Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 NOTY: The Final Four

The road to the 2009 NOTY Final Four has ended. Let the voting begin. Both matchups are below. So vote in one, and then VOTE IN THE OTHER.

No. 4 Barkevious Mingo: Future LSU linebacker and current king of the kingdom rolled through the Bulltron Regional like Attila through Gaul.

No. 2 Nutritious Love: Sithole Regional champion is from Alabama, making this an intra-SEC tussle.

No. 8 Velvet Milkman: The Murray State golf coach went

all Tiger Woods on favored Uranus Golden and Juvyline

Cubangbang in the Dragonwagon Regional.

No. 1 Iris Macadangdang: Undergraduate emerged from

a weak Chrotchtangle Regional by defeating Dr. Shasta

Kielbasa and Chuck Fugger.