Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sithole Regional Round 1 Results

This week:

#1 Baby Swinger defeated #16 Sander van der Linden, who put up a surprisingly good fight. I respect all you SvdL voters. Great name, tough odds.

#8 Octavia Sheepshanks had a strong showing against #9 Frostee Rucker, who received a chillier reception than we'd anticipated.

#5 Norman Conquest beat #12 California Amazing Red, a good sign that our readers paid attention in history class.

#4 running back Konockus Sashington flew past #13 defensive tackle Pearlie Graves for a victory.

In another surprisingly decisive matchup, #6 Pooky Amsterdam bested #11 Dr. Twigs Way.

In the biggest upset and by far the closest match we've seen yet, #14 Florence Fabricant squeaked by #3 Koovasky Zapata by a margin of only four votes.

#10 Syndric Steptoe upset #7 Montana Bencomo. Is Syndric a little underseeded? Maybe.

Finally, #2 McWisdom Badejo defeated #15 Baybars Hamzat.

We're spending next week in the Dragonwagon Regional. We've got some nail-biters on the horizon. Follow @NOTYtourney for updates.