jolie is a French name, derived from the French word “joli” or “jolif,” which means “pretty” or “beautiful.” It is also connected to the Old Norse word “jul,” meaning “yule.” The word “joli” is believed to have been derived from the Latin word “gaudere,” which means joy. Jolie is also used as a surname, but it is not a common given name in France.

Meaning in English

In English, Jolie means “pretty” or “beautiful.” It is a name that connotes charm, elegance, and attractiveness. The name Jolie is also associated with actress Angelina Jolie, who has helped popularize the name in recent years.

Gender and Femininity

Jolie is a feminine name that is often associated with beauty and grace. It is a name that conveys a sense of femininity and charm. While Jolie is traditionally a girl’s name, it can also be used as a unisex name. However, it is more commonly used for girls.

Overall, Jolie is a name that is both pretty and elegant, with a rich French history and a strong association with beauty and femininity.

Jolie in Pop Culture

Jolie is a name that has been used in popular culture in various ways. Here are some of the most notable mentions of Jolie in pop culture:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is perhaps the most famous person associated with the name Jolie. She is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, who has won numerous awards for her work in film. Jolie was born Angelina Jolie Voight, but she dropped her last name and started going by Angelina Jolie in the 1990s. Jolie has been named one of the most beautiful women in the world by various media outlets, and her name has become synonymous with grace, elegance, and beauty.

Jolie Gabor and Family

Jolie Gabor was a Hungarian-American socialite and the mother of the famous Gabor sisters: Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva. Jolie was born as Janka Tilleman, but she changed her name to Jolie when she moved to the United States in the 1920s. Jolie was known for her extravagant lifestyle and her love of jewelry. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 99.

Other Famous People Named Jolie

There are several other famous people who share the name Jolie. Jolie Christine Rickman is an American singer-songwriter who has released several albums. Jolie Holland is an American singer and songwriter who has been nominated for several awards for her work in music. Jolie Vanier is an American actress who has appeared in several films and TV shows.

In conclusion, Jolie is a name that has been used in pop culture in various ways. From Angelina Jolie to Jolie Gabor and her family, and other famous people named Jolie, this name has become synonymous with beauty, elegance, and success.

Popularity of Jolie as a Baby Name

If you’re considering the name Jolie for your baby girl, you may be interested in knowing how popular this name is. In this section, we’ll take a look at the popularity of Jolie as a baby name in the US and other countries.

Popularity in the US

Jolie is a relatively uncommon name in the United States, but it has been gaining popularity in recent years. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), Jolie was the 1,507th most popular baby name for girls in 2022. This is up from its rank of 2,177 in 2021, indicating that Jolie is becoming more popular over time.

Rank and Trend Over the Years

Jolie has not always been a popular baby name in the US. In fact, it was not even in the top 1,000 names for girls until 2005. Since then, it has been steadily climbing the ranks, peaking at its current rank of 1,507 in 2022.

Here is a table showing the rank of Jolie as a baby name in the US over the past century:

Year Rank
1917 Not in top 1,000
1944 Not in top 1,000
2000 Not in top 1,000
2005 1,878
2010 1,638
2015 1,719
2020 2,177
2022 1,507

Popularity in Other Countries

Jolie is a French name, but it is not commonly used as a baby name in France. In fact, it is rarely used as a name there at all. However, Jolie has become more popular in other countries, such as the United States and Canada.

In Canada, Jolie was the 333rd most popular baby name for girls in 2021, according to BabyCenter. This is up from its rank of 442 in 2020.

Overall, while Jolie is not a very common name, it is becoming more popular over time, especially in the United States and Canada.

Variants and Related Names

Variants of Jolie

Jolie is a beautiful name with several variants and alternative spellings. If you’re looking for a unique twist on the name, consider one of the following:

  • Joely
  • Jolee
  • Joleigh
  • Joley
  • Joli
  • Joliet
  • Jolietta
  • Joliette
  • Joly

Names Related to Jolie

If you like the sound of Jolie, you might also appreciate some of these related names:

  • Aria
  • Grace
  • Jaylee
  • Jill
  • Joelle
  • Jola
  • Joella
  • Julia
  • Julie
  • July
  • Ma Jolie
  • Picasso
  • Pin
  • Yolie

Interestingly, Jolie was the middle name of Angelina Jolie, who was born Angelina Jolie Voight. Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was also an actress, and her aunt was Jolie Gabor, the mother of the famous Gabor sisters.

Overall, Jolie is a lovely name with a range of variants and related names to choose from. Whether you stick with the classic spelling or opt for a unique twist, this name is sure to make your little girl stand out.

Jolie in Literature and Art

Jolie in Literature

Jolie is a name that has appeared in various literary works throughout history. In the book series Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, Jolie Ruewen is a powerful elf who is revered for her intelligence and strength. Her character is a significant part of the story and plays a crucial role in shaping the plot.

Jolie in Art

Jolie has also been referenced in various works of art, including paintings by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. One of his paintings, titled “Ma Jolie,” features the name Jolie prominently in the artwork. The painting is an example of Picasso’s cubist style, which was popular during the early 20th century.

In addition to Picasso’s work, Jolie has also been referenced in other forms of art, such as music. The song “Jolie Louise” by Canadian artist Daniel Lanois is a tribute to a woman named Jolie who he met while traveling in Louisiana. The song has become a classic in Canadian music and is a popular example of how the name Jolie has been used in art.

Overall, Jolie’s appearance in literature and art reflects its cultural significance and the impact it has had on various forms of expression. Its beauty and elegance have made it a popular choice for parents looking for a name that is both unique and meaningful.

Other Interesting Facts About Jolie

Jolie is a name that has gained popularity in recent years, but did you know that it has been around for centuries? Here are some other interesting facts about the name Jolie:

  • Jolie is a unisex name, but it is more commonly used as a feminine given name. In French, Jolie means “pretty” or “beautiful,” which reflects its charming and aesthetic connotations. As a name, Jolie conveys a sense of elegance and attractiveness.
  • Jolie is also a surname, and it has its roots in the Netherlands. The name was originally spelled “Jolij,” and it is derived from the word “jolly,” which means “happy” or “joyful.” Over time, the spelling of the name evolved, and it eventually became Jolie.
  • Jolie is a name that has been associated with feminism. The name was popularized in the 1970s by the feminist movement, and it was seen as a way to reject traditional gender roles and celebrate female empowerment.
  • Jolie is also the name of a city in France. The city is located in the Alsace region, and it is known for its beautiful architecture and rich history.
  • Eva Jolie is a French politician and anti-corruption activist. She is the daughter of the famous actor and director, Philippe Jolie. Eva Jolie has been a member of the European Parliament since 2009, and she is known for her work in exposing corruption in politics.

In conclusion, Jolie is a name with a rich history and many interesting associations. Whether you are looking for a name for your child or simply curious about the meaning behind the name, Jolie is a name that is worth exploring further.

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