Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 NOTY: Sweet 16

As promised, we kept balloting in the final quadrants of the first round open until precisely midnight, and with good reason. The Chrotchtangle Regional battle between No. 7 Furious Bradley and No. 15 Pat Angerer was the closest race in NOTY history.

Final tally: Angerer 758, Bradley 755.

Drafted into the NFL, advancing in NOTY. Surely this was the greatest day in the life of one Pat Angerer. But let's also recognize Charity Beaver, who became the first No. 16 seed in NOTY history to take out a No. 1 (the great Just-in'love Smith).

Here are your Sweet 16 match-ups:

Bulltron Regional
No. 1 Nohjay Nimpson v. No. 12 Sequoyah Stonecipher
No. 14 Cynnamon Crabb v. No. 2 X'Zavier Bloodsaw

Sithole Regional
No. 1 God's Power Offor v. No. 4 ShaMiracle Johnson
No. 11 Banana Yaya v. No. 2 Tronic Williams

Dragonwagon Regional
No. 1 Spontaneous Gordon v. No. 4 Steele Sidebottom
No. 3 Starzanne Stipes v. No. 15 Pamela Balls Organista

Chrotchtangle Regional
No. 16 Charity Beaver v. No. 4 Spartacus Bernstein
No. 3 Pencilman Jeffries v. No. 15 Pat Angerer

10 a.m. update: Some late votes may appear to have pushed Furious Bradley past Pat Angerer. They don't count. Angerer wins.