Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 NOTY: Chrotchtangle Regional, Part 1

Welcome to the Crotchtangle Regional.

Above is a seminal document in NOTY history: the June 1990 notarized affidavit verifying two instant Name of the Year legends, first ballot members of the Hall of Name and future namesakes of brackets in this tournament, Assumption Bulltron and Doby Chrotchtangle. It's our Magna Carta, our Naismith rules, our Obama birth certificate.

And then, just a couple of weeks ago, we received an email that rocked our world:

Was looking at your website. Just wondering the origins of Doby Chrotchtangle. My last name while spelled differently is pronounced the same. I also have an aunt named Dobbi. This seems to be almost too much of a coincidence and I was wondering if someone submitted my aunt's name spelled incorrectly and that is the true origin.

We're not sure what to think, or to feel. Is Doby actually Dobbi? Is Chrotch really Kroch? Should we hunt down Eileen Farrell Reilly, who swore under oath that "Ms. DOBY CHROTCHTANGLE is a friend of a friend," and depone her one more time?

On the other hand, after 21 years and untold smiles, does it even matter?


No. 1 La’Peaches Pitts: Bridesmaid, Saints fan!
No. 16 Cruise Citation Mangle: Arrested for assault in North Carolina.

No. 8 Margarita Villa: South Carolina h.s. hurdler.

No. 9 Vivacious Crews: North Carolina m.s. principal.