Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's Vote, People

It's a NOTY tradition: Voting tails off in the Chrotchtangle, the last of the four NOTY regionals.

Why? Human nature, we guess. The masses get excited about the arrival of the ballot. They vote eagerly in the Bulltron and the Sithole. Then the media spotlight dims and less important duties intrude: work, relationships, children.

But in this age of Twitter and Facebook, there is no excuse for shirking one's democratic responsibility. Subscribe to NOTY in an RSS or other feeder of your choice, for crying out loud.

Because low turnout can have dire consequences. In this case, the potential first-round elimination of Selathious Bobo and Furious Bradley by voters substituting youthful collegiate partisanship for onomastic quality.

We'll leave open the balloting in the bottom of the Dragonwagon and the Chrotchtangle for a couple more days before starting the Sweet 16. Scroll down and vote now. And may justice prevail.


  1. You can't dismiss Pamela Balls Organista's lead over Selathious Bobo as "youthful collegiate partisanship." True, Mr. Bobo has an admirable name, but Pamela Balls deserves the votes of more than just University of San Francisco alumni.

    Her name is the stuff of legend. Already my friends and coworkers use her name as a common expression of amazement, i.e. "Holy Pamela Balls! Did you see that dunk?!"

    It was a terrible shame that Ms. Organista received a #15 seed in this tournament, and I'm proud to see the voters showing her the respect she deserves.

  2. Nick: Fair enough. The youthful collegiate partisanship, as the links indicate, refers more to Pat Angerer's lead over Furious Bradley.

    The Balls Organista backers clearly like the sophomoric nature of her first last name, with the excellent juxtaposition to the second, and we certainly understand why.

  3. I have nothing to do with Iowa, and I'm an Angerer supporter. To me, a funny last name is funnier than a funny first name, especially if the name was intended to be taken exactly as it sounds - I imagine Furious's parents wanting their child to be seen as strong and powerful. Naming him Furious, then, is funny, but not hilarious. Pat is such a milquetoast name. Combine it with the middle American corn-fed destiny of becoming a Hawkeye footballer, and you've got a great setup. Top it off with the last name Angerer, and you've got something that touches on bother stereotypical (football player is angry!) and silly at the same time.

    My two cents - at the very least, Angerer's lead is not simply Iowa partisans.

    And PBO is just a great name all the way around. Bobo just seems absurd.

  4. It is hard to tell which way the wind will blow with these brackets. Selathious Bobo is up there in absurdity with Barkevious Mingo, but Bobo isn't getting the near the same love that Mingo got last year. And I thought for sure people would latch on to the potential connection of Mingo and Mercilus as successive year's champions, but alas Mercilus has less than 100 votes in a quadrant approaching 2000 votes. Perhaps the connection is not as obvious as I thought, or perhaps we're suffering from a Mingovian hangover. (By the way, I find it odd that stw disparages the "youthful collegiate partisanship" this year, but NOTY fully embraced the same for Mingo last year. I'm not a fan of votes being skewed the way Mingo's were, but NOTY didn't seem to mind then - or perhaps they were just powerless to stop it.)

    This is what is frustrating about following this bracket, but it's also the entertainment factor that draws me back.

    As for the fall off in voting, it could have something to do with the duration of this first round. Last year's first round voting took about 2 weeks, this year we're at a month and counting. I understand the NOTY team has a work life, too, I'm just offering a possible explanation.

  5. Anon: Yes, the long first round was a product of work and vacation travels. We'll start cruising when we hit the Sweet 16, and hope the masses return, and grow.

  6. I must agree with Jon. Though the combination of an oddball given name and pedestrian surname is humorous, it seems that in this tournament, this combination is often a recipe for success, resulting in the wins of, for example, Tronic Williams, Spontaneous Gordon or Spartacus Bernstein over the more musical Nubian Peak, Shy Ely or Bambang Parmanto. Give your NOTY voters some credit for noticing this trend and trying to ensure that, at the very least, a vice-versa combination gets the attention it deserves. Pat Angerer is truly as great a name as Furious Bradley. Alternatively, perhaps, Furious's current status is a product of his placing in the last regional quadrant. Williams, Gordon and Bernstein already stole his thunder.

  7. There is absolutely no way that Pat Angerer is a better name for this tournament than Wave Ryder. In the words of the immortal George Oscar Bluth, "COME ON!"

    That said, as a baseball fan first, I went with Furious Bradley for the sweet 16. It's what Milton Bradley's name should be.

  8. I decry your backhanded parliamentarian tactics! Decry, I say!

  9. Wow. It's a virtual dead heat, people. Angerer 746, Bradley 731. We'll leave the polls open until around midnight Eastern, unless I fall asleep earlier.

  10. Furious Bradley is just a far better name than Pat Angerer, and the majority of the nation seems to agree. Take away the votes from their home states and the vote is 691-513 in favor of Furious. If it weren't for all the Iowa fans trying to push their guy through simply because he goes to Iowa, it wouldn't be close. I wouldn't even give Angerer second - that should go to Wave Ryder.

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