Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bulltron Regional Round 2: #6 Dr. David L. Dickensheets vs. #3 Skyhawk Fadigan, M.D.; #10 Ursula A. Hofacker vs. #2 Yolanda Squatpump

Listen up, y'all, you're about to witness something many men don't see in a lifetime. Button your britches, circle the wagons and bring out the bubbly: we done got ourselves a doctor fight.

In one corner: David L. Dickensheets, infectious disease specialist. In the other: Skyhawk Fadigan, family practitioner. Who will live to battle another day?

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The final Bulltron matchup this round begins with Ursula A. Hofacker, chemistry lecturer. She'll be facing Usual Suspects makeup artist Yolanda Squatpump. No matter who wins, we're going to see a vowel-heavy woman facing somebody with a medical degree next round.

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The fun part of the tournament is getting underway -- champions have emerged from the fold, making for more heated matchups. Follow us on Twitter for all the action as it develops.