Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Name of the Year: The Final Four

Out of a field of 64, only four names remain. From the Bulltron, six-seed YourMajesty Lumpkins reigned supreme. Down in the Sithole, Marmaduke Trebilcock survived as the last remaining one-seed. In the Dragonwagon, Andy Brandy Casagrande IV is sipping on a victory glass of Courvoisier. Finally, in the Chrotchtangle, Boats Botes successfully broadsided all of his opponents.

Over the past few weeks, voters have had ample opportunities to analyze these names, break them down, and parse them every which way. Now that we're in the Final Four, let's not overthink it. The two current matchups are available below, with a haiku to accompany each name. Vote. Stump. Follow. We'll see you later this week for the final.


Bulltron Regional six-seed YourMajesty Lumpkins

Name fit for a king
No matter how you spell it
Bend the knee and vow

Sithole Regional one-seed Marmaduke Trebilcock

He came from Cornwall
Land of hens with name to match
A cock crows abroad

Dragonwagon Regional six-seed Andy Brandy Casagrande IV

A three-pronged attack
Dives for nominal glory
Swimming with the sharks

Chrotchtangle Regional 14-seed Boats Botes

14-seed leaves port
On the S.S. Double Speak
Can something gold stay?