Monday, September 16, 2013

How This Will Work

Hey friends. As my fellow onomast so eloquently explained, we have decided to address the absence of name-fueled tournament play over the past two years. In addition to introducing myself (Hi, I'm Sam, I live in the city and drink coffee in the mornings and beer in the evenings, etc.), I'm here to lay out how this tournament will work and how YOU (yes, you) can participate.

Basically, starting next week, we're going to post matchups from our bracket, one poll per day. One of us (or both of us, if we're feeling frisky) will add in our commentary, which we hope will enlighten our viewers to our theoretical study of all things name.

Really, though, the person we want to hear from is YOU. Not just you, but your friends, relatives, lovers, casual rivals, and anyone else who is interested in arguing about things on the Internet. We already know how we think this tournament should go; that's why we arranged the seeds the way we did. We want you to tell us what we got right and what we got wrong. Via your votes, your comments, and your emails, we want you to explain to us why your favorite name is going to win, or tell us which one you think is overrated, or let us know that you know of a great moniker we left out. So I hope you'll all come out and vote, and please always remember that you can vote however you like.

We'll post our first matchup sometime next week. In the meantime, take a look at the bracket so you can pick out your dark horses or, should you find everything to be properly seeded, praise us for our flawless and incorruptible matchups. In order to not inflate my ego too much, I'm hoping for the former.