Monday, March 5, 2012

The Final Four

Sure, in just six days, Grantland can complete a Wire bracket. (Can't wait for the White Shadow bracket; I've got Coolidge over Salami in the final.) Here at NOTY, meanwhile, it's taken us a mere year just to get to the Final Four.

But here we are.

To no one's surprise (except perhaps that of No. 3 seed Joe Shortsleeve; we can still watch that video all day), No. 2 Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson finished off the Bulltron with an easy win over No.9 Rockwell C. Bonecutter. He'll face the Sithole champ, No. 4 Delorean Blow, who eked by the upstart No. 15 seed, medical illustrator Yolanda Supersad, who must be.

On the other side of the bracket, presumptive champion Taco B.M. Monster, the No. 2 seed in the Dragonwagon, blew out No. 5 Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr. He'll square off against the lowest seed standing, the Chrotchtangle No. 13, music man Neptune Pringle III, who barely dispatched the No. 2, former high-school runner Madz Negro.

Let's get the vote totals up, people. Spread the word, spread the NOTY love.

(The Wire characters, by the way? Weak names.)

No. 2 Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson: Mug shot available.
No. 4 Delorean Blow: Mug shot not available.

No. 2 Taco B.M. Monster: Dutch pharmacoepidemiologist.

No. 13 Neptune Pringle III: Nickname: Tunes.


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