Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 NOTY: Dragonwagon Regional, Part 4

"WHO IS VOTING FOR STEELE SIDEBOTTOM?!?!" asks NOTY commenter Whit Perkins.

We'll tell you who. Australia.

The 19-year-old midfielder with the Collingwood Magpies of the Australian Football League currently has 50 percent of the vote in Part 2 of this regional. He's also getting a lot of buzz Down Under. Some Aussie has even started a Facebook page for his candidacy. Oy oy oy.

People, we could have another Spaceman Africa situation here. And we don't mean a name-changer; we mean a worldwide get-out-the-vote drive.

It's on, Australia. It is so on.

The bottom of the Dragonwagon. Vote for one:

No. 7 Selathious Bobo: Alleged meth dealer. No link, but we've seen the legal documents. Federal docket Nos. 99-6013; 99-6014
No. 10: Can Du: RAND Corp. researcher.
No. 2 TyQuan Hammock: Michigan State linebacker.
No. 15 Pamela Balls Organista: University of San Francisco psychologist.


  1. "Balls" is Pamela's maiden name. Not sure how that effects it.

  2. It doesn't. Like many women, she uses her maiden and married names in sequence.

  3. I dunno. "Pamela Balls Organista" is the result of a name change, albeit through marriage. So it's not as if her parents gave her that name; she chose to take her husband's last name. I think that may be grounds for disqualification.


  4. Her maiden name was Dr. Pamela Balls, she married Dr. Kurt Organista.

    Perhaps there should be a separate contest for the names of married couples (or sports teammates)?

  5. GWC3: We are the judges. Legal name changes count. See the landmark case In Re: Crescent Dragonwagon.

  6. Selathious Bobo - a great name. Perhaps he's Barkevious Mingo's cousin?

    His name sounds like something George Lucas came up with.

    Incidentally, thanks to wikipedia I now know that Salacious Crumb (Jabba the Hutt's Pet) was a Kowakian_Monkey-Lizard.

  7. Oh come on people. Pamela's not even the second best name in this foursome. SELATHIOUS BOBO? CAN DU? Wake up, people.

  8. Do you think it will be done?
    Can Du! Can Du! Can Du! Can Du!

  9. My vote's for Can Du.

    ¡Sí se puede!

  10. It's starting to look like a No Can Du.

  11. Ahhh... yep... victim of "me-marketing". I find the term "Banana Hammock" to be especially funny; therefore, I applied that to the selection process. Shame on me.

  12. With some open minds, a marriage of TyQuan to Sithole Regional No. 11 seed Mr. Yaya would bring you the ultimate name. (I'll let you do the math.)

  13. I can't believe Pamela Balls Organista isn't winning, especially against such weak competition.

  14. Really? Pamela Balls? Have some class people- Selathious Bobo is in a league of his own.

  15. Dr. Pamela Balls Organista is not a socialite, she is a very prominent and widely published psychologist who specializes in mental health among ethnic minorities.

  16. My bad; I don't know why I wrote socialite.

  17. People! Come. on.

    S-E-L-A-T-H-I-O-U-S B-O-B-O is losing to someone named Pamela?

    Seriously? Consider this:
    "Paging Doctor Bobo." Much funnier than "Paging Doctor Organista," no?

    Pamela Balls Organista is a funny name. It's worth a snicker....but get real, people:

    Behold the glory of Selathious Bobo, Grand Vizier of the Steampunk Empire!

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