Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet 16: Chrotchtangle Regional

On to the final matches of the Sweet 16. Vote, scroll, vote again. Then make sure you've voted in the round's other contests. We'll announce the Elite Eight -- and start picking a Final Four -- later this week.

No. 1 Iris Macadangdang: She's a student.
No. 5 Dr. Shasta Kielbasa: She's a doctor.

No. 3 Hung The Dang: He's a student.

No. 7 Chuck Fugger: He's a mall executive.


  1. I almost voted for Dr. Kielbasa, but the word "Macadangdang" (let along with the fact that someone was named this) made me laugh aloud, so...

  2. Shasta Kielbasa is the NOTY. She inclines us to two false rhymes: "SHAS-ta keel-BASS-a" and "SHAH-sta keel-BAH-sa". Also, she embodies a juxtaposition of an American budget soda with a metaphorical Polish dick. Heal me, Shasta!

  3. I'll be so disappointed if Shasta doesn't win. The "Dr." is what puts it over the top for me.

  4. The link seems to indicate his name is Fugger Chuck, which is even better.

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