Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chrotchtangle Regional, Second Round, Part 1

To quote Richard Ford, we're sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Sorry about your office pools. Sorry about the stalled momentum. It's been a busy spring at NOTY. The 2011 tournament will just have to be spread over a longer period than any of us would like. (Which is why you should follow us @NOTYtourney so you don't waste time checking back to the site and find nothing new.)

We'll finish the second round and post the Sweet 16 match-ups. But then I'm afraid we're out of the country until August.

Scouting names, of course.

No. 1 La'Peaches Pitts: Get that bridesmaid dress fitted! Just 52 days away!
No. 8 Margarita Villa: South Carolina h.s. hurdler.

No. 12 Orel Oral: University of Indianapolis swim coach.

No. 13 Neptune Pringle III: "Accomplished musician and choreographer.