Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 NOTY: Bulltron Regional, Part 2

Yes, we concede that Lolita Respectnothing was underseeded -- "criminally," according to one commenter -- at the top of the Bulltron. We accept the blame. We've grown a bit numb to Native American names; after Vernon Kills On Top and Chief Kickingstallionsims, what's left to say, really? But while the Respectnothing might have felt gimmicky, the Lolita should have put her over the (Kills On) top. Light of my life, fire of my loins. Sorry, Lo.


No. 5 Dirk Kool: South Dakota State linebacker. And he's punted!
No. 12 Sequoyah Stonecipher: Minor league outfielder. Middle name is Trueblood.
No. 4 Jesus Leonardo: OTB scavenger. Seriously, he scavenges for tickets at an OTB parlor in Manhattan.
No. 13 Indiana Faithfull: Maine h.s. basketball player. (Yes, it should be two L's.)


  1. This is an unfortunately weak pod... Lolita Respectnothing ought to be advancing out of it. Just sayin'. Oh well, Dirk Kool for now.

  2. Sequoyah Trueblood Stonecipher.. sounds plenty strong enough to take on Nohjay.

  3. Stonecipher should kill Nohjay, who is grossly overrated.

  4. C'mon... we need to see some more love for the Fat Humps in Indiana!

  5. A few clicks reveals that Sequoyah Trueblood Stonecipher plays for the Jamestown Jammers -- a team that features an angry bunch of grapes as its logo.

    So his full name, rank, and title are actually: Jamestown Jammers' Outfielder Sequoyah Trueblood Stonecipher.

    That being said, I was expecting more of a showing from Jesus Leonardo.

  6. I don't know. Maybe Jesus Leonardo just doesn't seem that extraordinary of a name. Jesus is a fairly common name in the hispanic community. Leonardo doesn't seem that unusual of a name. I agree that Lolita N. should have been seeded here.

    Nohjay Nimpson, on the other hand, should go deep into this tourney. Sweet 16, definitely.

  7. where are all the Indiana Faithful on this one?! Let's go, Hoosiers... I have Indy upsetting Jesus in the first round. I went mostly chalk, but I'll be damned if Spancake doesn't deserve to hit the Sweet-16. 13th seed is a joke for a Spancake.

  8. Terrible pod. I voted Indiana, but I'd take Lolita, Nohjay, or Tanguy over her.

  9. Can we add middle names as tie-breaker from now on?

    Because 'Trueblood' puts Stonecipher over the top.

    This really screws my bracket, but I got go for the Redwood.

  10. Anyone else see 'Stonecipher' and think 'Broom of the System'?

    God Bless DFW...

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