Monday, May 10, 2010

Elite Eight, Part 1

Before everyone gets her bile up again about Chrotchtangle Regional No. 15 seed Pat Angerer making it this far, let's take a timeout to acknowledge the greater impact of Angerer's nomination -- and the force for good in the world to which NOTY aspires, and occasionally achieves.

Here's the story: Erstwhile Iowa linebacker makes the 2010 NOTY Ballot. Hawkeyes' blog Black Heart Gold Pants dutifully picks up the cause. An editor there,Hawkeye State, who happens to be a lawyer in his spare time, clicks the link to Bulltron Regional No. 14 seed Cynnamon Crabb, whom we identified as the wife of an Iowa copper thief.

Take it away, Hawkeye State:

I have had a car accident file closed for over two years where a guy ran into a parked police car.  I couldn't find him for months, and eventually gave up looking.  That is, until I saw that Cynammon Crabb was the wife of an Iowa copper thief.  At the tail end of the story of her husband's (and brother-in-law's) arrest, there was the following paragraph:

Sheriff's officials said 20-year-old Andrew Graham Trousil-Bagan of Fort Madison and 17-year-old Marquis Rashaad Jones of Burlington along with Benjamin Crabb went inside the home of Timothy Weyls Jr. at 12609 90th St., with the intent to rob Weyls of drugs.

Detectives said Benjamin Crabb went to Weyls' bedroom and started hitting him with a .38-caliber handgun. The gun accidentally went off, hitting Weyls in his right arm.

There he was, with an address and everything: Tim Weyls, the guy who hit the parked police car in 2006.  Huzzah, gentlemen! Huzzah indeed!

We're pleased to report that NOTY's America's Most Wanted turn didn't influence Hawkeye's leanings. He still voted for Bulltron No. 1 seed Nohjay Nimpson in the Sweet 16.

Let's vote. We'll do this in two installments. First, the stacked Bulltron and Sithole regional finals:

No. 1 Nohjay Nimpson: St. Joe's jumper/javeliner.
No. 2 X'Zavier Bloodsaw: Texas College quarterback.

No. 1 God's Power Offor: Miami h.s. defensive end.

No. 11 Banana Yaya: Cameroonian footballer.


  1. Nohjay and Mr. Bloodsaw are probably my 2 favourite names of the tournament. It hurts me to have to pick one.

  2. I second what Steve said.

  3. If I remember correctly, a previous post on this blog said that voting tends to drop off over time. It might be because the choices get more horrible with time. I'm not going to vote for any of these.

  4. Anyone who votes for Banana Yaya over GPO should remember that suicide is a viable alternative to living.

  5. That's a funny comment about the whole GPO-Banana Yaya comment, because I was just thinking the same thing, except in the opposite direction...

  6. Wait... is Hawkeye State his actual name?

  7. Nohjay is the best name left. Fuck this up, and you fuck up the whole tournament...

  8. If the Banana-Bloodsaw ticket wins in the Bulltron and Sithole regional, I will have lost all faith in the goodness of NOTY.

  9. how about logan u'u?

  10. You people who aren't voting for Nohjay Nimpson disgust me. Is X'Zavier Bloodsaw an excellent name? Of course. But... come on! NOHJAY NIMPSON! When they do Name of the Century, Nohjay Nimpson should absolutely be in the running.

  11. I can't believe GPO is trailing for the first time. What is wrong with this world?

  12. I think the fact that Nohjay was born in 1989 is KEY to making her name the most incredible name. The OJ thing was 94-95, so she had that name long before OJ became infamous. If someone named Nimpson named their kid Nohjay AFTER the trial, that would just be lame, like if someone named Mitler called their kid Madolf.

    On the other hand, I suppose that my bias against cases where the parents were obviously trying to give their kid a ridiculous name isn't necessarily universal. (Not many people seem all that sad that Sidebottom is dominating Stipes, though, so maybe I'm not way off base here.)

  13. God's Power Offor is losing, while the one note unamusing worst name in the tournament Nohjay Nimpson is winning.

    You all suck.

    And the argument that Simpson wasn't "infamous"" when she was born is a bad one, because he still was famous. It's not like he was some unheard of person who became famous afterwords. It's still a lame joke.

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