Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 NOTY: Sithole Regional, Part 4

That's the Shah of Iran driving a car. His full name was Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He was also known as Shahanshah, or King of Kings. So, yes, he was the Shah King, just like Sithole Regional No. 10 seed Shahking Gomez. And that's about where the similarity ends.

We love this group: The shocking Shahking; a good old-fashioned inexplicable first name in No. 7 Lekeebrion Jackson; the faux anonymity of No. 2 John Dough, who a recent news report said was skimming some; and the 1970s-Foxy-Brown-soul-funk-comic-book-antihero coolness of No. 15 Yolanda Supersad.


No. 7 Lekeebrion Jackson: Iowa drug suspect.
No. 10 Shahking Gomez: Bronx man duped by health clinic.

No. 2 John Dough: That’s Sheriff John Dough to you!

No. 15 Yolanda Supersad: Georgia medical illustrator.


  1. These should have been switched. Supersad and Dough are the heavyweights here- people with a real shot. The other two are losers. Oh well.

    I'd tell you (NOTY) to "learn how to seed" but that just sounds gross.

  2. The fact that John Dough exists makes me so happy. The fact that he is apparently embezzling from his pension makes me euphoric. Think of the headline possibilities! C'mon people! This is a name and circumstance we can't let go so early in the tournament!

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  4. My lack of faith in humanity after seeing that 62% of voters have NOT picked John Dough, leaves me supersad. Most likely the same crowd that thought the Many-Bears Grinder NICKNAME was better than Mercedes Bunz. Very sad about the state of humankind after this year's NOTY results.

    I think the NOTY seeding was right at least for the John Dough - Supersad matchup. I think the #2 Dough and #15 Supersad speak to where the results SHOULD have ended up :^\

  5. I thought the Shocking Gomez is a variation of the Dirty Sanchez

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