Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 NOTY: Dragonwagon Regional, Part 1

Drungo Hazewood was a first-round pick of the Baltimore Orioles in the 1977 baseball amateur draft. He showed some power in the low minors but had trouble with good old Uncle Charlie. He reached the show for six games at age 20 in September 1980, went 0-for-5, was sent back to down to the minors, stuck around for three more seasons and was done.

Drungo played in baseball's longest game, the 33-inning affair between his Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox in April (and June) of 1981. The game is chronicled in New York Times writer Dan Barry's new book, Bottom of the 33rd, which was reviewed in the Times this week. We happen to have a copy, and for NOTY purposes, the most important passage is on page 82: How Drungo Hazewood got his name. Writes the author:

His mother, Catherine, was a housewife who gave her life to raising ten children and helping to rear who knows how many grandchildren. With her ninth about to be born, Catherine announced a dare: Whoever wins a foot race to the hospital gets to name the baby. Her son Aubrey won the challenge, and he had a good friend whose last name was Drungo. So Drungo Hazewood it was.

His middle name, by the way, is LaRue.

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No. 1 stonegarden grindlife: UCLA grad student.
No. 16 Moe Lester: Canadian butcher.

No. 8 Rexachilles Imperial: Texas swimmer. (We're now going with a lowercase A.)

No. 9 Drungo Hazewood: Baseball legend.