Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 NOTY: Sweet 16

First-round balloting for the 2009 NOTY is officially closed. Your Sweet 16 matchups are...

Bulltron Regional
No. 1 Taco Vandervelde v. No. 4 Barkevious Mingo
No. 3 Glorious Johnson v. No. 7 Crystal Metheny

Sithole Regional
No. 1 Calamity McEntire v. No. 4 Shavodrick Beaver
No. 3 Infinite McCloud v. No. 2 Nutritious Love

Dragonwagon Regional
No. 8 Velvet Milkman v. No. 4 Uranus Golden
No. 14 Scorpio Babers v. No. 2 Juvyline Cubangbang

Chrotchtangle Regional
No. 1 Iris Macadangdang v. No. 5 Shasta Kielbasa
No. 3 Hung The Dang v. No. 7 Chuck Fugger

We'll analyze the first-round balloting--your leading vote-getter: Mingo, of course, with 2,491 LSU-enhanced clicks--and open the polls for the Sweet 16 on Tuesday.

Thanks for your continued onomastic support.


  1. Get your prediction in for the overall winner here -

  2. So... still no explanation for the omission of Moonlit Wang...?! What gives?!

  3. I need some help from you guys if possible. I run a NOTY office pool (yes, seriously... about 25 people are in it this year) and by disabling the polls you've made it impossible to tell who "won" half of the first round matchups. I know, for example, that Mingo won his first round match. But who got more votes... Knipl or Bucko?

    Can you post the detailed first/second round results or email them to me?


  4. Get your prediction in for the overall winner here -
    (Guess I should make it a proper link)

  5. My final four (Barkevious Mingo, Velvet Milkman, Nutritious Love and anyone from the Chrotchtangle)is still on the board. Still can't decide between Iris Macadangdang, Chuck Fugger and Dr. Shasta Kielbasa.

  6. We'll explain.

    We'll post detailed results, with links.

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