Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sithole Regional, Second Round, Part 1

Yes, first-round voting in all regions is now officially closed.

Second-round balloting is in progress in the Bulltron. Two match-ups here and two more here.

Your remaining second-round pairings are:

Sithole Regional
No. 1 Atticus Disney v. No. 8 Chuntania Dangerfield
No. 4 Delorean Blow v. No. 5 Flamur Kastrati
No. 11 Solo Alone v. No. 14 A'Trey-U Jones
No. 10 Shahking Gomez v. No. 15 Yolanda Supersad

Dragonwagon Regional
No. 1 stonegarden grindlife v. No. 8 Rexachilles Imperial
No. 5 Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr. v. No. 13 Draco Slaughter
No. 14 Dr. Loveday Conquest v. No. 11 Monsterville Horton IV
No. 7 Rev. Demon Sox v. No. 2 Taco B.M. Monster

Chrotchtangle Regional
No. 1 La'Peaches Pitts v. No. 8 Margarita Villa
No. 12 Orel Oral v. No. 13 Neptune Pringle III
No. 14 Heidi Hohl v. No. 11 Delector Durley Jr.
No. 7 Jadeveon Clowney v. No. 2 Madz Negro

Sithole time. Vote.

No. 1 Atticus Disney: Cal Poly heavyweight wrestler.
No. 8 Chuntania Dangerfield: Houston county employee.

No. 5 Flamur Kastrati: Norwegian footballer.

No. 4 Delorean Blow: North Carolina DWI offender.