Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 NOTY: Chrotchtangle Regional, Part 4

This will wrap up the first round of voting. Since we're on vacation, we'll leave the balloting open for a few days. So go back and make sure you've voted in every region.

And now the final four in the Chrotchtangle Regional.

7 Chuck Fugger: New Jersey mall executive.
10 Virginia Woo-Raspberry: Virginia medical worker.
2 Long Wang: UNC wrestler; late ballot substitution.
15 Brooklyn Pope: Rutgers women's basketball player.


  1. what happened to moonlit?

  2. Seriously. I was rooting for Moonlit. Was that not a real name?

  3. I had Moonlit Wang down as the winner for this whole region, argh!! Also got screwed over by Muffin Lord and Barkevious's popularity over Chew Kok, dern.

  4. Yeah! Where's Moonlit?!

  5. Moonlit Wang is a Harvard student. You can find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  6. Can't believe a walking dick joke is beating an awesome name like woo raspberry. Don't we have enough dick joke names advancing already? Next year I hope NOTY only puts 1 dick name next year to prevent this from happening again.

  7. Wait... no Moonlit?! Moonlit was my winner of the whole tournament. Juvenile AND Zen, all at the same time.

    Man, this kills my bracket. Totally throws a wrench in it.

  8. Yeah, this is brutal. Long Wang is 1/10th the name Moonlit Wang. He(?) would've owned the Crotchtangle.

  9. WHY?! I had Moonlit Wang for the win from day one. Can you give an explanation please?

  10. Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Dick Headlee.

  11. This is awful. Virginia Woo-Raspberry has to be one of the funniest names in the tourney. It's so close to being Virginia Woolf, but no! Raspberries!

  12. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! THIS WHOLE CATASTROPHE IS A COMPLETE ASTERISK! Moonlit just disappears and we're supposed to accept "Long" as if it's an apples-to-wangs comparison? I'm ready to walk away unless I get some answers.

  13. 順傑,GMP代工,打錠


  14. Your list shows him as Chuck Fugger, but the link lists him as Fugger Chuck, implying at least a mistake in someone's listing and, what's more, the implication that there are other Chucks out there that may merit attention.

    What gives?

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