Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bulltron Regional, Round 1: #5 Narnia Overall vs. #12 Quintus Fernando, #4 Cheshire Schanker vs. #13 Marijuana Warr


Serendipitously, today's matchups both recall classic tales of British kids lost in lands of whimsy. Far beyond the doors of the wardrobe, a centaur named Quintus Fernando charges into battle against the White Witch; Narnia Overall is the slogan on his oriflamme. Later, we'll go down the rabbit hole to find Cheshire Schanker and Marijuana Warr, the cat and the caterpillar. Except, you know, more violent.

Narnia Overall (#5) is the daughter of the author of Why Have Children? Save your money. The answer, obviously, is "so you can give them bodacious names." She's up against Quintus Fernando (#12), a chemist from the University of Arizona and two-time contributor to Waste Management.

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Next up, we have Cheshire Schanker, a New York City social worker who's served well by a cascade of consonance. Her opponent is Marijuana Warr, whose name conjures a conflict between Colombian warlords. Can a social worker prevail over drugs? YOU decide!

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All Bulltron Regional voting will close at midnight on Sunday. Get 'em in before then.