Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Cinderella story for Bernie Wagenblast?

We love it when name-inees write in to cheer themselves on. Today's Deadspin post got the attention of Bernie Wagenblast, transportation communications guru and the voice of New York City Transit. He writes:

Subject: Honored to be Nominated this Year!

I just learned I'm the #15 seed in the Bulltron Regional. I admit it's going to be tough to knock-off Bufus, but I might just be the Cinderella name this year! In fact, if I was born a girl, my mom would have named me Cinderella Wagenblast, so that would be appropriate. ;-)

As they say with the Oscars, it's just an honor to even be nominated.

Though our partners aren't fans of the "Cinderella" label, we think they'd make an exception if Bernie can close 2-seed Bufus Dewberry's 2,300-vote lead before polls close.