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300+ Fantasy Baseball Team Names (Funny, Creative, MLB & League Names)

Ah, the sacred rite of passage for every fantasy baseball aficionado: concocting a team name so witty and clever it leaves your rivals foaming at the mouth with envy. It’s that magical time of year when your sports smarts, your uncanny knack for puns, and that little sprinkle of “Je ne sais quoi” you call your personality collide in a spectacular explosion of creativity… you hope.

As the fantasy season looms on the horizon, you find yourself on a quest for the Holy Grail of team names. Not just any name, mind you, but a name that screams “This manager is a strategic genius and possibly a comedy legend in the making.” You know your fantasy team name is more than a mere moniker, it’s the flag you plant in the digital soil, declaring your intentions to dominate, entertain, and, perhaps, even mildly offend.

Are you ready to start dominating before the season even officially begins? Here’s your chance to throw the first pitch, to round the bases with unparalleled originality, and to make Shakespeare weep in his grave. We’re talking some seriously sick fantasy baseball team names. Let the games begin.

The Basics of Team Name Creation

If you want the perfect fantasy baseball team name, aim for a name that’s unique, memorable and reflects your personality or strategy. Here’s a quick recipe to get you started:

  1. Pick a theme: Whether it’s humor, intimidation, or tribute, know what you’re trying to cook up and stick to it.
  2. Keep it current: Solidify your team name in the now by referring to recent events, trends or player trades.
  3. Stick to the rules: Avoid names that could result in a cease and desist or other potential issues. Basically, if you believe naughtiness is a virtue, walk the line, but don’t be TOO offensive.

Utilizing Player And Team Names

Player-based puns are not only entertaining, but show off your unsurpassed knowledge of the game. So, once you’ve rostered up, pick a standout player from your team and play with their name to show support.

baseball game at night

Player-Based Names and Puns

  • Acuña Matata: For a worry-free fantasy season inspired by Ronald Acuña Jr.
  • Albies Odysseys: Ozzie Albies taking your team on a championship journey.
  • Alex’s Astronauts: Alex Bregman, launching balls into orbit.
  • Arenado Avalanches: Nolan Arenado bringing a landslide of points.
  • Bauer Outage: Trevor Bauer shutting down hitters and the competition.
  • Bellinger’s Bash Bros: Cody Bellinger teaming up with fantasy managers for homers.
  • Betts on Mookie: Placing your fantasy bets on Mookie Betts.
  • Bichette Happens: Bo Bichette makes sure of it, on and off the field.
  • Bo’s Bandits: Bo Bichette stealing bases and hearts.
  • Bregman’s Braggarts: Alex Bregman backing up the talk with fantasy points.
  • Christian Crusaders: Christian Yelich on a mission for fantasy glory.
  • Cody’s Comets: Cody Bellinger, hitting balls out like they’re comets.
  • DeGrom’s Dominators: Jacob deGrom pitching his way into fantasy lore.
  • Flaherty’s Furies: Jack Flaherty blanketing the opposition with strikeouts.
  • Francisco’s Firestarters: Francisco Lindor, igniting your team’s success.
  • Freddie’s Fireflies: Freddie Freeman, lighting up the game one swing at a time.
  • Freeman’s Rounders: Freddie Freeman rounding the bases on the house.
  • Gerrit’s Ghost Runners: Gerrit Cole, so fast, he leaves ghost runners on base.
  • Guerre-roll With Its: Embrace the ups and downs with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • Hader’s Hate Us: Josh Hader striking out the competition, hate it or love it.
  • J.T.’s Juggernauts: J.T. Realmuto, powering through the competition.
  • Jacob’s Ladders: With Jacob deGrom leading your team to the top.
  • Juan’s Wonders: Juan Soto, making miraculous plays look routine.
  • Kershawshank Redemptions: Serving up redemption one run at a time.
  • Lindor Truffles: Francisco Lindor sweetening your lineup.
  • Mookie Monsters: For a team as fearsome as Mookie Betts.
  • Nolan Knights: Nolan Arenado, leading your fantasy team with valor.
  • Ozzie’s Orbiters: Ozzie Albies, rounding bases like planets.
  • Ronald’s Roundhouses: Celebrating Ronald Acuña Jr.’s knack for making history.
  • Soto’s Solos: Juan Soto making it look easy, one home run at a time.
  • Tatis Taters: Fernando Tatis Jr. serving up homers like they’re going out of style.
  • Realmuto Realities: J.T. Realmuto making fantasy wins a reality.
  • Trevor’s Time Travelers: Trevor Bauer, pitching so well, it’s like he knows what’s coming.
  • Vlad’s Valiants: For Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and a team full of bravery.
  • Yelich’s Yarders: Christian Yelich hitting them where they can’t be caught.

Incorporating MLB Teams in Names

Paying homage to MLB teams through your fantasy name can show team allegiance, or you can combine teams for a twist.

  • Angel Halos
  • Astro-nomicals
  • Braves New World
  • Brew Crew
  • Cardinal Virtues
  • Cubbies’ Crusaders
  • Diamondback Strikes
  • Dodger Dreams
  • Giant Slayers
  • Guardian Angels
  • Mariner Nets
  • Marlin Divers
  • Metro Miracles
  • Padre Madres
  • Phillie Phoxes
  • Pirate Plunderers
  • Ranger Stations
  • Ray Bans
  • Red Sox Rebounds
  • Rockie Mountains
  • Royal Flushers
  • Tiger Tails
  • Twin Peaks
  • White Sox Wallers
  • Yankee Yankers

Fantasy Baseball Pop Culture Mashups

Mixing your love of baseball with other aspects of pop culture can result in some creative and catchy team names that set your team apart.

stranger things themed baseball art

Pop Culture Mashup Names:

  • Better Call Ballers
  • Breaking Bats
  • Crowned Curveballs
  • Fleabaggers
  • Hitting Bad
  • Mad Bum Men
  • Mandalorian Mounders
  • Nine-Nine Nights
  • Orange Is the New Batters
  • Parks and Rec Runners
  • Peaky Blind Base-Stealers
  • Pitch Perfects
  • Schitt’s Creekers
  • Stranger Swings
  • The Iron Thrones
  • Tiger King Swings
  • Walking Reds
  • Wanda Visioners
  • Westworld Wilders
  • Witcher’s Wilders

Funny Fantasy Baseball Names

Stepping onto the fantasy field without a clever team name is like stepping up to plate without a bat. You can do it, but you’re guaranteed to whiff. Want to laugh your competition into a forfeit? These funny fantasy team names should do it.

funny baseball themed cake illustration
  • Alien Abductors
  • Banana Peelers
  • Bench Jockeys
  • Bubble Wraps
  • Bunt Cakes
  • Cheese Steaks
  • Chili Dippers
  • Couch Potatoes
  • Curveballs
  • Dancing Dugouts
  • Flying Pizzas
  • Glove Goblins
  • Grass Stains
  • Helmet Heads
  • Whos on First
  • Incredible Sulks
  • Knuckleballers
  • Lost in Left Fields
  • Mismatched Socks
  • Not Yetis
  • Park Benchwarmers
  • Pop Flys
  • Screwballs
  • Sloth Sliders
  • Sofa Umpires
  • Taco Tuesdays
  • Tea Pitchers
  • Vampire Batters

Naughty and Slightly Inappropriate Team Names

All right. For you boys and girls whose sense of humor tends toward the naughtier side, these fantasy baseball team names push the envelope (though only a bit). Use at your own risk, and obey the rules of your league.

  • Backdoor Sliders
  • Balk Dirties
  • Balls to the Walls
  • Ballsacks
  • Booty Callers
  • Dirty Doubles
  • Foul Balls
  • Grand Salamis
  • Hit-It-Hards
  • Love Gloves
  • Morning Woodruffs
  • Pitching Tents
  • Sliding Into Thirds
  • Sticky Substances
  • Swingers

League and Division-Themed Names

Crafting a team name that pays homage to the rich history and competitive spirit of the MLB divisions can create a strong identity for your fantasy baseball team. Anchoring your team’s name in the legacy of your favorite American or National League division adds a level of depth and regional camaraderie.

fantasy baseball illustration

American League Team Name Ideas

Your American League-themed team name can channel the storied traditions and current stars of the AL. Mix historical accolades with today’s player names to create a clever and unique identifier for your fantasy team.

  • Bo’s Jays: Combining Bo Bichette with the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Bronx Bombers: Capturing the New York Yankees’ home-run history.
  • Tiger Kings: Inspired by Detroit Tigers and pop culture.
  • Baltimore Flock: A nod to the Baltimore Orioles’ avian mascot.
  • Red Sox Nation: Representing the extensive Boston Red Sox fan base.
  • Bay Brigadeers: Salute to the inventive Tampa Bay Rays.
  • Astro Orbiters: Playing on the Houston Astros’ space theme.
  • Guard Shacks: An ode to the Cleveland Guardians’ new era.
  • Windy City Winners: For the powerhouse Chicago White Sox.
  • Royal Court: Kansas City Royals with a royal twist.
  • Angel Faces: For the Los Angeles Angels.
  • Lone Star Legion: Integrating the Texas Rangers with state pride.
  • Trident Tossers: Leveraging Seattle Mariners’ iconic imagery.

National League Team Name Ideas

Your National League name can draw from the league’s historic teams, marquee players, and the cities they represent, showcasing your insight into the rich tapestry of baseball history and contemporary play.

  • Met Mashers: Hinting at the New York Mets’ power hitters.
  • Blue Crew: Los Angeles Dodgers fans owning their color.
  • Tomahawk Chops: Incorporating the Atlanta Braves’ famous cheer.
  • Fishing Vessels: For the oceanic connection to the Miami Marlins.
  • Philly Phorce: Alliteration mirroring the Philadelphia spirit.
  • Capital Sluggers: Linking the Washington Nationals with D.C.’s heritage.
  • Windy Wonders: Reflecting the Chicago Cubs and their hometown.
  • Redlegs: A historical reference to the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Brew Barrelers: Combining Milwaukee Brewers with a local twist.
  • Pitt Plunderers: Exploring the adventurous side of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Red Reign: A powerful statement for the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Desert Dominators: Aligning the Arizona Diamondbacks with their arid home.
  • Rocky Mountain Highs: An homage to the Colorado Rockies’ geographic advantage.
  • Padres Swarm: Infusing regional pride into the San Diego Padres’ name.
  • Golden Gatekeepers: Honoring the San Francisco Giants with iconic local imagery.

Creative Fantasy Baseball Names

Crafting the perfect fantasy baseball team name is less of a science and more like making the perfect ballpark hot dog. It needs just the right balance of spicy mustard, relish, and fluffy bun. Step up to the plate and draw inspiration from these creative team names that have more layers than an onion wearing a parka.

baseballs in storm clouds over field

Strategic Use of Statistical Terms

To hit a home run with your fantasy team name, consider incorporating baseball statistics that resonate with fans of the game:

  • BABIP Bombers
  • Barrel Bangers
  • Contact Rate Crushers
  • Cycle Stat Cyclones
  • Defensive Run Demons
  • Dinger Derivatives
  • ERA Aces
  • ERA Elites
  • Exit Velos
  • Fielding Run Flyers
  • FIP Fanatics
  • Hard Hit Halos
  • Iso Power Players
  • K/BB Kings
  • Moneyball Mavericks
  • OBP Outlaws
  • On-Base Octanes
  • OPS+ Operators
  • Pitching PERs
  • Plate Discipline Pioneers
  • Plus Minus Primes
  • Quality Start Quorum
  • Range Factor Raiders
  • RBI Raiders
  • Run Expectancy Rebels
  • Sabermetrics
  • Save Savants
  • SLG Sluggers
  • Slugging Percentiles
  • Spin Rate Spinners
  • Statcast Stunners
  • Total WARriors
  • True Averages
  • VORP Velocity
  • WHIP Warriors
  • WRC+ Wranglers
  • xFIP Xplorers

Playing with Fantasy Projections

Anticipating player performance is crucial in fantasy baseball. Inject some fun into the process with these projection-inspired names:

  • Average Draft Picks
  • BABIP Prophets
  • Baserun Brainiacs
  • Batting Prophets
  • Command Ratio Commanders
  • Count Management Mages
  • Draft Diviners
  • ERA Estimators
  • Exit Velocities
  • FIP Foreseers
  • Hit Tool Hypothesists
  • Homerun Forecasters
  • Isolated Power Icons
  • Line Drive Clairvoyants
  • OBP Omens
  • Prognosis Sluggers
  • RBI Oracles
  • Roto Rooters
  • Run Value Readers
  • Sleeper Pick Prophets
  • Statcast Strategists
  • Stolen Base Seers
  • Steal Predictors
  • Titans of Triples
  • VORP Vanguards
  • WARlock Wizards
  • WHIP Whisperers

Fantasy Baseball League Names

Crafting a name for your fantasy baseball league is a lot like choosing a mascot for your summer camp. It’s the drumroll before the show, the first pitch in a nine-inning thriller. If you want your league to sore, you need a league name that will crack off the bat and sail over digital fences, setting the stage for its saga of triumphs, heartbreaks, and epic comebacks.

fantasy baseball art

The right league name stitches together strategy, spirit, and a shared love of the game into one grand slam of a title. So make sure you choose a name you can hoist with pride, and make this fantasy season one for the highlight reel.

  • Alley All-Stars
  • Around the Horn
  • Balk Bashers
  • Balk Talkers League
  • Balks and Brouhaha
  • Ballpark Bunch
  • Bases Loaded Bonanza
  • Bases-Loaded
  • Batting Around Brotherhood
  • Batting Brigade
  • Bleacher Bums Blowout
  • Bullpen Banquet
  • Catchers and Curves
  • Cavalry of Closers
  • Cleat Fleet
  • Cleats Collective
  • Curveball Conclave
  • Curveball Conference
  • Dazzling Doubles
  • Diamond Divas & Dudes
  • Diamond Division
  • Diamond Kings Conference
  • Dirty Dinger League
  • Drama in the
  • Dugout Dramatics
  • Dugout Dynasty
  • Extra Innings Assembly
  • Fantasy Field Fest
  • Fantasy Fielders Forum
  • Fantasy Phenoms
  • Fastball Fables
  • Fastball Federation
  • Foul Line Fraternity
  • Glamour in the Grass
  • Glove Stories
  • Grand Slam Guild
  • Grandstand Gladiators
  • Grandstands & Glamour
  • Great Glove Gala
  • Hit Parade
  • Home Plate Hootenanny
  • Homerun Heroes
  • Knuckleball Cabinet
  • Legends & Lineups
  • Legends of the Lumber
  • Majestic Mitts
  • Majors of Mayhem
  • Mitts & Monsters
  • Mound Council
  • MVP Masquerade
  • No-Hitter Nobility
  • Out of the Park Order
  • Pennant Pursuit
  • Pinstripe Party
  • Pitch Perfect Parliament
  • Pitch Please
  • Pitching Poets
  • Pitching Prestige
  • RBI Revelry
  • Roster Roulette
  • Round-Trippers
  • Royal Roster Rally
  • Seventh-Inning Stretch Spectacle
  • Silver Slugger Syndicate
  • Slider Serenade
  • Slider Series
  • Sluggers’ Summit
  • Stolen Bases Summit
  • Strike Zone Syndicate
  • Sultans of Stats
  • Swing and a Miss
  • Swing Kings
  • Swing Sorcery
  • The Perfect Game
  • The Run Down
  • Triple Play Association
  • Umpire’s Empire

Legal and Ethical Considerations For Naming

When choosing a name for your fantasy baseball team, it’s important to be mindful of existing copyright and trademark laws to avoid legal ramifications. Understand the implications of these laws and strive for a distinctive name that steers clear of infringement issues.

Understanding Copyright and Trademark Laws

  • Copyright laws protect creative works, such as art, literature, and music. Names taken directly from copyrighted material can lead to disputes.
  • Trademark laws safeguard names, phrases, symbols, and designs that distinguish goods or services. Using MLB team names, logos, or the names of law firms without permission may violate trademark laws.

While throwing a real-life team name into your fantasy baseball team name probably won’t ruffle any feathers, just be aware that using the intellectual property of any real team may become problematic, especially if you use it in advertising or marketing for your league.

Avoiding Infringement with Creative Naming

To avoid the potential for a cease and desist, your team name should not copy the names of MLB teams or mimic uniforms designed by MLB uniform designers.

Steer clear of infringement by being inventive and developing a unique name that reflects your team’s ethos without infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

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