Monday, October 21, 2013

Bulltron Regional Round 2: #1 Pornsak Pongthong vs. #8 Bak Bak, #5 Narnia Overall vs. #13 Marijuana Warr

Round two is here! 32 names have been vanquished, but 32 champions can say they are five victories away from a Name of the Year title. Who will emerge as The One?

Perhaps it will be Pornsak Pongthong, the Thai footballer who vanquished Genius Dexter. His next opponent is University of California basketball player Bak Bak, who I'd guess is Chris Berman's favorite candidate. The matchup is below.

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Elsewhere, Narnia Overall is up against Marijuana Warr, who was one of the first round's upset victors. It's Warr vs. wardrobe, and it's up for your consideration.

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