Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 NOTY: Sithole Regional, Part 3

Before we get to the next set of votes, get out your ballots. Voting is closed in the Bulltron Regional.

And that means we have to bid a fond farewell to little Tuesday Muse, the plucky and inspiring Atlanta schoolgirl who's raising money for Japan's earthquake victims, taken down by the muckraking Boston newsman Joe Shortsleeve. Boston's Bravest will not be pleased.


So here are your second-round match-ups in the Bulltron, which will be posted after we slog through the rest of the first round:

No. 1 Monquarius Mungo v. No. 9 Rockwell Bonecutter
No. 12 Leviticus Payne v. No. 13 Col. Many-Bears Grinder
No. 3 Joe Shortsleeve v. No. 6 Ebenezer Noonoo
No. 2 Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson v. No. 10 Orion Blizzard

And now back to the Sithole. Two votes below.

No. 3 Lola Porch: Sued a nursing home.
No. 14 A’Trey-U Jones: LSU walk-on defensive lineman.

No. 6 Sanmorteeno Battle: Alabama camp counselor.

No. 11 Solo Alone: Australian youth rugby player. Uh oh.