Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet 16: Sithole Regional

That's a drawing by cartoonist Mark Poutenis that accompanied a story in the alt weekly Miami New Times a few weeks back about Sithole No. 1 seed God's Power Offor's NOTY bid.

Let's break it down: G.P. is on the left -- white, buff, and Christian, an apparent cross between Sampson and the Cowardly Lion -- smiting some NOTY challengers: Hitler (Makofane), Stalin (Felipe) and Dr. Speedy Nutz. We'll be pitching our NOTY superhero comic book and movie series in the morning.

In real life, of course, G.P. is a Nigeria-born junior defensive end at American High School in Hialeah, Fla. He really looks like this. He romped through the first round of balloting with a NOTY-leading 59 percent of his quadrant. And, as we previously chronicled, he loves his name.

And now we will go for the easy joke: It will take a ShaMiracle to stop G.P.O. in the Sithole. Vote now (two matches). And, of you haven't already, scroll down and vote in the Bulltron Regional, too.

No. 1 God's Power Offor: Miami favorite.
No. 4: ShaMiracle Johnson: Georgia law school graduate.

No. 11 Banana Yaya: Cameroonian soccer player.

No. 2 Tronic Williams: Western Michigan defensive back.

Teammates posted NOTY bracket in the locker room!


  1. I am proud to say that I was able to identify all of the characters in the drawing without reading the post. Would love to see more of this guy's work.

  2. Banana Yaya - Ben & Jerry's don't have this trademarked?

  3. Wait, Tronic has to beat Banana Yaya. Tronic Williams? Are you kidding me??!

  4. NOTY should have a athlete bracket and a non-athlete bracket.

  5. Your link for Banana Yaya says that the person in the photo with him is a US soccer player called Dilly Duka.
    Dilly Duka! He coulda been a contender, surely??

  6. Ambitious DrinkerApril 30, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    ShaMiracle Johnson - the next new product from the makers of ShamWow!

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