Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 NOTY: Dragonwagon Regional, Part 2

NOTY is getting a ton of pub this spring, for which we are grateful. Here's a quick sampler.

--Former Deadspinner Rick Chandler weighs in at Out of Bounds on NBC
--Enterprising Canadian reporter Misty Harris (good name!) emails various NOTY contestants, with excellent results.
--NOTY friend Dan Levy breaks down the bracket for The Sporting Blog.
--2009 NOTY Barkevious Mingo puppetmaster and Every Day Should Be Saturday proprietor Spencer Hall interviews us on SB Nation.
--Hall joins NOTY friend Drew Magary to break down the bracket on the Deadcast.
--The Miami New Times pumps up the love for local product God's Power Offor.
--The Fort Myers News-Times asks Sithole Regional No. 2 seed Tronic Williams about NOTY. (He hasn't voted yet!)
--And, finally, Roll Call (subscription required) tracks down Dragonwagon Regional No. 13 seed Pizza Ashby, a Democratic staffer on the House Homeland Security Committee, for her story:

Her mother was really hungry on the day she was born (it was Christmas) and named her after a commercial that came on TV. “I’m just glad there wasn’t a commercial for hot dogs,” Ashby says. “Or else things could have turned out differently.”

Think she's used that line before? Vote for one.

No. 5 Dinero Fudge: Milwaukee student.
No. 12 Shevelle Six: 2009 Spelling Bee competitor.
No. 4 Steele Sidebottom: Australian rules footballer.
No. 13 Pizza Ashby: Congressional staffer.



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  3. Ambitious DrinkerApril 13, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    Who is voting for Steele Sidebottom? Sausage-eating ostriches, that's who.

  4. Why no love for Pizza Ashby?

  5. Dinero Fudge is getting robbed.

  6. Who wouldn't vote for Steele Sidebottom? The other names seem like just a pure attention seeking weirdness by the parents. Afterall, wasn't Superman the man of steel?

  7. Did anyone catch in the article about GPO that the president of Nigeria is named Goodluck Jonathan? Why isn't he in the running?

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