Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 NOTY: The Podcast

The NOTY Seeding Committee Meeting was a Capitol affair this year. The wind was whipping down the outdoor pathways of power. Packs of earnest young Model Congresspeople strode by on their way to Change -- nay, Save -- the World. Bureaucrats broke from their stressful 7-3:30 jobs for powerless lunches at Au Bon Pain. People wondered what the hell the guy with the headphones on was doing.

Our business was far more important than anything transpiring down the block in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. The questions at our hand would change the course of NOTY. To wit:

Should SummerStarr Grey make it past the first cut? Is Rejoice Oldjohn at this point just another African name? Cinnamon Frost or Cynammon Crabb? Have we had it with legal name changers like Captain Danger Awesome? (We have.) Is Spontaneous Gordon an instantaneous No. 1 seed? Is Dick Mingalone a worthy representative of the Dick party? Can he fill the designated Dick slot if Dick Smallberries Jr. can't fulfill his duties? Should legacy Wonderful Terrific Monds II get a ballot slot, or is it one NOTY nomination per family? And what of the late Savior God-Scientific Allah, a Detroit boy who tragically fell out of a window and died? Will his multidenominational name live on in NOTY?

We answer those pressing questions, and more, in the 2010 NOTY Seeding Committee Meeting Podcast. Bang it here to listen now.