Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dragonwagon Regional, Second Round, Part 2

That's Monsterville Horton IV. And here are some things we have learned about him:

Monsterville Horton, IV grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and was introduced to the exciting world of wine at the young age of seven.

His career to date has included sommelier, wine consultant, wine educator/lecturer, wine buyer and wine judge.

He has been privileged to visit, study and live in every major wine region in the world and has taught wine education and appreciation in both Europe and North America.

As one of only 135 Certified Wine Educators in the world, Monsterville has proven to possess one of the best palates on the planet.

Monsterville believes that great wine is not simple; however, it's not inscrutable either.

What we have not been able to determine:

The provenance of his name.

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No. 14 Dr. Loveday Conquest: University of Washington Professor, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences/Center for Quantitative Science
No. 11 Monsterville Horton IV: Houston wine salesman.

No. 7 Rev. Demon Sox: Lutheran minister, retired.

No. 2 Taco B.M. Monster: Dutch pharmacoepidemiologist.