Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sithole Regional, Second Round, Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Life.

In any event, Atreyu is a metafictional character from The Neverending Story,

a young Greenskin warrior from the Grassy Plains... His parents were killed by a purple buffalo soon after he was born, so his entire village raised him, thus his name means "son of all" in his native language. He is summoned by the Childlike Empress to embark on a "Great Quest" to save the land of Fantastia by finding a cure for her illness. He is given AURYN, an amulet that makes whoever wears it the Childlike Empress' herald, and he sets out on his mission with his horse, Artax.

But A'Trey-U is a 6-foot, 270-pound, redshirt sophomore LSU defensive lineman from Tickfaw, La. He's a member of the Black Male Leadership Initiative. He is pursuing a degree in management. He was the "Most Friendly" male in the Class of 2009 at Hammond High School.

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No. 11 Solo Alone: Australian rugger.
No. 14 A'Trey-U Jones: See above.

No. 10 Shahking Gomez: New York man.

No. 15 Yolanda Supersad: Georgia medical illustrator.