Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 NOTY: Dragonwagon Regional, Part 2

This might be the toughest, most well-rounded foursome in the tournament. One inexplicable Native American. One Borscht Belt-meets-True Value. One apostrophe plus Beaver Cleaver. And one stock Russian/WWF villain.

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No. 5 Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr.: Beat his girlfriend, Leeta Old Chief. We did not make any of that up.
No. 12 Monty Hardware: Canadian basketball player.

No. 4 I’Tavius Mathers: Tennessee high-school running back.

No. 13 Draco Slaughter: 75-year-old who joked that he had a bomb in his carry-on.


  1. Well rounded... depending on what you mean.

    4 good names, but 2 easy winners.


    (though Bad Marriage Jr. and his wife make me wonder about a separate husband/wife division)


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