Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009 NOTY: Joy to the World

We remarked not long ago that a reprise of last year's Destiny Frankenstein-Spaceman Africa knucklechucker might be more than one man (or one Committee) could fairly ask for. Well, life it seems is indeed not fair. It is something much more than fair. You the People are making Mingo-Macadangdang a NOTY final for the ages. As I type this, strongman Barkevious leads humblewoman Iris by just 110 votes out of a (non-computer-enhanced) record of more than 8,000 cast.

This year's tournament has drawn drawn plenty of attention on these here interwebs -- even in the pixellated version of an old gray lady. As always, the names do the work. We merely bask in their reflected glory. But bask happily we do, our birthday suits slathered in Coppertone. The particularly astute Caleb Hannan of the Nashville Scene observes that NOTY

is the kind of phenomenon that proves, without a doubt, that whatever you think of the internet and all the porn, identity theft and likely exploitation of minors that comes with it, there's no question that the set of tubes has brought all of humanity a level of joy and boredom-relief previously thought unattainable.

Hear, hear, young Caleb. Now we can die in peace.

The battle lines remain drawn. The Mingovians continue to marshal their forces -- now even with song. The Macadangdangites are taking a more Gandhi-like approach, yet proving no less effective.

A reminder: The polls will remain open until we decided to close them sometime late Monday. So vote either by clicking here or by scrolling down just a little bit, stopping to cast a ballot if you choose in the third-place contest before proceeding to the final.

Thanks to Every Day Should Be Saturday commenter vegas_buckeye for Mingobama.