Friday, April 11, 2008

Spaceman Africa, We Might Like You More If You Occasionally Emailed Us, Too

Hey guys...

Yes! We knew she'd write again! You okay, Destiny?

Well what can I say? In a weird way I sort of feel like I let all of you down, not to mention my ancestors who are shaking their heads at me as we speak. I would like to point out that I wanted to win this on popular vote alone, and that until all of the comments from Spaceman's people started coming in and revving my competitive engine I had not told any of my friends to vote for me. In fact they were upset with me for not telling them about this little NOTY earlier!

Destiny Frankenstein: Woman of Principle.

I stayed up all night watching the polls. (I did NOT proxy vote or do anything to put myself ahead except send out a mass email asking for support.) Who can blame me? I could not let people from around the world bash the good name that I stand on—without a few blows from my friends!

Once an athlete, always a competitor. As one commenter put it, Rock, chalk, Destiny.

Anyway, I watched the hours tick by until 10:00 EDT. I closed my laptop and even did a little jig in my living room.

Uh oh.

I went to bed at 10:00 Central time and just wanted to look at my winning numbers again, because I thought karma had prevailed and the polls had closed. I was so upset when I saw that he had pulled ahead by what? 6 votes? [Ed: 7.] Ahhhhhh!!!!

That sound? Our crest falling. Close readers of NOTY will recall that we announced we would close the Elite Eight voting at 10 p.m. EDT Wednesday. But while Destiny was dancing at the appointed hour, we were watching TV or doing the dishes or playing Scrabulous or something. Next thing we knew it was 10:40. We mention her story reluctantly, because while it makes us sick to our stomach, it does not change a thing. While we'd trust Destiny with our darkest secrets, we would not overturn the election result on her testimony alone.

However, I honestly appreciated all of your support (“Destiny's Children” is a nice touch).


You all have taken a lot of crap from Spaceman's people and others that thought you were campaigning for me!

We were.

I felt and still feel bad that your NOTY competition might be tarnished by my involvement in it and the record-breaking voting that surrounded my rounds.

Diminished by your absence? Absolutely. Tarnished? Never.

I know that your numbers will recover though, because now all of my friends and family check your blog daily!!! Not to mention that you have a 'lifer' in me.

And you in us.

This competition has brought back memories of my days in the media.

Recall that Destiny was an All-American shortstop at the University of Kansas, and later played in a professional women's fast-pitch league.

I remember why I never looked at stats, read the newspapers before or after games, looked at online message boards or Googled myself. You never know what mean things people will have to say...

And they said some mean things, which Destiny shared with us but we won't forward. People are such tools.

On the other hand, though, I found you all when I Googled myself when my career was all over with. Your blog brought a smile to my face and even made me laugh out loud (a few times). I guess what I am getting at is thanks for the nomination, the chats and the support you give the people with awesome names!

/wipes away tear.

We have been made fun of for it is time to just have fun with it ourselves and win an award or two. Name of the Decade? 2002-2012?!?!?! Anybody? Vote Frankenstein!!!

We’re thinking bigger. What better way to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of NOTY than with a Name of the Quarter Century Tournament? We'll put it on the High Commissioner's agenda.

I have already set two new goals. Mangina to the finals!!!!! Or Down with Spaceman. (I will have my revenge.)

Of course you will.

Godspeed, Destiny. Until we meet again.

Final Four voting continues. Cast your ballots now.


  1. How sad you label Spaceman on the basis of other people's comments... if you knew him you would be deeply ashamed...

    The guy has spent years working for charities worldwide as a Hare Krishna... a more generous,caring, selfless person I have not met... dedicated to the less fortunate... ironic for speak of Karma...

    He only recently even found out that his name was in this competition and found it amusing... those half-witted comments are not that of anyone who is close to him...


  2. I know better than to answer to the heckelers out there...but this has gone too far. I did not say one thing about Spaceman himself. This is a competition about names, I am the first to say that "his name" beat "my name" on popular votes and so "his name" moves on while mine falls to the pile of others who have been beaten.
    I am competitive, there is no bad blood, there is nothing that I should "hang my head about" I stand behind my name, the NOTY, and the competition. I too am affiliated with charities and community projects. I do not get to travel worldwide...but I do what I can on the homefront. I am not perfect, or saint-like...I am a good sport though. I am overwhlemed, to say the least, at what some people have written...its all in good fun people, all in good fun. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. Dont act like if I would have beat "the name" Spaceman Africa there would not have been votes cast in the other direction to make "my name" lose the semi's!!

    And by the way...anonymous? is it? if you are going to write something in bold with capital letters and give it a few extra excalmation points on the should have the guts to put a name with it. Doing it anonymously is just a cop out.

    However, like I said earlier...I do not and will never answer a heckeler again. But honestly, this is about NOTY...I was just one of the names that didnt make it, but that found a connection with the people that do this. Dont forget that.

  3. Destiny seems like a great person, but the lobbying by the judges themselves is ridiculous and was probably counterproductive.

    If the beef is that the mid-life name change for the purposes of absurdity somehow makes Spaceman Africa less worthy, then by all means consider changing the nomination process for next year.

  4. Well said anony... quite a few of the previous NOTY winner's names are not on their birth certificates so the point is moot...

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