Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dragonwagon Regional Round 1 Results

We had kind of a boring week in the Dragonwagon Regional. There were no upsets; everything went strictly by the book. We'll chalk it up to our excellent seeding choices in this quadrant.

#1 Dr. Suparman Marzuki dealt swift justice to #16 Dickie Lee Hullinghorst.

#8 Dusty Rust outshone #9 Blaze Caponegro.

In this week's closest match, #5 Twollie Vanderwerf barely edged out #12 Necho Beard.

#4 Smokey Don Pipes ran roughshod over #13 Dreamius Smith.

#6 Gorby Loreus handily dispatched strong 11-seed Myck Kabongo. Mr. Kabongo, you'll be missed.

#3 Sincere Shears tore through #14 Twinkle Cavanaugh.

Despite vocal support for the underdog, 7-seed Leila Bossy-Nobs (aka Kelis) defanged #10 Fang Man. DEM NOBS.

Finally, #2 Jackmeoff Mudd beat off his challenger, #15 Onochie Ochie.

Stay with us! Tomorrow, we make our way down to the Chrotch, where things really get exciting. As always, follow us on Twitter for updates.