Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 NOTY: The Podcast

The NCAA Selection Committee gathers this weekend at a disclosed hotel in Indianapolis (the Westin) to pick its field of 64 recruiting violations.

The NOTY Seeding Committee gathered last week in an undisclosed location in lower Manhattan (Walker’s) to pick our field of 64 naming revelations.

The four-member committee—The High Commissioner, STW, TFH and The Neg—was charged, as always, with the enviable task of assessing the candidates for this year’s ballot. We started with Nominee No. 1 (Long Wang) and plowed through three hours of beer, dinner and a delicious apple crumble until we reached Nominee No. 189 (Larry Warmflash).

The proceedings paused several times: to consult our waitress, who has faithfully served NOTY for several years; to explain NOTY to the couple at the next table just off the plane from Denmark, who informed us that their onomastically fascistic government has veto power over names (they were fairly certain that Nominee No. 109, Nutritious Love, wouldn’t get past the authorities); and to wipe away the tears produced while discussing one name (Taco Vandervelde) or another (Iona Knipl)

And the High C recorded the proceedings. Behold his voice, and our analysis, in the Second Annual NOTY Seeding Committee Meeting Podcast. Enjoy, we think.

We'll be back shortly with the full ballot, and the first round of the tournament.