Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Name of the Year: The Elite Eight

Our slow, steady march to the 2015 Name of the Year is now just three voting sessions from its conclusion. The Elite Eight is today, the Final Four will arrive later this week, and the Championship Match will follow a few days after that.

It's been a long, strange journey. On one side of the bracket, chalk has ruled nearly every matchup. The only naminee left in the Bulltron and Sithole Regionals who is not a one or two seed is Lancelot Supersad, Jr., who, based on his average margin of victory, may have more momentum than any other name in the tournament. Arthurian legends say he is a three-seed with the strength of five to ten one-seeds. Only Tennis, Pizzaballa, and Kebebew stand between him and the final.

Meanwhile, in the Dragonwagon and Chrotchtangle Regionals, the results have been far more chaotic. Beyond two-seed Amanda Miranda Panda, the other remaining right-side contenders are a seven-seed and two eights. While Infinite Grover and Miraculous Powers both completed their upsets with aplomb, the matchup between Handsome Monica and Dr. Wallop Promthong was considerably closer. It came down to a margin of fewer than five votes, making it among the closest battles in NOTY history.

In the end, it was the catcher who prevailed. Dr. Promthong will end up as another close-but-no-cigar entrant from our bracket's Thai contingent. In 2013, Pornsak Pongthong fell just short when he lost in a closely contested final; two years later, Dr. Promthong set out for revenge, but barring a strong showing in the High Committee vote, the agricultural scientist from Thanyaburi will become a NOTY footnote. But the Thai are resilient naminees, and they will return for more deep runs in the future. Somewhere in Southeast Asia, Patcharaporn Swangthong may be wondering if her turn is next.

There I go again, babbling on about the future. There are clear and present matchups to be decided, and it's up to you to decide. Vote, so that our field may be reduced to its hallowed Final Four.


#1 Cherries Waffles Tennis, who smashed #4 Forrestina Calf Boss-Ribs, vs. #2 Pierbattista Pizzaballa, who tossed #3 Understanding Bush.


#1 Dr. Electron Kebebew, who splattered #12 Flavious Coffee, vs. #3 Lancelot Supersad, Jr., who said a melancholy goodbye to #2 Jazznique St. Junious.


#8 Handsome Monica, who was tied with #5 Dr. Wallop Promthong just seconds before the polls closed, vs. #7 Infinite Grover, who recurred endlessly against #6 Sherry Pennyjelly.


#2 Amanda Miranda Panda, who deafened #3 Beethoven Bong, vs. #8 Miraculous Powers, who continued his miracle run by topping #4 Malvina Complainville.

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