Italian Boy Names

500 Italian Boy Names (And Meanings) Used In Italy And Beyond

Explore the elegance and depth of names that capture the essence of Italy’s beauty, history, and cultural heritage. Each name is a reflection of the timeless allure that Italy holds, carrying with it a narrative or a nuance of meaning steeped in Italian tradition.

Many of the names on our list are based in Italian authenticity, harking back to the country’s rich history and culture. Others have been embraced by Italian society, their roots extending to diverse languages and cultures, but are now a part of the Italian tapestry of life.

You’ll also encounter names that may not be widely used within Italy, but in their own ways conjure the spirit and charm of the country. They may be names inspired by Italian locales or derived from the Italian language itself.

So, let’s embark on our comprehensive roll call of Italian boy names, perfect for naming new babies, book characters, or whoever else you get the privilege of naming.

The Big List of Italian Boy Names

First up, it’s our giant list of Italian boy names.

Our list of names gives you the name, whether or not it’s authentically Italian, a little naming note as to where it works best or where it might have come from, and the simplest of meanings.

Here are our Italian names for boys from A-Z:

Name Authentic? Naming Notes Meaning
Abramo Yes Italian form of Abraham Father of many
Achille No Based on Greek mythological hero; rarely used Pain
Adelchi Yes Noble strength
Adelmo Yes Noble protector
Ademaro Yes Glorious in battle
Adolfo Yes Noble wolf
Adriano Yes From Hadria
Agapito Yes Beloved
Agnello Yes Lamb
Agostino Yes From the Latin Augustinus Venerable, revered
Alarico Yes All-powerful ruler
Albano Yes From the Latin Albanus From Alba
Alberico Yes Elf ruler
Alberto Yes Noble and bright
Aldo Yes Old or wise
Aleramo Yes Noble and famous
Alerio No Rare in Italy Wise man
Alessandro Yes Italian form of Alexander Defender of mankind
Alessio Yes Diminutive of Alessandro Defender
Alexius No Latin form, not common as a first name Helper or defender
Alfio Yes Derivative of Alpheus ( a Greek river god) River god
Alfonso Yes Noble and ready
Alfredo Yes Italian form of Alfred Elf counsel
Alghero No City in Sardinia, not a traditional first name City name
Almerico Yes Work power
Alonso Yes Noble and ready
Alonzo Yes Noble and ready
Alphonsus No Latinized form of Alfonso, not common in Italy Noble and ready
Alvaro No Germanic origin, not traditional in Italy Guardian of all
Alvino Yes Friend of the elves
Amadeo Yes Love of God
Amando Yes Worthy of Love
Amato Yes Beloved
Ambrosi Yes Immortal
Amedeo Yes Variant of Amadeo Love of God
Americo Yes Home ruler
Amerigo Yes Italian form of Henry Home ruler
Amintore Yes Defender
Anastasio Yes Resurrection
Anatolio Yes Sunrise, East
Andrea Yes Italian form of Andrew Manly
Angelino Yes Diminutive of Angelo Little angel
Angelo Yes Angel
Aniceto Yes Unconquerable
Anselmo Yes Divine protection
Ansovino Yes Rare Friend of God
Antero Yes Manly, Heroic
Anthony No English form of Antonio, used in Italy Priceless
Antonello Yes Diminutive of Antonio Priceless little one
Antonino Yes Diminutive of Antonio Priceless little one
Antonio Yes Italian form of Anthony Priceless
Antonius No Latin form of Antonio, not commonly used in Italy Priceless
Antony No Variant of Anthony, used in Italy Priceless
Anzio No Named after a city in Italy, rarely a name City name
Ariosto Yes Inventive
Arlo No Germanic origin, not a traditional Italian name From the hill fort
Arlotto Yes Little charlatan
Armando Yes Italian form of Herman Soldier
Armani No Surname, used as a first name inspired by the designer Army man
Armino Yes Whole, Universal
Armondo Yes Variant of Armando Eagle power
Arnaldo Yes Italian form of Arnold Eagle power
Arnoldo Yes Variant of Arnaldo Eagle wolf
Arnulfo Yes Eagle wolf
Aroldo Yes Italian form of Harold Ruler of an army
Arrighetto Yes Diminutive of Arrigo Little ruler of the estate
Arrigo Yes Variant of Enrico Home ruler
Arsenio Yes Strong, virile
Artemio Yes Gift of Artemis
Arturo Yes Italian form of Arthur Noble, courageous
Attilio Yes Venerated, great
Agusto Yes Variant of Augusto Venerable, exalted
Augusto Yes Venerable, exalted
Aureliano Yes Golden
Aurelio Yes Golden
Azzo Yes Noble at birth
Azzolino Yes Diminutive of Azzo Noble at birth, little
Bartolo Yes Short form of Bartolomeo Son of the furrow
Bartolomeo Yes Italian form of Bartholomew Son of the furrow
Basilio Yes Royal
Battista Yes Baptist
Bellino Yes Beautiful little one
Benedetto Yes Blessed
Beniamino Yes Son of the right hand
Benigno Yes Kind, benign
Benito Yes Diminutive form of Benedetto Blessed
Benvolio No Known from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, not traditional Good-willed
Berengario Yes Bear and warrior
Bernardo Yes Strong as a bear
Berardo Yes Bear strength
Berto Yes Good fate
Biaggio Yes Variant of Biagio Stammerer
Bindo Yes Rare Common name suffix
Bonifacio Yes Good fate
Bortolo Yes Short form of Bartolomeo Son of the furrow
Brando Yes Short form of Brandolino Sword
Brio No No common Brown
Bruno Yes Brown
Cagliari No Named after a city in Sardinia, not a traditional name City name
Cairo No Named after a city, influenced by Italian spelling City name
Calimero No Known from an Italian-Japanese cartoon character, not traditional Good old age
Callisto Yes Most beautiful
Calogero Yes Good old age
Calvino Yes Bald
Camillo Yes Young ceremonial attendant
Capone Yes Surname used as a first name Big head
Capri No Named after an island in Italy, not traditional Island name
Carino Yes Dear, beloved
Carlino Yes Diminutive form of Carlo Little man or free man
Carlo Yes Italian form of Charles Man
Carmelo Yes Refers to Mount Carmel in Israel Orchard or garden of God
Carmine Yes Derived from the title of the Virgin Mary Song
Carmino Yes Song
Caruso Yes Surname used as a first name Bald
Casimiro Yes Proclamation of peace
Caspari No Likely a variant of Gaspari, not common Treasurer (variant of Caspar)
Cassio Yes Hollow
Catello Yes Fortress
Catullo Yes Battle
Cecco Yes Diminutive of Francesco Free man, little
Cecilio Yes Blind
Celestino Yes Heavenly
Celso Yes Lofty, sublime
Cesare Yes Cut, possibly “hairy” or “blue-eyed”
Christian No Not common Follower of Christ
Cielo No Not a traditional first name Sky
Cino Yes Diminutive of names ending in -cino Little
Cio No Commonly a diminutive or nickname That
Cipriano Yes From Cyprus
Ciriaco Yes Of the Lord
Cirillo Yes Lordly
Cirino Yes Diminutive of Ciro Little sun or throne
Ciro Yes Sun or throne
Claudio Yes Lame
Clemente Yes Merciful, gentle
Cleto Yes Called forth
Colombo Yes Dove
Concetto Yes Concept
Corleone No After a town in Sicily, known from “The Godfather” City name
Cornelio Yes Horn
Corrado Yes Bold counselor
Cosimo Yes Order, beauty
Cosmo Yes Variant of Cosimo Order, beauty
Costantino Yes Constant
Costanzo Yes Constant
Crescenzo Yes Growing, thriving
Cristiano Yes Follower of Christ
Cristoforo Yes Bearing Christ
D’Angelo Yes Of the angels
Damaso Yes Tame, subdued
Damiano Yes To tame, subdue
Daniele Yes God is my judge
Danilo Yes God is my judge
Dante Yes Short for Durante, used independently Enduring
Dario Yes Italian fom of Darius To possess good
Davide Yes Beloved
Davinci No Surname of Leonardo da Vinci, not a common first name From Vinci
Davino No Combination of Davide and Vino (wine), uncommon Beloved wine
Decio Yes Chief (uncertain)
Delfino Yes Dolphin
Demetrio Yes Follower of Demeter
Deodato Yes Given by God
Desiderio Yes Desired, longed for
DiAngelo No Combination of prefix and surname, not common From the angel
Diego Yes Supplanter
Dimaggio No Surname, not common as first name Of May
Dino Yes Diminutive of names ending in -dino Little sword
Dionigi Yes Devoted to Dionysus
Dionisio Yes Devoted to Dionysus
Domenico Yes Belonging to the Lord
Domiziano Yes Belonging to the Lord
Domizio Yes Variant of Domiziano Belonging to the Lord
Donatello Yes Diminutive of Donato Given
Donato Yes Given
Doriano Yes Descendant of Dorus
Drago Yes Dragon
Duilio Yes War
Duran No Surname, not common as first name Enduring
Edgardo Yes Wealthy guardian
Edmondo Yes Wealthy protection
Edo Yes Short for Edoardo Wealthy guardian
Eduardo Yes Italian form of Edward Wealthy guardian
Efisio Yes Saint’s name, particularly venerated in Sardinia Native of Ephesus
Eligio Yes Chosen
Elio Yes Italian form of Helios, the Greek god of the sun Sun
Eliseo Yes Italian form of Elisha, a prophet God is salvation
Elmo Yes A Christian Saint Helm, protection
Emanuel Yes God is with us
Emanuele Yes God is with us
Emidio Yes Demigod
Emiliano Yes Rival
Emilio Yes Rival
Ennio Yes Predestined or favorite
Enrico Yes Italian form of Henry Home ruler
Enrique No Spanish form of Henry, used in Italy, but rare Home ruler
Enzio Yes Ruler of the estate
Enzo Yes Shortened form of names ending in -enzo Ruler of the estate
Erasmo Yes Beloved
Ercole Yes Italian form of Hercules Glory of Hera
Ermanno Yes Soldier
Ermenegildo Yes Complete sacrifice
Ermes Yes Italian form of Hermes Messenger
Erminio Yes Army man
Ernesto Yes Serious
Ettore Yes Holding fast
Eufrasio Yes Joyful
Eugenio Yes Well-born
Eusebio Yes Pious
Evaristo Yes Well-pleasing
Evelino Yes Likely derived from city name Avellino City name
Ezio Yes Eagle
Fabiano Yes Bean grower
Fabio Yes Craftsman
Fabrizio Yes Craftsman
Falco Yes Falcon
Faramondo Yes Journey protection
Faustino Yes Diminutive of Fausto Fortunate, lucky
Fausto Yes Fortunate, lucky
Fedele Yes Faithful
Federico Yes Peaceful ruler
Feliciano Yes Lucky
Felicio Yes Variant or diminutive form of Feliciano Lucky, successful
Felix Yes Happy, fortunate
Ferdinando Yes Bold voyager
Fermo Yes Firm, steadfast
Fernando Yes Brave journey
Ferruccio Yes Iron
Fidelio Yes Faithful
Fiero No Not common in Italy Proud
Figaro No Skilled worker
Filiberto Yes Very bright
Filippo Yes Lover of horses
Fiore Yes Flower
Fiorello Yes Diminutive of Fiore Little flower
Fiorenzo Yes Variant of Florenzio Blooming
Flaviano Yes Golden, blond
Flavio Yes Blond
Floriano Yes Blooming
Fortunato Yes Fortunate, lucky
Francesco Yes Free man
Franco Yes Free or from France
Fulgenzio Yes Shining
Fulvio Yes Yellow, tawny
Gabriel Yes God is my strength
Gabriele Yes God is my strength
Gaetano Yes From Gaeta
Gaio Yes To rejoice
Galileo Yes From Galilee
Gallo Yes Rooster
Gaspare Yes Treasurer
Gasparo Yes Variant of Gaspare Treasurer
Gastone Yes Guest or stranger
Gaudenzio Yes Rejoicing
Gavino Yes From Gabium (an ancient city)
Gennaro Yes Devoted to Janus
Geppetto No Diminutive of Giuseppe, rare God will increase
Gerardo Yes Strong with the spear
Gerlando Yes Famous land
Germano Yes Brother or from Germany
Geronimo No Sacred name
Gervasio Yes Honorable or servant
Giacinto Yes Hyacinth flower
Giacomo Yes Italian form of James Supplanter
Gian Yes Short form of Giovanni God is gracious
Giancarlo Yes Combination of Gian and Carlo God is gracious + Free man
Gianfranco Yes Combination of Gian and Franco God is gracious + Free man
Gianluca Yes Combination of Gian and Luca God is gracious + Man from Lucania
Gianmarco Yes Combination of Gian and Marco God is gracious + Warlike
Gianni Yes Diminutive of Giovanni God is gracious
Gilberto Yes Bright pledge
Gildo Yes Well-born or noble
Gino Yes Diminutive of names ending in -gino Famous, well-born
Gioacchino Yes Established by God
Giordano Yes To flow down, descend
Giorgio Yes Farmer, earth-worker
Giosue Yes God is salvation
Giotto Yes Diminutive of Giorgio God is gracious
Giovanni Yes God is gracious
Giuliano Yes Youthful, downy-bearded
Giulio Yes Downy-bearded, youthful
Giuseppe Yes He will add
Giustino Yes Just, righteous
Giusto Yes Just
Gottardo Yes Watchful, alert
Grato Yes Thankful
Gregorio Yes Watchful, vigilant
Gualtiero Yes Army ruler
Guelfo Yes From Guelph
Guglielmo Yes Helmet, protection
Guido Yes Forest, guide
Guiscardo Yes Wise or prudent
Gustavo Yes Staff of the Goths
Hugo No Variant of Ugo Mind, intellect
Iacopo Yes Supplanter
Ignazio Yes Fiery
Ilario Yes Cheerful, happy
Innocenzo Yes Innocent
Isacco Yes He will laugh
Isaia Yes Salvation of the Lord
Isidoro Yes Gift of Isis
Italo Yes From Italy
Ivano Yes Variant of Giovanni God is gracious
Ivo Yes Archer, or yew (as in the tree)
Jacopo Yes Supplanter
Januario Yes January, or dedicated to Janus
Lamberto Yes Land bright
Lando Yes Shortened form of names like Orlando or Rolando Famous land
Lauro Yes Laurel
Lazzaro Yes God has helped
Leandro Yes Lion man
Leonardo Yes Brave lion
Leone Yes Lion
Leonello Yes Diminutive form of Leone Little lion
Leonzio Yes Derived from Leone Like a lion
Leopoldo Yes Bold people
Liberato Yes Liberated, free
Liberatore Yes Liberator
Lino Yes Flax
Livio Yes Envious
Lodovico Yes Famous warrior
Lorenzino Yes Little laurel
Lorenzo Yes From Laurentum
Loris Yes Laurel
Luca Yes From Lucania
Luciano Yes Light
Lucio Yes Light
Ludovico Yes Famous warrior
Luigi Yes Famous warrior
Macario Yes Blessed, happy
Machiavelli No From famous writer and philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli Sneaky
Manfredo Yes Man of peace
Manlio Yes Morning
Mansuetto Yes Gentle, mild
Manuel Yes God is with us
Marcelino Yes Diminutive of Marcello Young warrior
Marcello Yes Little warrior
Marciano Yes Derived from Mars, Roman god of war Warlike
Marco Yes Warlike
Mariano Yes Of Mars
Marino Yes Of the sea
Mario Yes Of Mars
Martino Yes Warlike
Marzio Yes Belonging to Mars
Massimiliano Yes Greatest
Massimo Yes Greatest
Matteo Yes Gift of God
Mattias Yes Gift of God
Maurilio Yes Dark-skinned
Maurizio Yes Dark-skinned
Mauro Yes Dark-skinned
Medardo Yes Brave strength
Melchiorre Yes King of light
Menotti Yes Belonging to the Lord
Michelangelo Yes Michael the angel
Milano No After the Italian city, not traditional City name
Milo Yes Soldier or merciful
Mimmo Yes Diminutive of Domenico Belonging to the Lord
Mino Yes Diminutive of names ending in -mino Protector
Mirko Yes Peaceful glory
Modesto Yes Moderate, sober, gentle
Monaco Yes Monk
Monte Yes Short for Montebello or Montenegro Mountain
Napoleone Yes Lion of the new city
Narciso Yes Sleep or numbness
Natale Yes Christmas
Nazario Yes From Nazareth
Nazzareno Yes Variant of Nazario From Nazareth
Nereo Yes Water
Neri Yes Black
Nero Yes Black
Nestore Yes Homecoming
Nevio Yes Birthmark
Niccolò Yes Victory of the people
Nico Yes Victory of the people
Nicodemo Yes Victory of the people
Nicola Yes Victory of the people
Nicolò Yes Variant of Niccolò Victory of the people
Nino Yes Diminutive of names ending in -nino God is gracious
Noe Yes Rest or comfort
Norberto Yes Northern brightness
Nunzio Yes Messenger
Olimpio Yes From Olympus
Olindo Yes Possibly of literary origin Wild olive
Oliviero Yes Olive tree
Omero Yes Hostage
Onofrio Yes Good warrior
Onorato Yes Honored
Orazio Yes Timekeeper
Oreste Yes Mountain dweller
Orfeo Yes Italian form of Orpheus Darkness of night
Orlando Yes Famous throughout the land
Oronzo Yes From Laurentum
Oscar Yes Of English and Irish origin, used in Italy Deer friend or warrior spear
Orsino Yes Bear-like
Osvaldo Yes God ruler
Othello No From Shakespeare, not traditional None
Ottaviano Yes Born eighth
Ottavio Yes Eighth
Ottone Yes Wealth
Ovidio Yes From Ovid, a Roman poet Sheep herder
Paganino Yes Country dweller
Palmiro Yes Palm or victory
Pancrazio Yes All powerful
Paolo Yes Small
Pasquale Yes Easter-related
Patrizio Yes Nobleman
Pellegrino Yes Pilgrim
Pierluigi Yes Stone warrior
Piero Yes Rock
Pietro Yes Rock
Pio Yes Pious
Placido Yes Calm
Pompeo Yes Five, or possibly “display”
Primo Yes First
Prospero Yes Fortunate
Quintino Yes Fifth
Quirino Yes Spear
Raffaele Yes God has healed
Raffaello Yes Variant of Raffaele God has healed
Raimondo Yes Wise protector
Remo Yes From Remus of Roman mythology Oar or swift
Renato Yes Reborn
Renzo Yes Short form of Lorenzo From Laurentum
Riccardo Yes Strong ruler
Rinaldo Yes Wise ruler
Roberto Yes Bright fame
Rocco Yes Rest
Rodolfo Yes Famous wolf
Rolando Yes Famous throughout the land
Romano Yes Roman
Romeo Yes Pilgrim to Rome
Romolo Yes Founder of Rome
Rosario Yes Rosary
Rudolpho Yes Famous wolf
Ruggero Yes Famous spear
Sabino Yes Referring to an ancient Italian people Sabine
Salvatore Yes Savior
Samuele Yes God has heard
Sandrino Yes Diminutive of Sandro Defending men
Sandro Yes Short form of Alessandro Defending men
Sante Yes Variant of Santo Saint
Santino Yes Diminutive of Santo Little saint
Santo Yes Saint
Saverio Yes New house
Savino Yes Variant of Sabino Sabine
Sebastiano Yes From Sebastia
Sergio Yes Servant, attendant
Silvano Yes Forest
Silverio Yes Of the forest
Silvestro Yes Wild, wooded
Silvino Yes Diminutive of Silvio Little forest
Silvio Yes Wood, forest
Simone Yes He has heard
Siro Yes Searing
Spartaco Yes Honoriing Spartacus From the city of Sparta
Stefano Yes Crown, wreath
Taddeo Yes Heart
Tancredi Yes Thought and counsel
Tasso Yes Badger
Tazio Yes
Teo Yes Short for Teodoro or Matteo God given
Teodoro Yes Gift of God
Teodosio Yes Giving to God
Terzo Yes Third
Tiberio Yes Of the Tiber (river in Rome)
Timoteo Yes Honoring God
Tito Yes Title of honor
Tiziano Yes Related to Titus
Tommaso Yes Twin
Tonio Yes Diminutive of Antonio Priceless
Tristano Yes Sorrowful
Tullio Yes From Tullius
Ubaldo Yes Bold heart
Uberto Yes Bright heart
Ugo Yes Mind, spirit
Ulisse Yes Wrathful
Ulpiano Yes Wolf
Umberto Yes Bright support
Urbano Yes From the city
Valente Yes Strong, valiant
Valentino Yes Strong, healthy
Valeriano Yes Strong, healthy
Valerio Yes Strong, healthy
Vasco Yes Crow
Vico Yes Short form of names ending in -vico From the village
Vincenzio Yes Variant of Vincenzo Conquering
Vincenzo Yes Conquering
Vinnie No Diminutive of Vincent Conquering
Virgilio Yes Staff bearer
Vitale Yes Vital
Vitaliano Yes Vital
Vito Yes Life
Vittore Yes Conqueror
Vittorio Yes Conqueror
Viviano Yes Alive
Zaccaria Yes The Lord has remembered
Zefiro Yes West wind
Zeno Yes Gift of Zeus
Zenone Yes Variant of Zeno Gift of Zeus
Zosimo Yes Likely to survive

The Most Popular Boy Names In Italy

Of these Italian and Italian-inspired boy names, some of them are more popular for males in Italy than others.

italian boy names 2

Here are 10 of the most popular Italian boy names (in Italy) in 2024:

#1 – Leonardo

Meaning “brave as a lion” in Old High German, Leonardo has gained popularity not just in Italy but globally, thanks in part to Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. The name suggests strength, courage, and creativity, resonating with parents who admire these qualities.

#2 – Alessandro

Derived from the Greek name Alexandros, meaning “defender of mankind.” Alessandro carries connotations of strength, protection, and leadership. It has been borne by kings and emperors, making it a choice for parents looking for a name with a regal and powerful essence.

#3 – Francesco

Meaning “Frenchman” or “free man” in Italian, Francesco has a rich history, notably shared by St. Francis of Assisi, symbolizing humility, compassion, and a love for nature. It’s a timeless choice for those drawn to a name with spiritual significance and an appreciation for the natural world.

#4 – Tommaso

Originating from the Aramaic name Teoma, meaning “twin,” Tommaso evokes a sense of companionship and balance. It’s a classic Italian name that offers a nod to tradition while providing timeless appeal, ideal for parents seeking a name with both depth and history.

#5 – Luca

Meaning “light” in Latin, Luca is a name that conveys brightness and clarity. This name, with its simple elegance and international appeal, is often chosen by parents looking for a name that is both easily pronounced and carries a luminous quality.

#6 – Lorenzo

Derived from the Latin Laurentius, meaning “from Laurentum” (a city noted for its laurel trees), Lorenzo suggests victory and honor, as the laurel wreath was a symbol of triumph in ancient Rome. It’s a name that embodies dignity and strength, appealing to those who value a name with historical depth and a noble air.

#7 – Giuseppe

The Italian form of Joseph, meaning “he will add” in Hebrew, Giuseppe carries a sense of increase and prosperity. Traditionally associated with the biblical figure who rose from slave to savior, it’s a name that resonates with faith, resilience, and the promise of potential.

#8 – Edoardo

An Italian variant of Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian” in Old English, Edoardo evokes a sense of protection and prosperity. It’s a distinguished name that offers a blend of classical charm and the enduring appeal of guardianship and strength.

#9 – Mattia

Derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, meaning “gift of God,” Mattia is a name filled with gratitude and divine grace. It speaks to parents who seek a name that reflects a deep sense of spiritual significance and appreciation for life’s blessings.

#10 – Gabriele

Meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew, Gabriele is the Italian version of Gabriel. Associated with one of the archangels, it carries connotations of protection, guidance, and strength. This name appeals to those looking for a name with celestial inspiration and enduring resilience.

Rare & Unique Italian Boy Names

Of the Italian baby boy names on our master list, some of the names are still occasionally, but quite sporadically, given to new babies.

italian boy names

So, if you’re looking for a name that’s totally Italian, but also unique, these are your top choices for rare Italian boy names:

  • Adelchi
  • Agapito
  • Alarico
  • Aleramo
  • Ansovino
  • Azzolino
  • Bindo
  • Calimero
  • Cecco
  • Dionigi
  • Domizio
  • Ermes
  • Eufrasio
  • Faramondo
  • Fiorello
  • Gaudenzio
  • Gerlando
  • Gervasio
  • Gottardo
  • Guiscardo
  • Jacopo
  • Lauro
  • Leonzio
  • Liberato
  • Manfredo
  • Monaco
  • Narciso
  • Nazzareno
  • Olimpio
  • Oronzo
  • Paganino
  • Pancrazio
  • Quirino
  • Rudolpho
  • Spartaco

And, while these names aren’t quite as rare as the names above, they are still relatively uncommon names for Italian boys today:

  • Achille
  • Agostino
  • Almerico
  • Amerigo
  • Aureliano
  • Bartolomeo
  • Basilio
  • Berengario
  • Callisto
  • Carmine

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