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400+ Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names (Funny, Unique, Catchy, & More!)

As February 14th approaches, not everyone is looking to celebrate love in the traditional sense.

For those who prefer to sidestep the cupid’s arrows or simply take a humorous stand against the wave of romance, an Anti-Valentine’s Day party may be just the ticket.

Choosing the right name for your Anti-Valentine’s Day party can set the mood and let your guests know that they’re in for a unique experience that flips the script on traditional Valentine’s Day festivities.

Amid the sea of red and pink, crafting a name for your Anti-Valentine’s event is an opportunity to embrace the fun, the cheeky, and the unconventional.

Whether you’re hosting a get-together for your fellow proud singles or just want to throw a themed party that catches the eye, the name is your starting point.

It’s what peaks curiosity and can turn an ordinary gathering into a memorable event.

From playful puns to snappy slogans, your party name can capture the essence of an Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration.

Here’s a plethora of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and kick off your event planning with a bang, ensuring your party’s name is as sassy and spirited as the celebration itself.

Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Theme Names

Are you planning an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party and in search of the perfect theme name to capture the spirit of single life or simply to poke fun at Cupid’s busiest day?

Whether you’re celebrating the joys of being single, nursing a broken heart, or just want to avoid the romantic hullabaloo, picking a catchy name for your party sets the mood and invites guests to revel in good company and fun.

Here’s a roster of theme names to get your party started:

  • Singles Soirée
  • Cupid’s Misfire Mixer
  • Love Stinks Bash
  • No Love Lost Lounge
  • Broken Heart Ball
  • Solo Celebration Fest
  • Independence Fest
  • Matchbreaker Melee
  • Shred Your Ex Fest
  • Not Bitter, Just Unpaired Party
  • Freedom Fiesta
  • Bye-Bye Love Bonanza
  • Un-Valentine’s Variety Night
  • Bitter-Sweet Gathering
  • Chocolate Desolation Party
  • Anti-Couples Costume Carnival
  • Black Heart Affair
  • Toast to Singlehood Shindig
  • Solo and Satisfied
  • Don’t Pair Me Up Party
  • Me, Myself & I Gala
  • Forget Love, Let’s Dance!
  • Single & Thriving Throwdown
  • Solo Cupid’s Arrow Dodging Derby
  • Anti-Romance Rage Rave

Mix, match, and modify these suggestions to your heart’s content.

Remember, your Anti-Valentine’s Day Party is all about enjoying the moment and celebrating just the way you want!

Solo Anti-Valentine’s Day Celebration Names

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is best enjoyed with the greatest company of all—yourself.

Embracing the joys of solitude can be a liberating experience, and what better way to do that than to throw your very own Solo Celebration?

Here’s a collection of Anti-Valentine’s Day party names designed to celebrate the power and joy of singlehood.

With no plus-one required, these names encapsulate that self-sufficient spirit with a touch of humor and sass.

  • Me, Myself, and I Mixer
  • Solitary Soirée
  • Single and Satisfied Fiesta
  • Freedom Fest
  • Lone Wolf Lounge
  • No Plus-One Bash
  • Peaceful Party of One
  • Independent Indulgence Evening
  • Self-Love Shenanigans
  • Table for One Gala
  • Unaccompanied Bliss Gathering
  • Hermit Haven Hangout
  • Solitude Celebration
  • Bachelor’s Bubble
  • Just Me Jubilee
  • One Is Fun Festivity
  • Autonomous Affair
  • Singular Sensation Celebrations
  • Personal Party Zone
  • Exclusive Me-Time Mingle
  • My Own Best Friend Fest
  • Solo Serenity Social
  • Singular Sojourn Shindig
  • Unpartnered Paradise Party
  • Independent Spirit Symposium
  • Alone But Awesome Assembly
  • Single Splendor Spectacle
  • Unattached Utopia
  • Serene Solo Symposium
  • Just Myself Jamboree

Take your pick, set the mood, and relish in the peace that comes with your own excellent company. Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day to you!

Love Stinks Gathering Names for Anyi-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about romance and lovey-dovey festivities.

For those who prefer to take a break from the traditional celebrations or pang of Cupid’s arrow, “Love Stinks Gatherings” can be the perfect theme.

Gather your single friends, or anyone who’s not feeling the love this season, for an alternative celebration that takes a humorous jab at the typical Valentine’s Day affair.

Here are some party names that embody the spirit of camaraderie and fun for all the lovely unattached souls out there.

  • Singles Awareness Fiesta
  • No Love Lost Lounge
  • Cupid’s Misfire Mixer
  • Romance-Free Rendezvous
  • Broken Heart Bash
  • Sour Hearts Social
  • Bitter Ball
  • Anti-Cupid Communion
  • Lonely Hearts Club
  • Not-So-Sweethearts Shindig
  • Love Bug Quarantine
  • Cherub’s Checkmate Celebration
  • Solo Soirée
  • Independence Indulgence
  • Friend-Zone Festivity
  • Mismatch Gala
  • Freedom Fête
  • Tainted Love Fest
  • Heartbreak Hotel Hangout
  • Single-and-Mingling Jamboree
  • Chocolate-Free Chillout
  • No-Strings Gala
  • Anti-Adoration Assembly
  • Un-Valentine’s Day Ultimatum
  • Banish the Bouquets Ball
  • Rebel Hearts Revel
  • Toxic Love Antidote Party
  • Mocktail of Disillusionment Mixer

Anti Valentine’s Day Names

When February 14th rolls around, not everyone is ready to embrace the traditional spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you’re single and thriving, have had enough of all the saccharine festivities, or simply want to celebrate with friends without the romantic pressure.

Whatever the reason, creating a catchy name for your Anti Valentine’s Day gathering can set the tone for a fun and unique event.

Here’s a list for you to choose from:

  • Singles Appreciation Day
  • Independence Day Bash
  • Love Stinks Soiree
  • Broken Hearts Club
  • No Cupid’s Holiday
  • Romance-Free Revelry
  • Pal-entine’s Day
  • Solo Celebration Fest
  • Throne of Loveless
  • Anti-Cupid Convention
  • Un-Valentine’s Night
  • Hearts & Crafts Anti-Soirée
  • Bitter Sweet Bash
  • Matchbreaker Fiesta
  • The Freedom Fête
  • Single Mingle Mixer
  • Not Bitter, Just Better Gathering
  • Cupid’s Off Duty Day
  • The ‘Just Me’ Jubilee
  • Tainted Love Gathering
  • Non-Valentines Night Out
  • ‘Who Needs Love?’ Festival
  • Independence from Romance Party
  • Solo Soul Party
  • Defy Cupid Day

Creative and Catchy Anti-Valentine’s Party Names

In crafting the perfect name for your anti-Valentine’s Day party, think about the atmosphere you’re aiming to create.

You want a title that resonates with your guests and reflects the playful defiance of the traditional holiday.

The following list should arm you with some creative and catchy options to set the tone for an unforgettable gathering.

  • “Cupid’s Misfire Mixer”
  • “Singleton Soirée”
  • “Matchless Mingle Fest”
  • “Loveless and Lively Gala”
  • “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, This Party’s Not for Lovers, It’s Just for You”
  • “No Romance Rendezvous”
  • “Breakup Bash”
  • “Independence Night”
  • “Anti-Cupid Carnival”
  • “Affection-Free Fiesta”
  • “No Love Lost Lounge”
  • “Singles Awareness Celebration”
  • “Not-So-Sweetheart Social”
  • “Freedom Fête”
  • “Rebel Hearts Rally”
  • “Solo Flight Festivity”
  • “Bitter Ball”
  • “Me, Myself & I Get-Together”
  • “Thorns without Roses Revelry”
  • “UnValentine’s Day Affair”

best Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

Hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day party can be a fun and unique way to celebrate the day, especially for those who might be less enthusiastic about traditional Valentine’s festivities.

Here’s a list of clever and catchy names for an Anti-Valentine’s Day party:

Humorous and Light-Hearted Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

  1. Love Stinks Let’s Drink
  2. Cupid’s Worst Nightmare
  3. Broken Hearts Bash
  4. Singles Awareness Soiree
  5. No Love Lost Lounge
  6. Black Hearts Ball
  7. Valentine’s Schmalentine’s Bash
  8. The Lonely Hearts Club
  9. Anti-Amour Assembly
  10. Bitter Ball

Celebrating Single Life Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

  1. Flying Solo Fiesta
  2. Single and Not Ready to Mingle
  3. Independence Day Party
  4. Me, Myself, and I Gala
  5. Un-Valentine’s Day Shindig
  6. Solo Celebration
  7. Freedom Fest
  8. No Plus-One Party
  9. Single’s Shakedown
  10. One is Fun Festivity

Witty and Sarcastic Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

  1. Thanks, But No Thanks
  2. Roses are Red, I’m Going to Bed
  3. Swipe Left Celebration
  4. Love is Overrated Get-Together
  5. Matchless Mixer
  6. Just Another Thursday Bash
  7. Not Bitter, Just Jaded Jamboree
  8. My Dog is My Valentine
  9. Who Needs Cupid Anyway?
  10. DIY (Date It Yourself) Party

Empowerment and Self-Love Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

  1. Self-Love Soiree
  2. Independent Spirits Party
  3. Thriving on My Own
  4. Empowerment Evening
  5. Heartbreakers’ Hangout
  6. I Am My Own Valentine
  7. Celebrate Self Care
  8. Mighty by Myself Meetup
  9. Love Yourself Luau
  10. Happily Unattached Huddle

Casual and Non-Romantic Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

  1. Just Another Day Gathering
  2. Chill and Unchill
  3. Anything But Love Affair
  4. Plain Jane Party
  5. Zero Romance Rendezvous
  6. Friend Zone Fiesta
  7. No Pressure Party
  8. Just Here for the Snacks Soiree
  9. Not My Valentine’s Night
  10. Hangout for the Heartless

Creative and Themed Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Names

  1. Bitter and Twisted Ball
  2. ‘All By Myself’ Sing-Along
  3. Mystery Anti-Valentine’s Masquerade
  4. Cynics and Sceptics Convention
  5. Black Roses Banquet
  6. Love’s Labor Lost Lounge
  7. Sour Grapes Gala
  8. Broken Arrow Bash
  9. Cupid’s Misfire
  10. Rebel Without a Cause Celebration

Each of these party names offers a different twist on the Anti-Valentine’s Day theme, ranging from humorous and sarcastic to empowering and self-affirming.

They’re perfect for bringing together friends and like-minded individuals who want to step away from the traditional romantic celebrations and just have some fun!

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