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900+ Etsy Store Name Ideas So You Can Stand Out And Attract Buyers

Need to nail down the perfect name for a new Etsy shop? We got you!

Whether you’re all about that whimsy, sparkle, or just plain ol’ cool vibes, there’s a name out there that’s as unique and fabulous as your creations.

Imagine snagging a name that screams “This is me!” and makes customers click faster than you can say “Add to cart.”

So, let’s get your shop standing out in the Etsy crowd like a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Our Best Etsy Shop Names

Choosing that perfect name is a bit like naming a baby, only with less crying and definitely less diaper changing. It tells the world who you are and what you’re about before they even click on your page.

Whether you’re selling stickers or digital products, you want people to know just from the name of your Etsy store.

A great name sticks like gum on a hot sidewalk, making sure folks remember you amidst the sea of competitors. So, here’s some of our best ideas to get those creative juices flowing in that brain of yours

fantasy brainstorming concept

Quirky Couture Themed Names

  • Oddball Outfits
  • Quirky Threads Co.
  • The Eccentric Closet
  • Wacky Wardrobe Wonders

Retro Rendezvous Themed Names

  • Retro Ragz
  • Vintage Vibes Only
  • Throwback Threads
  • Groovy Garments Galore

Glitter and Glam Themed Names

  • Sparkle Squad
  • Glitter & Grit
  • Shine On Apparel
  • Dazzle Duds

Earthy and Ethereal Themed Names

  • Boho Beauties Boutique
  • Mystic Materials
  • Terra Textiles
  • Ethereal Attire

Punny and Funny Themed Names

  • Sew Laughable
  • Knit Picky
  • ThreadBare Jokes
  • Chic Chick

Minimalist and Sleek Themed Names

  • Simply Styled
  • Clean Cuts Clothier
  • Minimalist Maneuver
  • Sleek Chic Boutique

Artsy and Craftsy Themed Names

  • Crafty Creations Co.
  • Artisan Attire
  • The Crafted Cloth
  • Design Dreams Studio

Color Themed Names

  • Vibrant Vesture
  • Bright and Bold Boutique
  • Neon Niche
  • Color Pop Couture

Generating Creative Etsy Store Name Ideas

Alright, Etsy entrepreneurs, you’re not just picking a name here – you’re choosing the destiny of your brand! It’s like naming a rock band or a racehorse—only way cooler because it’s the start of your empire.

And we’ve got a few tips for you and few more of our name ideas to share.


Tips for a Captivating and Unique Etsy Name

First off, chuck the boring stuff out the window. Your Etsy shop name should pop, sizzle, and maybe even do a little dance.

Think catchy, but with the charm of a three-legged puppy—you can’t help but love it.

Use puns, play on words, or get inspired by your favorite song lyrics or movie quotes. The key is to be as original as a unicorn skateboarding on a rainbow.

Categories of Etsy Store Name Ideas to Inspire You

Let’s break it down by categories, shall we? Because a one-size-fits-all approach is for tube socks, not badass Etsy shops.

Ideas for Etsy Shop Names: Jewelry

  1. GlitterGlam Jewels
  2. BlingBlast Boutique
  3. Charms & Chains Co.
  4. DazzleDrops Studio
  5. SparkleSquad
  6. GemsGalore
  7. TwinkleTrinkets
  8. LusterLoft
  9. PizzazzPendants
  10. ChicChains

Etsy Store Name Ideas: Art

  1. SplashSquad Canvases
  2. PalettePunk
  3. BrushBuddies
  4. VibrantVibes Gallery
  5. StrokeOfGenius Art
  6. ColorMeCrazy Creations
  7. ArtisticAntics
  8. DoodleDen
  9. PixelPioneers
  10. SketchSquad Studios

Etsy Store Name Ideas: Invitations and Stationery

  1. PaperParty Pals
  2. InviteInnovations
  3. SnailMail Sweethearts
  4. CreativeCards Co.
  5. WittyWords Workshop
  6. PenPals Paradise
  7. FancyFonts Factory
  8. SnazzyStationery
  9. CardCrafters Corner
  10. DoodleDazzle Designs

Etsy Shop Names for Digital Products

  1. PixelPerfect Products
  2. DownloadDreamland
  3. DigitalDoodads
  4. VirtualVibes Goods
  5. EzEDownloads
  6. CyberCrafts Creations
  7. InstantInnovations
  8. ByteBoutique
  9. CodeCoolies
  10. TemplateTitans

Etsy Shop Names for Clothing and Accessories

  1. ThreadThrive
  2. StyleSprinters
  3. FashionFlicks
  4. Accesso-Rise
  5. KnitKnacks Co.
  6. ChicChokers
  7. WearableWhimsy
  8. VogueValley
  9. CoutureCrusaders
  10. TextileTitans

Etsy Shop Name Ideas for Your Handmade Business

Before you get knee-deep into listing your grandma’s secret knit patterns or those funky earrings you crafted on a whim, you gotta lock down a name that pops. A name that sticks in people’s brains like that one song (you know the one).

So, here’s our little treasure trove of Etsy shop name ideas that range from punny to profound and everything in between. Let’s get your shop name sorted so you can start slaying the Etsy game.

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1. Catchy Etsy Name Ideas

  • GlamGlitters
  • SparkleSquadCreations
  • KnotYourAverageShop
  • SewItBegan
  • PurrfectPotions
  • MysticMaterials
  • BeadazzledBoutique
  • CharmCharade
  • TwinkleTrinkets

2. Creative Etsy Shop Names

  • WhimsyWonders
  • CraftasticCreations
  • SageSculptures
  • TheArtisticArmory
  • DreamyDesignsStudio
  • PixelPandemonium
  • QuirkyQuiltersCorner
  • TheCraftyCanvas

3. Funny Etsy Business Names

  • LoomThereItIs
  • HookLineAndStitcher
  • YarnBarnFarn (try saying that three times fast)
  • CraftBeerAndGear (for those who know their priorities)
  • SewWhatStudio
  • KnitWitsCorner
  • PunsAndRosesCraft

4. Cool Name Ideas for Etsy Store

  • UrbanCraftUprising
  • RetroRevampDesigns
  • EdgyAesthetics
  • MysticMoonMerch
  • NeonNostalgia
  • BladeAndBloom
  • TheChillCrafters

5. Unique Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • TheEnchantedEnvelope
  • TerraCottaTreasures
  • OpalOddities
  • EchoesOfEmerald
  • VelvetVibesOnly
  • OceanicOrigins
  • StardustStudiosShop

6. Cute Etsy Shop Names

  • BunnyBubblesBoutique
  • SnuggleSquadCreations
  • WhiskerWorks
  • SweetPeaPendants
  • KittenKrafts
  • DandelionDaydreams
  • CozyCraftCottage

7. Clever Etsy Business Name Ideas

  • ThreadAhead
  • WicksAndWonders
  • PlanterlyPlants
  • PencilPushersParadise
  • JewelJive
  • TheKnottyNerd
  • BeamAndBloom

8. Rustic Etsy Shop Names

  • RusticRangers
  • BarnyardBoutique
  • WildWoodsCrafts
  • CreekSideCreations
  • FarmhouseFables
  • PrairiePicks
  • OldOakOutfitters

9. Vintage Etsy Shop Names

  • RetroRarities
  • TimelessTreasuresShop
  • PastPerfectPieces
  • OnceUponATimeTales
  • MemoryLaneMarket
  • VintageVortex
  • DecadesOfDesign

10. Disney Etsy Shop Name Ideas

  • MickeyMakes
  • FairyTaleFinds
  • EnchantedEarsEmporium
  • PrincessParaphernalia
  • SpellboundStitches
  • HappilyEverAfterHeirlooms
  • OnceUponACraft

11. Hipster Etsy Shop Names

  • FixieFinds
  • VinylVisions
  • BeaniesAndBoots
  • LatteLoot
  • ThriftedThreads
  • QuirkyQuartz
  • IndieInklings

11. Sticker Etsy Shop Names

  • StickItToYa
  • DecalDrama
  • PeelAndPraise
  • StickerStashStudio
  • AdhesiveArtists
  • ClingyCrafts
  • VinylVibesShop

Step-by-Step Process to Secure Your Etsy Store Name

illustration thinking behind laptop

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. You’ve got this killer idea for an Etsy shop, a brain buzzing full of creative vibes, and now you need to slap a name on this baby that’s as unique and eye-catching as your soon-to-be-listed treasures.

And you gotta seal the deal on your Etsy store name without stepping on any legal toes or boring your future customers to tears.

Checking Name Availability and Trademark Issues

  1. Go Incognito: First up, sneak around the internet like a detective at midnight. Use Etsy’s search feature, Google, and social media platforms to see if your brainstormed names are already in play.
  2. Trademark Tiptoe: Next, tiptoe through the USPTO’s (that’s the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for the uninitiated) database. You’re making sure your future brand name isn’t stepping on the toes of someone else’s legal trademark. Remember, just because a name’s not on Etsy doesn’t mean it’s not claimed elsewhere.
  3. The Domain Game: If you’re planning to launch a website alongside your Etsy shop, now’s the time to make sure the domain isn’t already taken. You don’t want to settle on a name, only to discover someone else has the .com and it’s a blog about knitting disasters.
  4. Feedback Fiesta: Now, roll out your top names to friends, family, or even your social media fam. A fresh pair of eyes can spot things you might’ve missed, like if the name sounds a tad too much like an ’80s hair band or a viral internet meme for all the wrong reasons.

Setting Up Your Shop With The Name You Picked

  1. The Big Commit: Once you’ve dodged all legal bullets and gotten the green light from your personal brigade of opinion-givers, it’s time to take the plunge.
  2. Etsy Time: Head to Etsy. If it’s your first rodeo, you’ll need to create an account. Already got one? Just log in.
  3. Shop Setup 101: Dive into the “Your Account” menu, find the “Sell on Etsy” link, and hit “Open Your Etsy Shop.” Follow the prompts, inputting your chosen name when it’s time to make it official.
  4. Vibe Check: Remember, your store name’s got to resonate with the vibe of your products. Selling whimsical handcrafted jewelry? “DustyOldBooks” might not cut it.

Strategies for What to Do When Your Etsy Name Is Taken

pop art brainstorming session

So you’ve brainstormed the perfect Etsy shop name, only to find it’s already taken by someone else. Bummer, right?

It feels a bit like finding your dream username on a gaming site, only to add a ton of numbers or “XX_” at the beginning and end just to make it work.

Here’s what you can do to still come out on top, even when your top pick for a shop name is already snagged by another crafty entrepreneur.

  • Mix It Up: Try variations of your original name. If “Chic Couture” is taken, how about “ChicCoutureCo” or “TheRealChicCouture”? A little tweak here and there, and voilà, you’ve got a new, available name that’s still on brand.
  • Play With Words: Get your pun game on. Love “Fashion Finesse” but it’s taken? Try “FashionPhenom” or “FinesseThreads”. Puns and wordplay not only make your store name memorable but also show off your creative edge.
  • Location, Location, Location: Add a location to your shop name that’s meaningful to you. “BrooklynChicCouture” or “ParisianVogueVintage” not only frees up the name but also gives your brand a bit of exotic flair or homespun charm, depending on where you’re located or where your heart belongs.
  • Use Symbols Wisely: Etsy allows the use of some symbols like hyphens and underscores. Think “Stylish-Stitches” or “Elegant_Ensembles”. Just don’t go overboard, or your customers will never remember how to type it.
  • Mash It Up: Combine two concepts that reflect your brand. If “Vintage Vogue” and “Timeless Treasures” are taken, why not try “VintageTreasures” or “VogueTimeless”? It’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup—two great tastes that taste great together.
  • Abbreviate It: If your shop is “The Fashionista’s Closet” and it’s taken, abbreviate and twist it into something unique like “TFCCouture” or “FashionistasClst”. It’s shorter, sweeter, and still gets the message across.

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