Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sithole Regional, Round 1: #6 Pooky Amsterdam vs. #11 Dr. Twigs Way, #3Koovasky Zapata vs. #14 Florence Fabricant


Day three of the Sithole Regional's first round is underway. As a reminder, the best way to catch all Name of the Year-related town cryings is to follow us on Twitter.

Without further ado: The favorite in our first matchup of the day is six-seed Pooky Amsterdam. Pooky lends her fabulous first name to her company, PookyMedia, which makes award-winning machinima videos. Pooky is a big proponent of Second Life -- where, if she were really prone to flights of fancy, her avatar's name might be something like Janet Smith.

Unlike the many criminals and ne'er-do-wells included in our bracket, Pooky is both a great name and a likable person. When she appears in a YouTube video, the comments section fills with well-wishers. We love you too, Pooky!

Pooky's opponent is Dr. Twigs Way, whose gardening expertise (her books include Garden Gnomes: A History and Digging for Victory: Gardens and Gardening in Wartime Britain) raises the possibility that her fitting first name was not given to her at birth. Of course, optimists can spin a happier backstory, one where two parents with a love of horticulture name their daughter after a crucial element of their beloved backyard and end up smiling wide smiles when their little Twigs grows up to share their passions. If you're a 'glass half full' type, be my guest.

Given or changed, the name Dr. Twigs Way is fantastic and, as with Pooky, seems to be attached to a wonderful woman. Here she is giving an interview about one of her many areas of expertise, garden gnomes. So passionate! Maybe the latter of our two imagined origin stories is the more likely one after all.

So will Dr. Twigs Way keep this matchup in the realm of the real or will Pooky Amsterdam machinimate her way to a second life in the next round? Decide below.

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The highest seed in action today is #3 Koovasky Zapata. Koovasky was recently arrested along with some other creatively-named Houstonites, but a Soundclick page tells us his current passion is music production, where he has adopted the moniker DJ Skrewhead. At any rate, we hope Koovasky eventually finds his true calling and reinvents himself as an intimidating luchador with an Old Country-themed costume.

Koovasky's first round matchup pits him against 14-seed Florence Fabricant, longtime food critic for the New York Times. It's safe to assume she is quite familiar with the wonders of Italian cuisine, which is often created by Florentine fabricants.

Florence's pedigree certainly tops DJ Skrewhead's, but does her alliterative name follow suit? That's up to you.

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