Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sithole Regional, Round 1: #7 Montana Bencomo vs. #10 Syndric Steptoe; #2 McWisdom Badejo vs. #15 Baybars Hamzat


Today's first matchup is a clash of football players. First up is running back Montana Bencomo, who ironically plays for New Mexico State. He's up against the far more aptly-named Syndric Steptoe, whose fleetness of foot led to a career as a wide receiver for the Edmonton Eskimos. Perhaps his name helped with those extra ten yards.

Like most football players, our contenders today each have two feet, but these two in particular have the same foot twice. This isn't a shitty joke about dancing carried too far (or it's not just that, anyway). Bencomo's got antibacchii; Steptoe rocks the trochees. It gives them their appeal.

Bencomo or Steptoe? Feel it, smell it, football!

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Rounding out the Sithole, we've got Florida A&M center and presumed Scottish guru McWisdom Badejo. It's possible that his parents were shooting for a damning commentary on the state of higher education -- that said, the dollar menu never left anyone with years' worth of crippling debt. Badejo's opponent this week is Baybars Hamzat, who's got another one of those names you need to say aloud to really appreciate. It conjures an elephant in a yellow Tyvek suit, passed through a baby-talk filter.

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That's the end of the Sithole, which means that we're halfway finished introducing our bracket. Round 1 voting for this week concludes at midnight on Sunday night. As always, follow us on Twitter for updates.