Italian Girl Names

500 Italian Girl Names (and Meanings) Used In Italy And Beyond

Discover the allure and depth of names that resonate with the beauty, history, and cultural richness of Italy.

From timeless classics to modern variations, each name carries a story or a shade of meaning that is deeply rooted in Italian tradition.

While the majority of the names on our list are authentically Italian, some have their origins in other languages and cultures but have been lovingly adopted by the Italian people.

You’ll also find names that are not commonly (or ever) used in Italy, but evoke the spirit and allure of Italy, either because they are Italian place names or names derived from Italian words.

(These are great names for people looking for recognizable Italian names that don’t actually have to be based in Italian naming tradition.)

And now, our list of Italian girl names perfect for naming new babies, book characters, or whoever else you get the privilege of naming.

The Big List of Italian Girl Names

First up, it’s our giant list of Italian girl names.

Our list of names gives you the name, whether or not it’s authentically Italian, a little naming note as to where it works best or where it might have come from, and the simplest of meanings.

Here are our Italian names for girls from A-Z:

Name Authentic? Naming Notes Meaning
 Abriana No Likely Variant of Adriana Elf Ruler
 Adalgisa Yes Pledge
 Adele Yes Noble
 Adelina Yes Little Noble One
 Adriana Yes From Adria
 Adrina No From Adria
 Agata Yes Good
 Agnella Yes Little Lamb
Agnese Yes Chaste
Agnesia Yes Rarely Used As Name Chaste
 Agnesina Yes Little Chaste On
 Agostina Yes Sacred
 Aida No Visitor
Alba Yes Dawn
Alberta Yes Noble & Bright
 Alcina No Strong-Minded
 Aldina Yes Old
 Alessandra Yes Defender of Mankind
 Alessia Yes Defender
Alfonsa Yes Noble & Prepared
 Alice Somewhat French Origin Noble
 Allegra Yes Joyful
Alma Somewhat Latin Origin Soul
Altea Somewhat Greek Origin Healer
 Amadea Yes God’s Love
 Amalia Yes Work
 Amanta No Lovable
Amara No Sanskrit Origin Eternal
 Amaranta No Greek Origin Unfading
 Amata Yes Beloved
 Ambra Yes Amber
 Analia No Spanish Origin Grace
Anastasia No Greek Origin Resurrection
 Andrea Yes More Common for Males in Italy Manly
Andreina Yes Feminine of Andrea
 Anete No Grace
 Angela Yes Messenger of God
 Angelica Yes Angelic
 Angelina Yes Little Angel
 Angelita No Spanish Origin Little Angel
 Aninata No None
Anita Yes Grace
Anna Yes Grace
 Annabella Yes Lovable Grace
Annalisa Yes Graced With God’s Bounty
Anselma Yes Protected By God
 Antonella Yes Praise-Worthy
Antonia Yes Praise-Worthy
Antonietta Yes Little Antonia
 Anzia No None
 Aria Yes Air
 Ariana Yes Very Holy
 Arianna Yes Very Holy
Armana Somewhat Variant of Armani From the House of Armani
 Armani Yes Surname; Not Traditionally First Name From the House of Armani
 Armina No Warrior Maiden
 Aryanna No Very Holy
 Asia Yes Sunrise
 Assisi Somewhat Rarely Used As Name Assisi (place)
 Assunda Yes Variant of Assunta Assumption
 Audenzia No Boldness
Augusta Somewhat Latin Origin Majestic
 Aurora Yes Dawn
 Avena No Oat
Azzurra Yes Blue
 Bambina Yes Baby girl
Barbara Somewhat Latin Origin Foreign
 Beatrice Yes Bringer of Joy
 Belinda No English Origin Beautiful
 Belisencia No None
 Bella Yes Beautiful
 Belladonna Yes Beautiful Lady
 Bellarosa Yes Beautiful Rose
Benedetta Yes Blessed
 Berenice No Greek Origin Bringer of Victory
 Betina No Consecrated to God
 Bianca Yes White
 Bice Yes Most Commonly Nickname for Beatrice Bringer of Joy
 Bina No Hebrew Origin Wisdom
 Bivatigirni No None
 Blaca No White
 Bobina No None
 Bona Yes Good
Bonita No Spanish Origin Pretty
 Brandi NO Brandy (drink)
 Brigida Yes Strength
 Bruna Yes Brown
 Byna No None
 Byni No None
 Cadenza Yes Musical Term; Rarely Used As Name Rhythmic
 Caelia No Latin Origin Heavenly
 Caerda No None
 Calcedonia No Chalcedony (mineral)
 Callista No Greek Origin Most Beautiful
 Calogera Yes Beautiful Old Age
 Camellia No Latin Origin Camellia (flower)
 Cameo No English Origin Small Sculpture
 Camilla Yes Young Ceremonial Attendant
Campana Yes Surname; Not Traditionally First Name Bell
 Candia No Candia (place)
 Canta No Sing
 Cantara No Small Bridge
 Capri Yes Rarely Used As Name Capri (place)
 Capriana No From Capri
 Caprice No French Origin Whim
 Capricia No Whimsical
 Capulet No Shakespearean Origin None
 Cara Yes Beloved
 Carana No None
 Cariana No None
 Carina Yes Dear
 Carissima Yes Dearest
 Carita No Chariety
Carla Yes Free Woman
Carlina Yes Little Free Woman
 Carlotta Yes Free Woman
 Carmela Yes Garden
Carmine Yes Vivid Red
 Carola Yes Free Woman
 Carolina Yes Free Woman
 Carolinne No Free Woman
 Carra No Stone
 Carrabella No Beautiful Stone
 Carrianna No None
 Carrina No None
 Catalda No Pure
 Catarina Yes Pure
 Catena Yes Chain
 Caterina Yes Pure
 Caterine No French Origin Pure
 Catrice No Pure
 Cattia No None
 Cecca Yes Most Commonly a Nickname Blind
Cecilia Yes Blind
 Celestina Yes Heavenly
 Cellina No Heavenly
 Cena Somewhat Never Used in Italy Supper
 Cerelia No Greek Origin Goddess of Harvest
 Cesarina Yes Imperial
 Cesca Yes Most Commonly a Nickname for Francesca Free Woman
 Cettina Yes Little Blind One
 Chezarina No Likely Variant of Cesarina Imperial
 Chiara Yes Clear
 Chiarina Yes Little Clear One
Chloe No Greek Origin Green Shoot
 Ciandra No None
 Cianna No God Is Gracious
 Cielo No Spanish Origin Sky
 Cienna No Dark
 Cinzia Yes From Mount Kynthos
 Cira No Sun
 Clarice Yes Clear
 Clarina Yes Little Clear One
Clarisse No French Origin Clear
Claudia Yes Lame
 Claudina No Little Lame One
Clemente Somewhat Latin Origin Merciful
 Clementina Yes Merciful
Cleopatra No Greek Origin Glory of the Father
 Clorinda Yes Beautiful
Clovia No Famous Warrior
Cocco No Cocoa
Coletta Yes People’s Victory
Columbina Yes Dove
 Concetta Yes Conception
 Consolata Yes Consolation
 Constantia Yes Variant of Costanza Constant
 Constantina Yes Constant
Constanza Yes Steadfastness
 Contessa Yes Rare Countess
Cora No Maiden
 Corda No Heart
Corinna Yes Maiden
Cosima Yes Order
Cosma Yes Order
Cossetta Yes Little Thing of Luxury
Costanza Yes Constant
Cristalda Yes Rare Crystal-clear
Cristiana Yes Christian
 Cristina Yes Christian
Cristofana Yes Christ-Bearer
Crocetta Yes Rare Little Cross
 Crocifissa Yes Rare Crucified
Cunegonda Yes Very Rare Brave in War
Cybelle No Greek Origin Mother Goddess
 Dahna No Knowledge
Damiana Yes Tame
Daniella Yes God Is My Judge
Danila Yes God Is My Judge
Daria Yes Wealthy
Dea Yes Rare Goddess
 Debora Yes Bee
 Delfina Yes Dolphin
Delia Yes From Delos
Della Yes Of The
 Demetra Yes Earth Mother
Demetria No Greek Origin Follower of Demeter
Desdemona No English Origin Ill-Fated
Desideria Yes Desired
Diana Yes Divine
 Dianora Yes Divine Honor
Diletta Yes Beloved
Diva Yes Rare Divine
 Doda No Gift
 Domani No Tomorrow
 Domenica Yes Of the Lord
Domitilla Yes Tamed
 Donata Yes Given
 Donatas No Given
 Donatella Yes Beautiful Gift
 Donna Yes Rare In Italy Lady
Doriana Yes Gift
Dorina Yes Gift
Dorotea Yes Gift of God
Drusilla No Latin Origin Dewey-Eyed
Duccia Yes Most Commonly a Nickname Leader
Duilia Yes Fight
Ebe Yes Rare Youthful
 Edda No Rare Warrior
 Editta Yes Prosperous in War
 Edmonda Yes Wealth Protector
 Edvige Yes Battle
Egidia Yes Young Goat
 Elda Yes Battle
Electra No Greek Origin Shining
Elena Yes Bright
 Eleonora Yes Light
Elettra Yes Amber
Elia Yes More Common for Males in Italy My God is Yahweh
Elide Yes Small Winged One
 Elisa Yes God’s Promise
 Elisabetha Yes Variant of Elisabetta God’s Promise
 Elisabetta Yes God’s Promise
 Eloisa Yes Healthy
 Elvira Yes All True
 Emilia Yes Rival
 Emiliana Yes Rival
 Emma Yes Whole
 Enrica Yes Home Ruler
Enrichetta Yes Home Ruler
Enza Yes Most Commonly a Nickname Consecrated 
Erica No Old Norse Origin Ever Powerful
 Ermelinda Yes Universal Protection
Erminia Yes Italian Form of Hermione Universal
 Ersilia Yes None
Esmeralda No Spanish Origin, Rare In Italy Emerald
 Esta No Uncommon From the East
Estella No Latin Origin Star
 Eufemia Yes Good Speech
Eugenia Yes Well-Born
Eusebia Yes Rare Pious
Eva Yes Life
Evangelina No Bearer of Good News
Evelina No Latin Origin Life
 Fabia Yes Bean Farmer
 Fabiana Yes Bean Farmer
 Fabrizia Yes Craftsman
 Fausta Yes Fortunate
 Faustina Yes Fortunate
 Fedella Yes Latin Origin Faithful
 Federica Yes Peaceful Ruler
Fedora Yes Gift from God
 Felice Yes More Common for Males in Italy Happy
Felicia Yes Happy
 Feliciana Yes Happy
 Felicita Yes Happiness
 Felicitas No Latin Origin Fortune
 Felicite No English Origin Happiness
 Felixa Somewhat Variant of Felicia Happy
 Fernanda Yes Bold Traveler
 Ferrara No Based on Famous Surname Ferrari Iron Worker
 Fiamma Yes Flame
 Fiammetta Yes Little Flame
Filippa Yes Lover of Horses
 Filomena Yes Lover of Strength
 Fiorella Yes Little Flower
 Fiorenza Yes Flourishing
 Flavia Yes Blond
Flaviana Yes Blond
Flora Yes Flower
Florentina Yes Flourishing
 Floriana Yes Flower
Fortuna Yes Rare In Italy Fortune
Franca Yes Free
 Francesca Yes French
Fulvia Yes Yellow
 Gabriella Yes God Is My Strenght
Gaetana Yes From Gaeta
Gaia Yes Earth
Galilea No From Galilee
Galla Yes Rare Gaul
Gavina Yes White Hawk
 Gemma Yes Gem
Generosa Yes Generous
Genoveffa Yes Race of Women
Gia Yes God is Gracious
Giacinta Yes Hyacinth
Giada Yes Jade
 Gianna Yes Most Commonly Nickname for Giovanna God is Gracious
Gilberta Yes Bright Pledge
Gilda Yes Golden
Ginevra Yes Juniper
Gioia Yes Joy
Giordana Yes Descendant of Jordan
Giorgia Yes Farmer
Giovanna Yes God Is Gracious
Giralda No Spanish Origin Revolve
Giulia Yes Youthful
Giuliana Yes Youthful
Giulietta Yes Youthful
Giuseppa Yes God Will Add
Giuseppina Yes God Will Add
Giustina Yes Just
Giusy Yes Most Commonly Nickname for Giuseppa or Giuseppina God Will Add
Grazia Yes Grace
Graziana Yes Grace
Graziosa Yes Uncommon Graceful
Greta Yes Pearl
Guglielmina Yes Rare Resolute Perfection
Helena No Greek Origin Light
Ilaria No Cheerful
Imelda Yes Universal Battle
Iolanda Yes Violet Flower
Irene Yes Peace
 Isabella Yes God Is My Oath
Isabetta Yes God Is My Oath
Isadora No Greek Origin Gift of Isis
Iseppa Yes Rare God Will Add
Ismerelda No Spanish Origin Emerald
Jolanda No Violet Flower
Laura Yes Laurel
Laurenza Italian Laurel
Lauretta Italian Little Laurel
Lavinia Italian Woman of Rome
Leandra Somewhat Latin Origin Lioness
Leonilda Yes Brave as a Lion
Leonora Yes Light
Letizia Yes Joy
Leontina Yes Uncommon Lion-Like
 Lia Yes Weary
Liana Yes To Bind
Lidia Yes Greek Origin From Lydia
 Liliana Yes Lily
Linda No Spanish Origin Pretty
Lisa Yes God Is My Oath
Liviana Yes Envious
Lorenza Yes Laurel
Loretta Yes Little Laurel
 Lucia Yes Light
 Luciana Yes Light
Lucrezia Yes Profit
Ludovica Yes Famous Warrior
Luisa Yes Famous Warrior
Luigia Yes Famous Warrior
 Luna Yes Moon
Maddalena Yes Of Magdala
Mafalda Yes Strong In Battle
Magdalena Yes Of Magdala
Maggia No Pearl
Marca No Spanish Origin Borderland
Marcella Yes Young Warrior
Margherita Yes Pearl
Maria Somewhat Latin Origin Sea of Bitterness
Mariangela Yes Sea of Bitterness & Angel
Marilena Yes Sea of Bitterness & Light
Marina Yes Of the Sea
Marta Somewhat Latin Origin Lady
Martina Yes Warlike
Massima Yes Not Common Greatest
Matilde Yes Mighty in Battle
Maura Yes Dark-Skinned
Melania Yes Dark
Meliore No Rare Better
Melissa Somewhat Latin Origin Honey Bee
Michaela Yes Who is Like God?
Milena Yes Gracious
Mirabella Somewhat Latin Origin Wonderful Beauty
Miranda No Latin Origin Admirable
Mirella Yes Admire
Miuccia Yes Not Common; Variant of Maria Sea of Bitterness
Monica Somewhat Latin Origin Advisor
Narcisa Somewhat Latin Origin Narcissus (flower)
Natalia Yes Born on Christmas Day
Nella Yes Shining Light
Nemesia Yes Rare Divine Vengeance
Nera Yes Never Used in Italy Black
Nicoletta Yes Victory of the People
Nicolina Yes Victory of the People
Noemi Yes Pleasantness
Norina Yes Most Commonly a Nickname Light
Nunzia Yes Messenger
Olimpia Yes From Mount Olympus
Olivia No Latin Origin Olive Tree
Oriana Yes Dawn
Ornella Yes Flowering Ash Tree
Orsina Yes Little Bear
Orsola Yes Little Bear
 Ortensia Yes Gardener
Osanna Yes Rare We Pray
 Ottavia Yes Eighth
 Palmina Yes Palm Tree
 Palmira Yes Pilgrim
Pamina No Greek Origin All Sweetness
 Paola Yes Small
 Paolina Yes Small
Pasqualina Yes Related to Easter
 Patrina Somewhat Like Variant of Patrizia Noblewoman
 Patrizia Yes Noble
 Pazienza Yes Never Used in Italy Patience
 Perla Yes Pearl
Pervinca Yes Rare Periwinkle (flower)
Petronilla Yes Rock
Pia Yes Pious
 Piera Yes Rock
 Pierina Yes Small Rock
 Pietra Yes Stone
Pina Yes Pine
Placida Yes Calm
 Poesia Yes Never Used in Italy Poetry
 Polissena Yes Many-Sided
 Priscilla No Latin Origin Ancient
Quirina Yes Rare Spear
 Rachele Yes Ewe
 Raffaela Yes God Has Healed
Raimona Yes Protecting Hands
 Ravenna Yes Rarely Used As Name Ravine
Ravinia No Ravine
 Rebecca No Hebrew Origin To Bind
Regina Yes Queen
 Renata Yes Reborn
 Riccarda Yes Strong Ruler
Rita Somewhat Latin Origin Pearl
Roberta Yes Bright Fame
 Rome No Rarely Used As Name Rome (place)
Romilda Yes Glorious Battle Maiden
Romina Yes From Rome
 Romula Somewhat Based on Romulus; Rare From Rome
Rosa Somewhat Latin Origin Rose
Rosabella Yes Beautiful Rose
Rosalia Yes Rose
Rosalinda Yes Beautiful Rose
Rosanna Yes Rose & Grace
Rosangela Yes Rose & Angel
Rosaria Yes Rosary
Rosetta Yes Little Rose
Rosi Yes Most Commonly a Nickname Rose
Rosina Yes Little Rose
Rossana Yes Rose
Rossella Yes Red-Haired
Rufina Yes Red-Haired
Sabina Yes Sabine Woman
Salvatrice Yes Rare Savior
 Samantha Yes Asked of God
Sancia Yes Holy
Sandra Somewhat Latin Origin Defender of Mankind
Sara Somewhat Latin Origin Princess
Sarita No Spanish Origin Princess
Saveria Yes New Home
Savina Somewhat Likely Variant of Sabina Sabine Woman
Serafina Yes Fiery Ones
Serena Yes Serene
Sergia Yes Servant
Severina Yes Stern
Sibilla Yes Prophetess
 Sicily Yes Rarely Used As Name Sicily (place)
 Siena Yes Rarely Used As Name Siena (place)
 Silvana Yes Woodland
Silvestra Yes Woodland
 Silvia Yes Forest
Simona Yes Heard
Simonetta Yes Heard
 Sofia Yes Wisdom
 Sofonisba Yes Very Rare Foreign Wisdom
 Speranza Yes Rare in Italy Hope
 Stefania Yes Crown
Stella Yes Star
 Stellina Yes Little Star
Susanna Somewhat Latin Origin Lily
 Teodora Yes Gift of God
 Teresa Yes Harvester
Tiziana Yes Honorable
Tommasina Yes Twin
Tosca Yes Tuscany (place)
 Toscana Yes Rarely Used As Name Tuscany (place)
 Valentina Yes Strong
Valeria Yes Strong
Vanna Yes Most Commonly a Nickname for Giovanna God is Gracious
Veneranda Yes Venerated
Venere Yes Rare Venus
Venezia Yes Rarely Used As Name Venice (place)
Veronica Somewhat Latin Origin True Image
 Vianca Somewhat Likely Variant of Bianca White
Vincenza Yes Conqueror
Viola Yes Violet
Virginia Yes Virgin
Vittoria Yes Victory
 Viviana Yes Alive
Zaira Yes Princess
Zanobia Somewhat Greek Origin;  Name of Italian   Queen Life of Zeus
Zita Yes Maiden

The Most Popular Girl Names In Italy

Of these Italian, and Italian-inspired, girl names, some of them are more popular for females in Italy than others.

italian girl names

Here are the 20 most popular Italian girl names (in Italy) in 2023:

#1 – Sofia

An enduring favorite in many parts of the world, Sofia (or Sophia) has Greek origins and means “wisdom”.

This name is timeless and has been borne by saints, royalty, and notable figures in history, lending it an aura of sophistication and grace.

#2 – Aurora

Meaning “dawn” in Latin, Aurora was the Roman goddess of the morning light.

The name conveys a sense of new beginnings and hope. Its poetic nature and classical roots make it a favorite among parents who appreciate its elegance.

#3 – Giulia

The Italian variant of “Julia,” this name traces back to ancient Rome and the Julian family, which included the famous Julius Caesar.

It’s a classic name that never seems to go out of style, symbolizing youthfulness and vigor.

#4 – Ginevra

An Italian variant of “Genevieve”, Ginevra has enjoyed a surge in popularity, possibly influenced by notable figures like Ginevra “Ginny” Weasley from the Harry Potter series.

Moreover, it’s the Italian name for the Swiss city of Geneva, adding a cosmopolitan flair.

#5 – Beatrice

With roots in Latin meaning “she who brings happiness” or “blessed”, Beatrice has been a cherished name in Italy for centuries.

It gained literary fame from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, where Beatrice is his guide through Paradise.

#6 – Alice

Derived from the Old French name Adelais, Alice means “noble”.

It’s a name that’s been popular in various forms across Europe for centuries and has been rejuvenated in modern times through characters in literature, such as Alice in Wonderland.

#7 – Vittoria

The Italian form of “Victoria,” it means “victory”.

With ancient Roman connotations (think of the goddess Victoria), it’s a strong, confident name that remains popular in Italy and beyond.

#8 – Emma

Of Germanic origins, Emma means “whole” or “universal”.

Its simplicity and elegance, combined with notable bearers like the British actress Emma Watson, have contributed to its widespread appeal.

#9 – Ludovica

A feminine form of “Ludovico”, this name has Germanic roots and means “famous warrior”.

Its stately sound and regal aura might contribute to its favorability among Italian parents.

#10 – Matilde

Derived from the Germanic name “Mathilda”, meaning “strength in battle”, Matilde has been a favored name among European royalty for centuries.

Its balance of femininity and strength make it an enduring choice.

These names, rooted in history, culture, and literature, showcase the richness of Italian heritage and the evolving tastes of its modern parents.

Rare & Unique Italian Girl Names

Of the Italian baby girl names on our list master list, some of the names are still occasionally, but quite sporadically, given to new babies.

italian girl names 2

So, if you’re looking for a name that’s totally Italian, but also unique, these are your top choices for rare Italian girl names:

  • Agnesia
  • Assisi
  • Cadenza
  • Capri
  • Contessa
  • Cristalda
  • Crocetta
  • Crocifissa
  • Dea
  • Diva
  • Donna (rare in Italy)
  • Ebe
  • Edda
  • Esmeralda (rare in Italy)
  • Eusebia
  • Fortuna (rare in Italy)
  • Galla
  • Guglielmina
  • Iseppa
  • Meliore
  • Nemesia
  • Osanna
  • Pervinca
  • Quirina
  •  Ravenna
  • Rome
  • Romula
  • Salvatrice
  • Sicily
  • Siena
  • Sofonisba
  • Speranza (rare in Italy)
  • Toscana
  • Venere
  • Venezia

And, while these names aren’t quite as rare as the names above, they are still relatively uncommon names for Italian girls today:

  • Esta
  • Graziosa
  • Leontina

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    1. Not in this form. But “Talami” is a known Italian surname. It’s also the plural of “talamo,” which means thalamus in English, so it’s certainly a brainy name.

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