Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Name of the Year: Chrotchtangle Regional, Round One

Many believe that humor is no more complex than the subversion of expectations. One expects a chicken to have a reason for crossing the road, or for Abbott to understand that the first baseman’s name is “Who.” And while many names in the Chrotchtangle Regional are entertaining for their repetition (14-seed Botes Boats) or their lyricism (two-seed Aphrodite Bodycomb), it’s worth stepping back for a moment to appreciate the delicious subversion expressed by the region’s ten-seed, Taco Dibbits.

Mr. Dibbits is a rice scoop of intellectualism wrapped in a tortilla of culinary delight. While his name summons the smell of sizzling meats and vegetables, he has in fact worked tirelessly at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to improve its collection and bring masterpieces to the masses. In the last few years, he has acquired pieces such as Adriaen de Vries’ Bacchant and Rembrandt’s Marten en Oopjen for the Rijksmuseum’s collection, prompting the question, do the museum patrons know the name of the man making their experience possible? Should “Art Presented by Taco” labels adorn the works?

We don’t think the humor is lost on Mr. Dibbits. After all, he’s someone who knows how to have a good time. “The fun part of being a Director of Collections,” he said in an interview with 10 Minutes With, “is impossible to say because I think it’s all fun.” It’s that passion that earned him a promotion to the General Director of the Rijksmuseum in May 2016. His love for art and high culture seeps through every interview he gives, every article he pens.

And therein lies the subversion: while a name like Taco Dibbits may conjure a popular street foodstuff or a late-night drive-thru craving, Mr. Dibbits is the high class. He is suited, coiffed, and well-spoken. He’s been featured in the New York Times and curated multiple art documentaries. Will the juxtaposition tickle NOTY voters? Or will Mr. Dibbits find himself lamenting an early exit, consoling himself among the works of geniuses past?

Working against Mr. Dibbits is the strength of the Chrotchtangle Regional. He must overcome the smarts of seven-seed Le’Genius Wisdom Williams and other quality monikers such as the rhythmic 16-seed Bobbie Bobango or the majestic duo of eight-seed Edzard Overbeek and nine-seed Mythzard Thelisma. And of course, there’s always the chance that voters could come down with a case of the Mondays and propel one-seed Quindarious Monday to victory. Additionally, Mr. Dibbits may be entering the tournament at an inopportune time, as Taco fatigue could be setting in. It was only last year that Taco Pope, an American rugby player, won his regional and reached the Final Four.

Bearing all that in mind, it is time to vote in the 2017 NOTY Chrotchtangle Regional. Can Taco Dibbits’s love for art save him? That is in your hands, dear voters. Share your opinion below, and remember to follow us on Twitter.


#1 Qundarious Monday, high school football player, vs. #16 Bobbie Bobango of Laramie, Wyoming.

#8 Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE, a location cloud company, vs. #9 Mythzard Thelisma, financial manager for the Christianville Haiti campus and the Haiti Goat Project

#5 Jeffrosenberg Tan, Indonesian investment banker, vs. #12 Headman Dadzie, defender for the Western Strikers SC
#4 Dallas Creamer, lacrosse player for Stevens Institute of Technology, vs. #13 Free Balbona of Miami Gardens, Florida

#6 Teena Touch, PR and social media guru, vs. #11 Bird Lovegod, editor of The Fintech Times and co-founder of Disrupts Media

#3 Eliza Fox Teats, 19th Century Methodist church builder, vs. #14 Boats Botes, Gold One group asset protection and security manager

#7 Le’Genius Wisdom Williams of St. Petersburg, Florida, vs. #10 Taco Dibbits, General direction of Rijksmuseum

#2 Aphrodite Bodycomb, MSM, MBA, vs. #15 Harmony Excellent, Senior Development Manager of the American Gastroenterologist Association