Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chrotchtangle Regional Round 1 Results

After chalk ruled the Dragonwagon, the Chrotchtangle was marked by upsets left and right.

As we expected, #16 Patron Steele was no match for #1 Fancy English, Jr.

#9 Hurricane Weathers stormed past #8 Sparkle McKnight

#12 Mister Love pulled a comfortable upset over #5 Bonanza Sharp.

#4 Fitzroy Waffley closed his iron on #13 Mythius Gaither.

#11 Magnus Moan also emerged from his matchup as an upset victor, defeating #6 Skylar Stormo

#14 Ram Amandeep pulled off one final upset, dropping #3 Champion Jointer. We really think you guys got that one wrong.

#7 Carlton Crunk topped #10 Flavius Walter Winsted. YEAH!

The last matchup of the first round was also the most decisive. Poor #15 Junior Lomomba barely managed to reach a double-digit vote count as he was absolutely pantsed by #2 Leo Moses Spornstarr. Leo looks to be a strong contender going into round 2, which begins tomorrow in the Bulltron.